Feb 20, 2017 | By Tess

Listen up, RPGamers: New Zealand-based Printable Scenery has released a new set of 3D printable set pieces designed for Wargames and RPGs via a Kickstarter campaign. The stunning new additions to its already impressive collection of 3D gaming models include The Rampage Castle, Time Warp: Europe, and Time Warp: The Americas.

If you haven’t already heard of Printable Scenery, the startup was founded in 2013 by New Zealander Matt Barker and has become a source of beautifully designed 3D printable models, primarily designed for table-top gaming purposes. We’ve covered Printable Scenery’s work extensively, from its 3D printed Maori inspired set pieces, to its 3D printed medieval fantasy city, to its modular 3D printed Apocalypse ruins, and more.

The concept behind Printable Scenery is simple: its talented 3D designers create 3D printable models of various gaming settings and scenery, which they distribute as STL file packs to their customers. The fully scalable 3D models can then be 3D printed and finished at home. As mentioned, the startup’s current Kickstarter campaign has made the latest models, part of the Time Warp collection, available to interested makers.

The first of the models, The Rampage Castle, comprises a complete modular castle builder, including walls, doors, battlements, arrow slits, and OpenLOCK 5.0 castle floors. The STL files for the Rampage Castle are available for a pledge of $45. Printable Scenery also notes that the newest castle models are fully compatible with its existing Rampage Dungeons, so makers can easily mix and match pieces.

The second model, my personal favorite of the bunch, is Time Warp Europe, an expertly detailed medieval church model. The 3D printable church can even be modified and constructed in a range of different ruined states, from a burnt-out steeple to a fully caved in roof. This model, Printable Scenery explains, consists of a “polished brick” wall system that is held together with OpenLOCK clips. The latter is also obtainable for a pledge of $45.

Also, because the Kickstarter campaign has already raised nearly NZ $40,000, a number of stretch goal models have been unlocked that will come with Time Warp Europe, including a French medieval house and a stone footbridge. Unlocked extras for Rampage Castle include lifting gates and arches, and a complete set of walkways.

The third model set, Time Warp The Americas, is ideal for your Wild West RPGs. Consisting of two buildings, the bank and the saloon, these detailed and authentic looking pieces are stand-alone items, and are therefore not modular. The set includes a set of Caribbean walkways, as well as unlocked stretch goal models of a derelict Spanish-style church and a General Store.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised NZ$39,870, easily passing its original goal of NZ$500. As mentioned, backers have access to any of the three 3D printable file packages for a pledge of US$45. Combo packages are also available for $65, as well as an All-In package for $95—these include additional “bonus” files, which so far consist of an alien field generator and a dwarven realm portal. More bonuses are expected to be added as the Kickstarter progresses.

“Initially we intended to focus on a Historical set of buildings but our Rampage System was so popular and the OpenLOCK system has become the standard for Printed dungeon tiles, we couldn’t resist expanding on it," said Printable Scenery founder Matt Barker. "We have learnt so much over the last 3 years, Now we’re focusing on perfecting mechanical parts, things like hinges and sliding gates… and um… Siege Engines.”

Rewards for the Printable Scenery Kickstarter campaign are expected to be sent out by April 2017. With 27 days to go of the crowdfunding campaign, we highly suggest that RPGamers everywhere check out the startup’s amazing work!



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