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Here’s another round-up of some recent news events that you might have missed, to keep you up to date with everything that’s going on in the 3D printing world. Stories include a new thermoplastic from Oxford Performance Materials and a full integration of 3Shape's design software with SprintRay's dental 3D printers.

1.Oxford Performance Materials launches OXPEKK 3D printing material

Materials science innovator and 3D printing expert Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has announced the release of its latest product. Known as OXPEKK-LTS (Low Temperature Synthesis), it’s an ultra-high performance melt-processable thermoplastic. It can be used for 3D printing applications used in highly demanding biomedical and industrial settings. Since the company was founded back in 2000, OPM has been exclusively developing poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK) processes and application technologies, and this new material continues in that impressive lineage.

The low-temperature synthesis process of the new OXPEKK-LTS material means that it offers superior stability and purity, and it also has the benefit of a highly controlled particle morphology that is tailorable and desirable for the production of powders for 3D printing, thermoplastic prepreg and coatings.

OPM’s initial production capacity will be starting at around 50 metric tons, and should be on-line by the end of 2018. Initial customer evaluations began in late 2017, and the company is gradually rolling out the product with a focus on biomedical and industrial light weighting. OPM recently successfully exited its aerospace & defense 3D printing business with its sale to its strategic partner, Hexcel.

There are numerous benefits of OXPEKK-LTS vs PEEK, which is a similar material competing for the same kind of clients. Its compressive strength is considerably higher than that of PEEK, which is a substantial advantage in terms of being able to achieve better fatigue performance in the composite structure. This enables the design of lighter structures, which do not require as much material. This means that much higher strength-to-weight ratios can be achieved, and the material also enables ISC [in-situ consolidation], so these lighter structures can be produced in one step instead of two.


2.3Shape’s Implant Studio Software integrates with SprintRay 3D Printers

3D printer manufacturer SprintRay announced the full integration of its machines with the software solutions provided by 3Shape. 3Shape’s Implant Studio Software enables dental professionals to effectively plan their procedures, and they will now be able to use SprintRay’s powerful MoonRay 3D printer to create surgical guides for dental implants from 3D models.

3Shape’s Implant Studio Software makes use of cone beam computed tomography, alongside surface scans, in order to build a comprehensive picture of the dental patient’s oral situation.This allows dental professionals to plan and design restorative elements effectively, and accurate surgical guides are a key part of the process of installing these.

MoonRay is the flagship machine of LA-based SprintRay, and it can print in high-resolution with the company’s proprietary bio-compatible resin. As well as surgical guides, these machines are also capable of 3D printing other oral appliances such as dental models, nightguards, retainers, crowns, denture bases, and indirect bonding trays.

''This integration between 3Shape Implant Studio and SprintRay gives dental professionals a new expansive set of tools,'' said Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay. ''By printing surgical guides in-office doctors can be more responsive to their patients’ needs and gain full control over their treatment plan.''


3. Airwolf 3D announces new soluble HydroFill 3D printing support material with increased compatibility

Airwolf 3D, the successful 3D printer and filament manufacturer based in Southern California, has announced the release of a new version of its popular HydroFill 3D printing support material. Printing a support structure for a 3D printing job with this water-soluble material means that the necessary post-production time is drastically reduced, as HydroFill requires a bare minimum of effort to remove after being dissolved in water. This is a vast improvement over other support materials which may require harmful chemicals, power tools or extensive physical labor to get rid of them once the 3D printing has finished. Now the material is even more useful due to an increased compatibility with primary 3D printing materials.

According to company Co-Founder and CEO Erick Wolf, ''HydroFill is now compatible with a wider range of materials. It's also less sensitive to moisture and more stable at higher temperatures. What that means is overall improved performance when printing large, complex parts."

Tweaks to its formula mean that bonding is now possible to more materials,including most nylons on the market as well as ABS and PLA. 910 Alloy, CARBONITE Nylon, and a new high-performance nylon coming soon from Airwolf 3D are all capable of being effectively supported by the new HydroFill material. While the new HydroFill formula is also compatible with most flexible materials, the company is still in the process of testing TPU and TPE filaments for full compatibility certification.

Customers can also order HydroFill in larger quantities now, to suit the more intricate or large-scale projects. As well as the standard 1 pound roll, it’s also available as a 2.2 and 5 pound roll.



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3D wrote at 4/4/2018 7:20:49 PM:

When HydroFill was announced Airwolf3D brought the same story, this magic material was THE answer as water soluble material. It would stick well to ABS, print at high temperatures and was compatible with almost any printer. When I asked for support because it wouldn't print well with my printers they suggested I bought an Airwolf3D because it works well with their machines. So I'm not likely to buy this expensive material again!

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