UC student Logan Williams 3D prints Polar Optics contact lenses for treatment of photosensitive epilepsy

Dec.13, 2017 - A student in New Zealand has used 3D printing to create polarizing lenses that can prevent some of the effects of photosensitive epilepsy. His project is known as Polar Optics, and could be used as an alternative to some medication courses, which can be inconvenient for sufferers in many ways. More

Gartner Predicts 2018: 3D printing changes business models, 75% of aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021

Dec.13, 2017 - American research firm Gartner has forecast further adoption of 3D printing technologies amongst manufacturers of medical devices, aircraft, consumer goods, and elsewhere. As part of its Predicts 2018 report, the firm says 75 per cent of commercial aircraft will use 3D printed parts by 2021. More

Create it REAL teams with Green Ship of the Future to launch onboard 3D printing pilot project

Dec.13, 2017 - Create it REAL is collaborating with Green Ship of the Future, a Danish maritime consortium, to launch a 3D printing pilot project. The initiative will explore the potentials of using 3D printing technologies for onboard production of replacement and spare parts. More

Russian scientists seek patent for drone-ready 3D printed brushless motor

Dec.13, 2017 - Scientists and engineers from'the Polytechnic Institute of'South Ural State University have used 3D printing to develop a reliable brushless electric motor for'aerospace equipment. The motor could be used in drones and quadcopters. More

GE Additive reveals prototype of new binder jet additive manufacturing machine

Dec.13, 2017 - GE Additive has released the first image of a prototype of a brand new additive machine (project name H1) based on binder jet technology that will eventually challenge the need for castings. Further iterations of this machine will be made in early 2018 with the first production machines being shipped mid-2018. More

RealityConvert: transforming molecular structures into 3D models for 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality

Dec.13, 2017 - An assistant professor of chemistry at NC State has developed an open access platform that enables users to easily convert molecular objects into 3D printable and AR/VR friendly models. The software, called RealityConvert, is aimed at making drug discovery processes more accessible. More

Penn State researchers 3D print microfiber scaffolds for tissue growth using off-the-shelf system

Dec.13, 2017 - Scientists from Penn State University are developing a method for 3D printing the 'structural framework' of artificially grown living tissue using a commercial 3D printer. The process consists of reinforcing cell-infused hydrogel materials with supportive 3D printed fiber networks. More

News Roundup: 3D printed robot, TPU, Shapr3D, Indaero, 3D-printed orphan drugs

Dec.12, 2017 - Here's another round-up of recent events you might have missed, from the world of 3D printing. The latest stories include a 3D printed heart model, new 3D CAD software from Shapr Pro, and many more besides. More

NASA awards Tethers Unlimited massive grant for in-orbit 3D printing on FabLab

Dec.12, 2017 - In development by Tethers Unlimited since 2015, the Refabricator has made headlines repeatedly over the last 2 years, as Tethers' bid for NASA's forthcoming FabLab station. Now, the ingenious 3D printer-recycler unit is in the news again; this time, as the winner of NASA's massive prototyping grant that will catapult the Refabricator onto the ISS. More

TU Delft's origami technique for creating 3D lattices could displace standard 3D printers

Dec.12, 2017 - Researchers from TU Delft have developed a new method for creating 3D lattice structures, which relies on complex folding techniques rather than 3D printing. The team says its innovative method could offer 3D lattice structures many more functionalities. More

CGTrader secures €2M investment to expand 3D model marketplace

Dec.12, 2017 - CGTrader, a 3D model marketplace based out of Lithuania, has announced it has successfully raised €2 million ($2.36M) in investments. The new funding will be put towards expanding the company's business and scaling up its 3D model offering. More

3D LifePrints uses 3D printed land mines to enhance mine risk education

Dec.12, 2017 - 3D LifePrints, a UK-based 3D technology company with a focus on medical solutions, has designed a range of 3D printed Mine Risk Education products. The 3D printed replicas of land mines and explosives can be used as potentially live-saving educational tools. More

Yale journal explores environmental and health impact of 3D printing technologies

Dec.12, 2017 - A new special issue of Yale's 'Journal of Industrial Ecology' explores whether or not 3D printing technologies have the environmental benefits companies claim and what the environmental and health implications of the technology are. More

Fracktal Works raises funds from Hyderabad Angels for all-in-one 'Fractory' 3D printing service

Dec.12, 2017 - Indian 3D printing startup Fracktal Works has received funding from investment firm Hyderabad Angels in a pre-Series A financing round. The money will go towards 3D printer R&D and a new automated online 3D printing service called 'Fractory.' More

News Roundup: Hoganas acquires Metasphere, Immensa 3D Printing Institute in Dubai, HP to sell 3D printers in India, more

Dec.11, 2017 - Here's another round-up of some recent 3D printing events you might have missed. We've got stories including Emerging Implant Technologies partnering with HCA, a new 3D printing institute being launched in Dubai, and more besides. More

$1,500 3D printed FieldLab lets medical workers run blood tests in remote areas of Africa

Dec.11, 2017 - Two graduate students at South Africa's Rhodes University have developed a 3D printed, solar-powered lab-in-a-box that costs under $1,500. The 'FieldLab' is a portable medical diagnostics tool that can detect viruses and bacteria even in harsh conditions. More

University of Wollongong's PICT 3D bioprinter could revolutionize Type 1 diabetes treatment

Dec.11, 2017 - Australia's University of Wollongong (UOW) is quickly becoming a pioneer in 3D bioprinting technologies. Recently, the university unveiled a new customized 3D bioprinter which has the potential to drastically improve treatment for patients with Type 1 diabetes. More

3D printed shell brace helps injured sea turtle at San Diego's Birch Aquarium

Dec.11, 2017 - A skilled team of scientists from the Birch Aquarium at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego have 3D printed a customized brace for an injured sea turtle. The team claims it is the first 3D printed device of its kind. More

New SLM 3D printing technique can produce strong, ductile stainless steel parts

Dec.11, 2017 - A joint research team from the UK, Sweden, and China has developed a new stainless steel SLM 3D printing technique that results in high levels of strength and ductility. The process could be used to make heavy-duty parts for the aerospace and automotive sectors. More

LLNL's holography-based volumetric 3D printing makes 3D objects in seconds, no layering required

Dec.11, 2017 - With the help of academic collaborators, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are using hologram-like 3D images projected into photosensitive resin to 3D print complex parts in a very short time. The volumetric 3D printing process prints objects all at once, rather than layer by layer. More

Watch Relativity Space test fire its 3D printed Aeon 1 rocket engine, it's amazing!

Dec.11, 2017 - Relativity Space, a Los Angeles orbital launch startup, has just released a short video showing its innovative Aeon SN005 3D printed rocket engine in action. The impressive piece of equipment consists of just three 3D printed parts and is capable of reaching full thrust force in milliseconds. More

Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing rocks a stunning 3D printed gown by Iris Van Herpen

Dec.10, 2017 - Beloved Chinese actress Fan Bingbing set the stage last week at the iQiYi Scream Night in Beijing, wearing an absolutely stunning 3D printed dress by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. Presented as a massive gala and all out media party, the high-profile event was held by Chinese video streaming service iQiYi. More

Toshiba launches 3D printed 'Open Nail' project to offer custom-made false nails

Dec.9, 2017 - Electronics manufacturer Toshiba has launched a surprising new venture in the world of beauty products: the company's new Open Nail project seeks to provide custom-made false nails perfectly contoured to your nail shape via 3D image recognition and 3D printing. 'Think Cinderella's glass slippers, but on your fingertips,' note company reps. More

3D-FeSy: 3D printed furniture suspension systems for comfy, tailor-made sofas

Dec.8, 2017 - Germany's Institut f'r Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD) has launched '3D-FeSy,' a research project that aims to develop a 3D printed integral suspension system for upholstered furniture. IHD researchers say 3D printing can provide a range of adapted seat structures. More

GPhone is a 3D printed smartphone case that offers blood glucose monitoring on the go

Dec.8, 2017 - A team of researchers have used 3D printing technology to create a system that will allow users of mobile devices to easily check their blood sugar levels. The affordable technology is integrated into a smartphone to negate the need for any extra equipment, and it comes with a proprietary app. More

Researchers using 3D printing to explore evolution of the jaw, in ancient vertebrate fossils

Dec.8, 2017 - A collaborative effort between paleontology researchers in China and Australia has explored the origins of the jaw in vertebrate animals. They used 3D printing to produce a replica of a delicate fossil from 400 million years ago, of a fish that may have eventually evolved into humans and all other jawed vertebrates today. More

Nature-Inspired 3D printed gyroid composites much tougher than base materials, Masdar Institute finds

Dec.8, 2017 - Researchers at Abu Dhabi's Masdar Institute of Science and Technology have demonstrated the ability to 3D print nature-inspired composite materials with gyroid structures. The researchers used an Objet260 Connex 3D printer to fabricate the ultra-tough materials. More

A simplified process for 3D printing topographical maps

Dec.8, 2017 - WOOF3D, the 3D printing club of the University of Washington, has put together a streamlined process for 3D printing topographical maps. The project came about after instructor Steve Weidner wanted to print a 3D map of his family's farm. More

EU Parliament hesitant to implement IP & civil liability regulations for 3D printing technologies

Dec.8, 2017 - Despite the fact that the EU has a lot on its plate right now, it still found time recently to discuss whether or not to implement regulations for 3D printing technologies. The topic was brought to the table in Brussels by members of the Justice Committee (JURI) of the European parliament. More

This record-breaking 33x33x33 Rubik's Cube features a whopping 6,153 3D printed parts

Dec.7, 2017 - Introducing the 33 x 33 x 33 Puzzle, a gargantuan, world record-breaking rubik's cube designed by French mechanical engineer Gregoire Pfennig, and 3D printed by 3D Fabriek in Holland. Featuring 6,153 3D printed pieces, 6,534 stickers, and zillions of possible combinations, it's the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for geek on your list. More

Spanish university leads MASTRO research project to develop innovative 'smart' materials for 3D printing

Dec.7, 2017 - A team of researchers from the University of Alicante in Spain, as well as from private companies and institutions all across Europe, will be collaborating on a new research project. They intend to develop new intelligent materials, which can be used for 3D printing and a range of other applications in various industries. More

BAAM manufacturer Cincinnati Inc. acquires Boston-based 3D printing startup NVBOTS

Dec.7, 2017 - Cincinnati Incorporated, the company behind the large-scale BAAM 3D printing system, has announced the acquisition of Boston-based 3D printing company New Valence Robotics Corporation (NVBOTS). Terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. More

Four fun DIY 3D printing projects: wrist-mounted flame thrower, RC LEGO Go-Kart, low-cost PCB machine, antenna tracker

Dec.7, 2017 - We've got four pretty superb DIY 3D printing projects for you to check out this week, including flame throwers, RC LEGO cars, low-cost 3D printer mods, and antenna trackers. More

Pioneering Russian scientists create PEF 3D printing material with water, CO2 & photosynthesis

Dec.7, 2017 - Scientists in Russia have used water, carbon dioxide, and photosynthesis to create a carbon-neutral PEF 3D printing material. The polymer, made from synthesized cellulose, is stable, resistant to oxidation and chemical solvents, and durable. More

3D Printing News: STANLEY+Techstars AM Accelerator, Clariant launches 3D printing materials business, Schaeffler, DMG Mori

Dec.7, 2017 - This 3D printing news roundup is all about industry: Fortune 500 company Stanley Black'& Decker has established the STANLEY+Techstars AM Accelerator in collaboration with Techstars, Clariant has launched a 3D printing business, and Schaeffler is working with DMG Mori equipment on AM research. More

Kickstarter for MakeX's Migo 3D printer, with a new 'printing while walking' feature, has 7 days left

Dec.7, 2017 - MakeX's Migo 3D printer, which was launched on Kickstarter last month, now comes with a battery-equipped backpack that carries the machine so it can be used on-the-move. There are 7 days left on the crowdfunding campaign for this impressive new product, from the established Chinese manufacturer. More

Carbon's tunable 3D printed lattices offer disruptive benefits over foam in sneakers, helmets

Dec.7, 2017 - 3D printing company Carbon says that its ability to 3D print complex and varied lattice structures from a range of elastomeric materials will enable it to impact and even disrupt the slowly evolving foam industry in a variety of applications. More

Princeton researchers' spaghetti-like hydrogel could make 3D bioprinted wound treatments

Dec.6, 2017 - Researchers at Princeton University have developed a hydrogel that forms when fibers slide against each other as they are forced through a syringe. The chemical-free shearing method could be used in wound treatment and other areas. More

Researchers 3D print most life-like artificial organs seen so far, for use as surgical guides

Dec.6, 2017 - A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota, as part of the McAlpine Research Group, have developed a new process for 3D printing organs. The incredibly life-like artificial organs can be used as accurate surgical guides, and they are equipped with sensors to provide real-time feedback for procedures. More

Bottoms up! 3D printed 'Vocktail' glass lets you virtually customize the flavor of plain water

Dec.6, 2017 - Students from the National University of Singapore have designed a 3D printed virtual cocktail glass that is capable of simulating different beverage flavours without needing sugar or other additives. More

Amazon report sees 3D printed feasts, VR and AI wish lists in Christmas' future

Dec.6, 2017 - According to a recently published report by Amazon, Christmas celebrations of the future will be chock-full of high tech advancements, from 3D printed Christmas dinners to AI wish lists. The report, entitled 'Christmas of the Future,' was led by William Higham and Dr. Morgaine Gaye. More

University of Copenhagen develops 3D printed meals tailored to hospital patients

Dec.6, 2017 - As additively manufactured food looms ever present, one university is keen to show that that 3D printed meals can be just as healthy and tasty as regular food. The Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen has launched a new research study that uses 3D printing technology to tailor food to hospital patients' individual needs. More

MIT 3D prints programmed bacterial cells into 'living tattoo' that responds to its surroundings

Dec.6, 2017 - A team of MIT engineers have demonstrated the ability to 3D print what it calls a 'living tattoo' from a bioink consisting of living cells and hydrogel. When adhered to human skin and exposed to certain chemicals, the tree-shaped 'tattoo' lights up in response. More

These 3D printed plastic objects can connect to WiFi without batteries or electronics

Dec.6, 2017 - University of Washington researchers have developed 3D printed plastic objects and sensors that collect data and communicate with WiFi-connected devices without electronics. The researchers have published the objects as free-to-download CAD models. More

GE Additive opens new $15M Customer Experience Center in Munich

Dec.5, 2017 - GE Additive today announced the opening of its first international Customer Experience Center in Munich. The new 2,700 square meter center, co-located with GE's European Technology Center, is designed to help customers understand the additive process from design to prototyping to operations. Customers can benefit from hands-on training and instruction at the facility, covering additive design, machine operations and support.' More

3D Printing News Roundup: Airbus, China Aviation Materials, Daimler Trucks, Saint-Gobain, Rocket Crafters, RIVA

Dec.5, 2017 - Here's another round-up of all the latest developments from the world of 3D printing, to keep you up to speed. Stories you might have missed recently include Rocket Crafters patenting 3D printed rocket fuel, Daimler trucks adopting 3D printing for the first time, and many more besides. More

Treatstock introduces Watermark 3D for IP protection of 3D printable files, responds to criticism

Dec.5, 2017 - Treatstock has introduced a free tool for protecting 3D printable models from IP theft. The new technology, Watermark 3D, aims to tackle the widespread problem of copyright violation in the 3D model marketplace. More

Ultimaker introduces 0.25 mm print core and new support material Ultimaker Breakaway

Dec.5, 2017 - 3D printer company Ultimaker has released two new products: a 0.25 mm print core; and Breakaway, a new 3D printable support material that, as its name suggests, easily breaks away from a printed part. More

3D printed PEKK implants have superior antibacterial properties for orthopedic applications

Dec.5, 2017 - Connecticut's Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) today revealed that an independent scientific study has shown the antibacterial benefits of OPM's 3D printed PEKK implants. More

San Draw rolls out FAM silicone 3D printer upgrades and improved 3D printed silicone airway

Dec.5, 2017 - Following the success of their FAM 3D printed silicone technology, San Draw has unveiled some key upgrades to their 3D printing system, announced just last week. Among the highlights are a new solution engineered for 3D printing silicone airways, one of the company's most popular medical models, and several upgrades to San Draw's 3D printer. More

GE Power breaks energy efficiency records with new gas turbine, made using 3D printing technology

Dec.5, 2017 - GE Power has announced that the latest version of its HA gas turbine was able to achieve 64 percent efficiency in tests, which is a record-breaking figure for the industry. Innovative 3D printed components were the key to achieving this impressive level of performance. More

News Roundup: 3D printed Forbidden City model, Katjes candy selfies, Bottletop 3D printed store

Dec.5, 2017 - Today's 3D printing roundup has some pretty fun news, especially for people in Beijing and the UK. First, we'll look at a mini 3D printed model of the Forbidden City Palace in China, and then move on to 3D printed selfie candies, and a new 3D printed luxury design shop in London. More

Starbucks opens largest store in Shanghai, featuring 3D printed tea bar and AR platform

Dec.5, 2017 - Starbucks Coffee Company is set to open its new Starbucks Reserve Roastery on December 6 in Shanghai. Marketed as the first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia, the Roastery is Starbucks' most ambitious project ever, with a two-story copper cask, three different coffee bars, an augmented reality platform, and a 3D printed tea bar. More

IRNAS researchers 3D print ear-shaped vasculature using open source Vitaprint 3D bioprinter

Dec.5, 2017 - Researchers from the Symbiolab at the Institute IRNAS in Slovenia have demonstrated their ability to bioprint 'freeform perfusable vessel systems in biocompatible hydrogels' using the Vitaprint 3D bioprinter. More

Playdough-like particles could self-assemble into functional architectures, may change the face of 3D printing

Dec.5, 2017 - Chemists at New York University are reconfiguring the 'building blocks' of life with a new particle that combines Playdough and Lego traits. These so-called patchy particles are 1/200th the width of a human hair, and can self-assemble into an endless array of unique architectures. According to their creators, there's no limit on potential applications. More

FDA publishes guidance on 3D printing of medical products

Dec.5, 2017 - The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has published its long-awaited guidance for 3D printed medical devices. The technical document represents the FDA's 'initial thoughts' on additive manufacturing, and is part of the administration's effort to build a regulatory framework for AM. More

3D printed mask helps 4 month-old puppy make a full recovery after a brutal attack that crushed her jaw

Dec.4, 2017 - A team of UC Davis veterinarians recently enlisted the help of bio-medical engineers and 3D printing, to fix the jaw of a dog that had suffered some serious injuries. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier needed a 3D printed surgical mask, in order to help its jaw recover following a brutal attack. More

Dutch designers are making eco-friendly 3D printing filament from dried algae and seaweed

Dec.4, 2017 - Dutch design duo Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have created a 3D printable biomaterial made from algae. The new filament could offer an eco-friendly alternative to fossil and oil-based plastics. More

TU Munich experiments with selective binding to 3D print intricate bionic structures out of concrete

Dec.4, 2017 - A team of researchers based at the Technical University of Munich have made some serious advances in concrete 3D printing research, which should prove indispensable for the construction industry. They experimented with the selective binding approach, as well as adding wood chips to concrete mixes. More

CEC awards $1.25M grant to RCAM Technologies for 3D printed concrete wind turbines

Dec.4, 2017 - A Californian start-up, RCAM Technologies, has been given funding by the Energy Commission to develop an innovative method for constructing wind turbines. Its new concrete AM process will allow for much larger turbines, which should prove to be more efficient and cost-effective. More

Melissa Ng 3D prints amazing custom Ironheart costume for cosplayer Lexi Momo

Dec.4, 2017 - Artist Melissa Ng (aka Lumecluster) has unveiled her latest 3D printed creation and Marvel universe fans are sure to love it. The project, which was actually commissioned by Marvel, is a 3D printed Ironheart costume designed specifically for cosplayer Lexi Momo. More

FabRx transforms Magic Candy Factory 3D printer into $10,500 personalized medicine maker for children

Dec.4, 2017 - London-based biotechnology company FabRx is repurposing a Magic Candy Factory 3D printer to dispense child-friendly medicines. The company will run a $67,500 Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the 3D printing project. More

4D printed hydrogel leaf brings University of Alberta researchers one step closer to bioprinting organs

Dec.4, 2017 - A team of scientists from the University of Alberta's Ingenuity Lab have used 4D printing to create a leaf structure made from natural proteins and a printable hydrogel material. The project marks a step towards creating an implantable 3D bioprinted organ. More

ETH Zurich's 'Flink' bacterial 3D printing ink can print new skin for burns victims

Dec.4, 2017 - Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) have developed a biocompatible ink for 3D printing with living bacteria. The breakthrough makes it possible to produce high-purity biomedical cellulose or biological materials that can break down toxic substances. More

'Heartbits' project uses 3D printed models & VR to show patients their heart defects

Dec.3, 2017 - Students from three Dutch universities have developed 'Heartbits,' a 3D printing and virtual reality (VR) tool for visually explaining heart defects to patients. Heartbits was initially a VR project developed with a Microsoft Hololens headset, but now also includes 3D printed models. More

MIT AeroAstro developing 3D printed Mach 0.8 'Firefly' rocket drone for Air Force

Dec.2, 2017 - A team from MIT's AeroAstro labs is developing a small 3D printed drone for the U.S. Air Force which could be deployed from a fighter jet and fly at top speeds to collect valuable date and divert enemy weapons. More

News Roundup: EOS teams with Under Armour, Concept Laser, Kratzer, SelfCAD, UK government's investment

Dec.1, 2017 - Missed out any 3D printing developments recently? Not to worry, we've got another round-up to keep you up to speed with all the latest stories, including EOS partnering with Under Armour, the UK government investing in aerospace research, and much more besides. More

Merging molecular science and engineering to make 3D printing faster, cheaper and more consistent

Dec.1, 2017 - A briefing paper today published by members of the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) at Imperial College London outlined their predictions about future opportunities for 3D printing technology, particularly related to Imperial's work. More

Jewlr 3D prints replica of Meghan Markle's engagement ring for just $99 - and the style is already a bestseller

Dec.1, 2017 - A Toronto-based online jewellery retailer is offering a replica of the engagement ring given to Meghan Markle by Prince Harry, and it is the company's best-seller. Jewlr made the ring using 3D printing technology as well as conventional techniques, and it's available for $99. More

DiCoMi project: Kordsa, Sabanci University to develop 3D printing composites with $3.55M EU funding

Dec.1, 2017 - Composites company Kordsa and Sabanci University, both from Turkey, have established the Directional Composites Through Manufacturing Innovation (DiCoMi) project to develop composites for 3D printing. The European Union has provided 3 million euros ($3.55M) in funding. More

Advanced 3D printed middle-ear prosthetics improve treatment for hearing loss

Dec.1, 2017 - A team of radiology researchers from the University of Maryland have shown how 3D printing technology could be used to make middle-ear prosthetics. CT scans and an SLA 3D printer would enable the production of prosthetics with a much better fit, increasing the chanced of a successful operation to restore hearing in patients. More

nTopology raises $7.6M to improve Element generative design software for 3D printing

Dec.1, 2017 - New York City-based CAD company nTopology has received $7.6 million in a Series A funding round. The company's Element design software is a generative, physics-based tool for 3D printing and other manufacturing processes that combines CAD, CAM, and simulation. More

Zortrax releases Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SEMIFLEX, and Z-SUPPORT Plus filaments for Inventure 3D printer

Dec.1, 2017 - Polish 3D printer company Zortrax has announced the release of three new 3D printing materials for its Inventure 3D printing platform: Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SEMIFLEX, and Z-SUPPORT Plus. More

SHINING 3D partners with Rhinoceros 3D and Mesh2Surface to expand 3D modeling software offering

Dec.1, 2017 - Chinese 3D printing company SHINING 3D has announced two new partnerships Rhinoceros 3D and Mesh2Surface. Through the strategic agreements, SHINING 3D customers will now be able to purchase both 3D modeling programs through the SHINING 3D Strong Global distribution network. More

BCN3D Sigma 3D printer knocks $2K+ off each customized BORN Motor motorcycle

Dec.1, 2017 - BORN Motor Co., a Barcelona-based motorcycle company, is using a 3D printer from BCN3D Technologies to 3D print parts for its highly customized and limited edition motorcycles. 3D printing saves BORN around 2,000 euros ($2,380) for each motorcycle modified. More

University of Memphis to open $2M metal 3D printing lab in 2018

Dec.1, 2017 - The University of Memphis (U of M) has announced it will be investing $2 million to open a facility dedicated to metal 3D printing. The additive manufacturing lab, which is expected to launch by April 2018, will be used for research in the aerospace and medical fields. More

BMW's all-new i8 Roadster features tons of 3D printed metal

Nov.30, 2017 - BMW has just unveiled their brand new BMW i8 Roadster at the LA Auto Show, and it's already turning heads. Designed as a follow up to the manufacturer's successful i8 hybrid supercar, the new two-seat, soft-top i8 Roadster features an upgraded design, more power, and improved battery and tons of 3D printed metal. More

WAAMpeller, world’s first class-approved 3D printed ship’s propeller completed in Netherlands

Nov.30, 2017 - A collaboration between five different companies saw the completion and successful testing of the world's first 3D printed ship propeller. The part was made using WAAM 3D printing techniques and was unveiled at the headquarters of Damen Group, in the Netherlands. More

Fraunhofer leads new collaborative futureAM research project to advance industrial metal 3D printing

Nov.30, 2017 - Germany's Fraunhofer Society will be leading a new research project, known as futureAM, as a collaborative effort between six of its institutes. This should see the development of innovative new metal 3D printing techniques, with better scalability, improved process chains and more automation. More

New Brooks running shoes to be built from custom biometric 3D scans using HP's FitStation technology

Nov.30, 2017 - Brooks Running Company has announced it's teaming up with HP and Superfeet to launch a new line of customized runners: the "most personalized running footwear" ever. Leveraging HP's FitStation technology and Brooks Run Signature, the footwear company will introduce the first performance shoe created from individual biomechanics. More

First 3D printed TuPOD satellite successfully completes launch mission from ISS

Nov.30, 2017 - The first ever fully 3D printed satellite to be launched from the ISS has successfully completed its mission. The satellite, called Tubesat-POD (or TuPOD, for short), was developed through a collaboration between GAUSS, Teton Aerospace (Tetonsys), CRP USA, and JAXA. More

Russia’s Skoltech opens state-of-the-art AM Lab equipped with Russia's largest metal 3D printer

Nov.30, 2017 - Russia's Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) has officially launched its new Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (AM Lab). The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a range of 3D printing technologies, including metal, ceramic, and polymer-based systems. More

DWS Systems presents new XCELL 6000 SLA 3D printer with built-in washing and UV curing modules

Nov.30, 2017 - Italian 3D printing company DWS Systems has introduced its newest product, the XCELL 6000 3D printer. The new machine, which was presented at formnext 2017, offers users an all-in-one solution for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. More

box3d 3D printer enclosure for Ultimaker promises quieter, safer 3D printing environment

Nov.30, 2017 - Netherlands-based company box3d has introduced a range of desktop 3D printer enclosures which ensure a controlled build environment for higher quality parts, 3D printer noise reduction, and an overall safer 3D printing environment through the removal of harmful VOCs. More

Cosmetics giant AmorePacific trialling first 3D printed customized facial masks in South Korea

Nov.30, 2017 - South Korea-based AmorePacific is breaking ground in the cosmetics industry with the unveiling of the world's first customized facial mask product. The new product, named the 'Tailored Mask,' is created using 3D printing and IoT technologies. More

SHINING 3D helps ZJUT engineering students build 3D printed racecar

Nov.30, 2017 - Chinese 3D printing and scanning company SHINING 3D has joined forces with the Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) to develop 3D printed parts for a racing car. The project is part of an 'Alumni Mentor Program,' with SHINING 3D sharing its expertise with engineering students. More

News Roundup: World's hardest steel, BeAM Machines, Carbon, Carmat teams with AddUp in 3D metal printing

Nov.29, 2017 - In case you missed out on anything happening in the 3D printing world recently, we've got another round-up to get you back up to speed. Latest stories include Materialise teaming up with Formlabs, BeAM machines launching a new 3D printer, and more besides. More

3D printed microfluidics helps OIST research on vortices in moving liquids, potentially saving millions for oil industry

Nov.29, 2017 - A team of researchers based in Okinawa, in collaboration with a team from Liverpool, have shed some light on the behaviour of fluids at high-speeds or around curves. Their 3D printed micro-fluidics device allowed them to study the vortices that form in detail, and how they are affected by the addition of polymer molecules. More

11-year-old Gitanjali Rao wins $25K for inventing 3D printed device that detects lead levels in water

Nov.29, 2017 - An ambitious seventh grader from Colorado has just been named 'America's top young scientist' for having invented a low-cost 3D printed device that can detect lead in drinking water. The youngster in question, 11-year-old Gitanjali Rao, was also awarded a $25,000 prize. More

Open-source 3D printed smartphone microscope can detect waterborne pathogens

Nov.29, 2017 - Researchers from the University of Houston have released an open-source dataset for turning a smartphone into a 3D printed microscope. Such a microscope can be used'to detect waterborne pathogens and carry out other helpful diagnostic functions. More

Scandinavian researchers turning to cellulose nanofibrils as versatile bio-based 3D printing material

Nov.29, 2017 - Cellulose nano-fibrils are one of the most exciting recent breakthroughs in the field of bio-based 3D printing materials. Research institutes in Finland and Sweden have been working with the material for a number of applications, including wound dressings and electronics. More

MIT engineers develop 10x faster desktop FDM 3D printer

Nov.29, 2017 - Engineers at MIT have developed a laser-assisted FDM 3D printer that prints around 10 times faster than average desktop machines. The new 3D printer's unusual printhead uses a laser and novel screw mechanism to increase flow rate. More

Teknodizayn showcases injection molding inspired LOOP 3D printer with continuous printing capabilities

Nov.29, 2017 - Turkish 3D printer distributor Teknodizayn has unveiled the first functional prototype of its new LOOP 3D printer. The new machine is based on a patented technology inspired by injection molding and integrates a novel continuous printing mechanism. More

ORNL scientists 3D print the world's smallest fidget spinner, the width of a human hair

Nov.28, 2017 - Researchers from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)'not your typical toy factory'have created the world's smallest fidget spinner using Nanoscribe's micro-scale additive manufacturing technology. More

Meet Ethereal Machine's Halo, a hybrid '5D Printer' for both additive and subtractive manufacturing

Nov.28, 2017 - Ethereal Machines is the Bangalore-based startup behind the Halo 5D printer, the world's first hybrid manufacturing machine capable of both additive and subtractive manufacturing. According to company founder Kaushik Mudda, the Halo 5D Printer is poised to become the next big thing in the world of desktop manufacturing. More

Donhou Bicycles launches new steel DSS3 CX / Gravel bike that features 3D printed steel lug

Nov.28, 2017 - East London bike makers Donhou Bicycles have just unveiled a bold new custom build, and a manufacturing milestone: the DSS3 CX/Gravel steel frameset features a gorgeous steel frame that effectively pushes cycling into the modern era. The new build, which features a 3D printed steel seat lug, is already generating buzz among cycling fanatics. More

Spanish researchers 3D print protective pieces to improve radiotherapy treatment for skin cancer

Nov.28, 2017 - A group of doctors and medical researchers in Spain have pioneered a new 3D printing technique that will improve the treatment of skin cancer. It makes use of a scan of a patient's face to 3D print a protective piece that prevents applied radiation affecting the healthy skin surrounding tumors. More

Bkav uses $200 3D printed 'evil twin' mask to defeat iPhone X Face ID again, upgrades warning level

Nov.28, 2017 - Vietnamese cybersecurity firm Bkav has once again beaten Apple's Face ID iPhone security feature, this time using a 3D printed mask and printed infrared images of eyes. Because the hack was so easy, Bkav strongly recommends avoiding Face ID as a means of protecting sensitive data. More

America Makes launches Phase 3 of MAMLS program for 3D printed aircraft solutions

Nov.28, 2017 - America Makes has announced the launch of its Call for Phase 3 for its Maturation of Advanced Manufacturing for Low-Cost Sustainment (MAMLS) program. The MAMLS program is geared towards improving the efficiency of rapid part replacement for legacy and other aircraft through 3D printing. More

Robot Factory's 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ 3D printer (with accessories) now on sale for €6,000

Nov.28, 2017 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Robot Factory has announced that (as of November 27th) its 3DLPrinter-HD 2.0+ 3D printer is being discounted by up to 60% for clients that purchase it directly from the manufacturer. More

BAE, Asco Industries 3D printing deal could help Eurofighter Typhoon bid to replace Belgian F-16s

Nov.28, 2017 - Defense giant BAE Systems and lifting specialist Asco Industries have signed an agreement to collaborate on additive manufacturing technology as part of the UK government-backed Eurofighter Typhoon offer, which could replace Belgium's fleet of 54 F-16 aircraft. More

News Roundup: 3D printed Nike cleats for NFL, Philips teams with 3D Systems & Stratasys, YKK, Apworks, Nano Dimension

Nov.27, 2017 - Here's another round-up of the latest developments in the 3D printing world, in case you missed anything recently. Stories include Nike making 3D printed cleats for the NFL, Nano Dimension getting a new chairman, and more besides. More

Stratasys debuts BioMimics - ultra-realistic, multi-material anatomical models for surgical training

Nov.27, 2017 - 3D printing giant Stratasys has just released BioMimics, a new system through which users can 3D print highly accurate and multi-material medical models. Stratasys says its BioMimics anatomical models will have applications in surgical planning, medical training, and device testing. More

Regenovo unveils Bio-architect X, China's first high-throughput 3D bioprinter for mass producing human tissues

Nov.27, 2017 - Hangzhou Regenovo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has unveiled China's first ever 3D bioprinter for high-throughput applications. The bioprinter, named the Bio-architect X, was introduced by the biotech company at a bioprinting event. More

3D printed steel reactor turns Teflon waste product into useful synthetic building block

Nov.27, 2017 - Researchers from the CC FLOW consortium in Graz, Austria have developed a custom flow reactor 3D printed from stainless steel which is capable of transforming an environmentally harmful Teflon waste product into a synthetic building block. More

Tractus3D printer cuts Hans Boodt's mannequin production time from 8 weeks to 2 days

Nov.27, 2017 - Dutch mannequin specialist Hans Boodt is using large-scale FDM 3D printers from fellow Dutch company Tractus3D, enabling it to cut mannequin production time from eight weeks to just two days. The Tractus3D T3500 has a build height of 210 cm, ideal for mannequins. More

84 year old Chinese man receives porous 3D printed tantalum knee implant in world first

Nov.27, 2017 - A man in China recently became the first patient in the world to receive a 3D printed tantalum knee joint implant during knee surgery. The procedure was carried out at First Hospital Affiliated to Southwest Hospital, a hospital in Chongqing municipality in southwest China. More

Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos shows off 3D printed face mask after breaking nose

Nov.26, 2017 - Sergio Ramos, captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish national soccer team, will wear a 3D printed mask after breaking his nose during a match. The ultra-lightweight mask is made from a 3D printable material also used in Formula 1 cars and aerospace components. More

Israeli design grad creates '3D Lace' couture lingerie collection using a 3Doodler 3D pen

Nov.25, 2017 - Meet Eden Saadon, the Haifa-born textile designer who's pioneering new possibilities for creating with a 3D printing pen. Once the tool of amateur at-home crafters, 3D printing pens such as the 3Doodler are now being elevated to the high-fashion realm, providing designers of all backgrounds a new way to think'or draw'outside the box. More

Euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke invents Sarco suicide capsule with 3D printer

Nov.24, 2017 - A former doctor from the Netherlands has developed a new machine that will assist people who want to commit suicide. The founder of the Exit International euthanasia campaign wanted to provide a solution for people looking to end their own lives more easily and comfortably. More

Amazing 3D printed design: Jef Montes 'Tormenta' shoe, Klemens Schillinger 'Offline' lamp, Mathias Bengtsson 'Growth' furniture

Nov.24, 2017 - 3D printing continues its role as a tool for creative empowerment, as evidenced by new 3D printed fashion, 3D printed design, and 3D printed furniture offerings from Jef Montes, Klemens Schillinger, and Mathias Bengtsson. More

Footwear Polytechnic's FFLab boosts Italian shoemaking industry with 3D printing

Nov.24, 2017 - Renowned Italian shoe institute The Footwear Polytechnic of Riviera del Brenta is ploughing ahead with its recent partnership with 3D printer manufacturer German RepRap. First announced in September 2016, the collaboration saw the launch of the FFLab, a digital lab specializing in new 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies by German RepRap. More

UVic engineers awarded C$100K to 3D print braces for children with scoliosis and clubfoot

Nov.24, 2017 - A team of researchers based at Canada's University of Victoria are developing 3D printed devices to treat clubfoot and scoliosis in children in the developing world. The team recently received a grant which they will use to test out the technology in Nepal. More

Youbionic's $2100 3D printed double-handed glove is first step on road to 'augmented humans'

Nov.24, 2017 - Italy's Youbionic has used 3D printing to create a bionic 'Double Hand,' a robotic device worn on the wrist that doubles the wearer's manual capacities. A fully assembled version of the device costs $2,100. More

EnvisionTEC presents $6,999 Aria DLP 3D printer for entry-level desktop manufacturing

Nov.24, 2017 - Michigan-based 3D printing company EnvisionTEC has just introduced its latest 3D printer model: Aria. The new machine, priced at $6,999, is described as an 'entry-level' desktop DLP 3D printer ideal for manufacturing jewelry, toys and miniatures, or industrial parts. More

UAE opens exhibition at UN HQ which highlights 3D printed replica of statue of Athena destroyed by ISIL

Nov.23, 2017 - A new exhibition known as 'The Spirit in the Stone' was recently opened at the U.N headquarters. It displays some 3D printed replicas of ancient monuments, including important ones from the Syrian city of Palmyra that were infamously destroyed by Islamic State in 2015 More

Swedish customs authorities raise fears about undetectable 3D printed firearms

Nov.23, 2017 - Swedish customs officials have been voicing their concerns recently about the potential increase in 3D printed firearms. A gun made with a 3D printer can fire live rounds and would be probably undetectable by security checks, making it particularly useful for terrorists wanting to carry out violent acts. More

IGUANEYE to launch ultra-minimal 'Jungle' sandal on Indiegogo this December

Nov.23, 2017 - IGUANEYE, a French startup based out of Porto, Portugal, has developed a new style of customizable sandal which will allow people's feet to breathe without hindering their mobility. The product, called the 'IGUANEYE Jungle,' will soon be featured on Indiegogo. More

3D printed virtual cocktail glass turns water into wine

Nov.23, 2017 - Just in time for the season to drink and be merry, a group of researchers out of the National University of Singapore's Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiment Centre have developed the 'Vocktail': a virtual cocktail glass that can turn water into wine ' at least, as far as your senses are concerned. More

Argentina's National University of Córdoba starts using country's first 3D drug printer

Nov.23, 2017 - The National University of Cordoba in Argentina has recently installed a new 3D printer specifically designed for the production of drugs. Like with other 3D drug printers, it gives more choice over the material and shape of the tablets or pills, enabling better control over the dosage. More

3D printed 'Ghostbuster' catches cars driving the wrong way, alerts other drivers & police

Nov.23, 2017 - Three engineers from Germany's Saarland University have used 3D printing to develop the 'Ghostbuster,' a sensor system that alerts drivers if a vehicle is driving into oncoming traffic. The system can also automatically alert the authorities, leading to safer roads. More

Lockheed Martin Space Systems using 3D printing to stay ahead of the curve in 'NewSpace' industry

Nov.23, 2017 - Rick Ambrose, the executive vice president of space systems at Lockheed Martin, recently dished on how the company is looking to and adopting 3D printing technologies to stay current and relevant in the space exploration field. More

News Roundup: Medicrea spinal implant, Materialise and Simufact, Facilan filaments, 3D printed dental abutments

Nov.22, 2017 - In today's 3D printing roundup you'll find news French company Medicrea Group, as well as from Materialise and Simufact Engineering,'3D4Makers and Sweden-based Perstorp, and Canadian dental company Preferred Dental Technologies. More

Teeth straightening startup Candid raises $15M to bring 3D printed dental aligners to more customers

Nov.22, 2017 - New York-based teeth straightening startup Candid has raised $15 million in a Series A financing round. The round was led by Greycroft, Bessemer, and e.ventures, and the funds will be used to expand operations and find new customers for the company's customized 3D printed aligners. More

HP's Q4 announcement suggests lower-cost, full color 3D printing system, metal 3D printing to come in 2018

Nov.22, 2017 - HP has released its financial results for the final quarter of 2017, as well as a general overview of its 3D printing outlook and future strategy. A price drop is expected for its 3D printers soon, as well as a new metal 3D printing system and full-color printing technology with voxel control. More

Aleph Objects announces 10 new LulzBot 3D printing products, incl. software, filament, tool heads

Nov.22, 2017 - 3D printing company Aleph Objects, known for its LulzBot brand 3D printers, has just announced a slew of ten new 3D printing products it plans to release in the near future. Among the new products are filaments, tool heads, software, and various 3D printer accessories. More

formnext 2017 highlights 3D printing's move from prototyping to production

Nov.22, 2017 - The 2017 edition of the formnext 3D printing conference was bigger than any previous edition, welcoming more than 20,000 attendees. The event demonstrated how additive manufacturing is moving more and more towards production from its rapid prototyping roots. More

Nanoscribe uses tiny 3D printed polymer masters for serial production of micro-components

Nov.22, 2017 - Germany's Nanoscribe, a company specializing in nano-, micro-, and meso-scale 3D printing, has combined its Photonic Professional GT, the 'world's highest-resolution 3D printer' for fabricating tiny plastic components, with conventional serial production technologies. More

3D printing auto parts maker Divergent 3D raises over $65M from Li Ka-shing backed O Luxe

Nov.22, 2017 - Divergent 3D, the company responsible for developing the 3D printed Blade Supercar, has announced the launch of a Series B funding round through which it is seeking to raise up to $107M. The round is led by O Luxe Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong investment firm backed by business magnate Li Ka-shing. More

News Roundup: 3D printed building, ProtoLabs acquires RAPID, Cellink teams with Takara Bio, more

Nov.21, 2017 - Here's another 3D printing news round-up, to make sure you're up to speed with all the latest developments. Stories you might have missed include Cellink partnering with Takara Bio, Proto' Labs acquiring parts supplier RAPID, and more besides. More

ETH Zurich researchers develop 4D prints that can expand up to 200%

Nov.21, 2017 - Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich have published a new study that finds shape memory polymers to be an important catalyst in creating 4D prints with enhanced adaptability and control. According to the study, using these specialized polymers can enable 4D prints with area changes up to 200%. More

Japanese trading giant Sojitz teams with Koiwai to form JAMPT metal 3D printing company

Nov.21, 2017 - Japan's Sojitz Corporation and Koiwai Co., Ltd. have established JAMPT Corporation, a new company that will mass produce and sell metal 3D printed products. The company will be the first in Japan to offer a 'one-stop' metal additive manufacturing service. More

XRobots' James Bruton shows off giant 3D printed Hotwheels Drone Racerz at London parade

Nov.21, 2017 - James Bruton, known for his XRobots creations, has done a special project for his day job at Bladez Toyz. To celebrate a licensing agreement, the maker has 3D printed a giant replica of a Hotwheels Drone Racerz toy. The make was recently shown off in a London toy parade. More

Chinese researchers develop new high-performance photo-curable polyimide ink for SLA and DLP 3D printing

Nov.21, 2017 - A new ink for SLA and DLP printing has been developed by a team of researchers in China. The photo-curable polyimide ink has improved thermal and chemical resistance as well as mechanical properties compared to existing materials used, expanding the range of potential applications More

Archaeologists 3D print and reconstruct skull of Denmark's first Viking king Gorm the Old

Nov.21, 2017 - A team of Danish archaeologists have used 3D printing technology to reconstruct the skull of Gorm the Old, the first historically recognized Viking king of Denmark. The famous king reigned over the Scandinavian country from the year 936 to his death in 958 CE. More

£55 GENERICS' custom 3D printed earphones launches on Kickstarter, '75% cheaper' than rival products

Nov.21, 2017 - GENERICS, a Lebanese startup backed by the UK government, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 3D printed earphone solution. Users take a smartphone video of their ears, upload it to the GENERICS app, and then receive a custom pair of 3D printed earphones fitted to their ears. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Michelin 3D printed tire, Norsk Titanium investment, AquaRoot 3D printed pipes

Nov.20, 2017 - In today's 3D printing news roundup, there's media recognition for Michelin's 3D printed tire concept, a big investment in Norway's Norsk Titanium, and an Irish cleantech company making biodegradable 3D printed irrigation systems. More

SA architect Handre de la Rey's 3D printed concrete sunglasses now commercially available

Nov.20, 2017 - An architect based in South Africa recently won an award for his innovative approach to eyewear design, making use of concrete to produce a unique pair of sunglasses. Known as CS Project, the glasses are now available to order, with a limited run of 1000 pairs. More

Four unmissable pieces of 3D printed jewelry and interior design

Nov.20, 2017 - These four new 3D printed designs by Alessandro Zambelli, hintlab, Maison 203, and Rick Tegelaar should not be missed. They include 3D printed vases for the house, 3D printed rings and other jewelry, and more. More

3D printed wind-up toys can be made automatically using new computational system

Nov.20, 2017 - A new computational system allows toy lovers to automatically generate intricate mechanical components for wind-up 3D printed toys. The system has been developed by researchers at University of Science and Technology of China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and University College London. More

A$347K grant to help University of Wollongong open state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting facility

Nov.20, 2017 - Australia's University of Wollongong has been given a AUD 347,000 ($262,358) grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to establish a 3D bioprinting facility. The money brings the university one 'step closer' to launching the bioprinting facility. More

Yeehaw Wand: new $99 AR tool for 3D printing lets designers sketch in thin air

Nov.20, 2017 - Startup Yeehaw 3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 'Yeehaw Wand,' an augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing tool for 3D designers. Available from $99, the Yeehaw Wand is a kind of digital brush that can be used to 'create or recreate anything.' More

Dutch non-profit develops waterproof 3D printed VR headset to let disabled 'swim' with dolphins

Nov.20, 2017 - Netherlands-based non-profit The Dolphin Swim Club is making it possible to swim with dolphins in VR. Now, thanks to 3D printed waterproof VR goggles, the technology can even be used in water as therapy for disabled people. More

Five fun 3D printing projects & life hacks: 3D printed baby monitor, BalloonVase, MNT Reform laptop, more

Nov.19, 2017 - Putting together a 3D printing project is a surprisingly great way to relax, so print away the stresses of school or work with these five cool 3D printing projects, each of which can make your day-to-day life a little easier or simply more enjoyable. More

3D printed Octinion strawberry picking robot can pick one berry every three seconds

Nov.18, 2017 - A Belgian engineering company is looking to digitize the way we harvest produce, one strawberry at a time. Heverlee-based startup Octinion has developed a strawberry-picking robot equipped with machine vision and a 3D printed 'hand.' The prototype can determine when a strawberry is ready to be picked, then harvest damage-free produce at a rate similar to human workers. More

Framlab proposes 3D printed vertical housing modules to give shelter to New York's homeless

Nov.18, 2017 - A New York design agency is looking to tackle the city's homelessness crisis one 3D printed module at a time. Conceived as a series of 3D printed micro-neighbourhoods, the Homed project features an array of dense vertical units designed to attach to pre-existing buildings via a scaffold structure, thereby creating an active layer of living modules. More

News Roundup: OR Laser's hybrid 3D printing system, GE Additive acquires GeonX, Ecco footwear, Esun partners with ZYYX 3D printer, more

Nov.17, 2017 - Here's another 3D printing round-up, to keep you up to speed with all the latest developments you might have been too busy to catch. Stories include FIT partnering with NIK, Dassault Systemes collaborating with Ecco, and more besides. More

Abu Dhabi Police unveils plans to create 3D printed patrol cars & police stations on Mars by 2057

Nov.17, 2017 - The Abu Dhabi police force in the UAE has outlined its vision of policing on Mars. The UAE plans to establish a colony on Mars by the year 2117, and the Abu Dhabi police sees itself driving 3D printed patrol cars around the planet to ensure order is maintained. More

Trumpf launches triple-laser TruPrint 5000 laser metal fusion (LMF) 3D printer

Nov.17, 2017 - Geman 3D printer manufacturer Trumpf is demonstrating its latest machine, the TruPrint 5000, at this year's Formnext expo. The medium-format TruPrint 5000 3D printer features a triple-laser system and increased automation, which will speed up printing in order to enable series production. More

Porous 3D printed ‘schwarzites’ are strong & lightweight, could form entire buildings

Nov.17, 2017 - Engineers at Rice University and Brazil's University of Campinas have created 3D printed schwarzites'mathematical structures named after their creator Hermann Schwarz'with complex curved geometries. The researchers envision buildings being made with the 3D printed structures. More

MakeX launches $149 portable, internet-enabled Migo FDM 3D printer on Kickstarter

Nov.17, 2017 - China-based 3D printer developer MakeX has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new Migo 3D printer. Starting at only $149, the new printer boasts portability, internet connectivity, laser engraving capabilities, and more. More

5% of all spare parts could be digitalized & 3D printed, reports VTT Finland & Aalto University

Nov.17, 2017 - Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre and Aalto University have released findings from their two-year industry research project that investigates how businesses can use digital, 3D printable spare parts to their advantage. The project is valued at around 1.4 million euros ($1.65M). More

3D printing deals and discounts to look for on Blue Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Nov.17, 2017 - With Thanksgiving around the corner, shoppers'and especially tech shoppers'are getting ready to open up their wallets for great deals on all types of hardware, software, games, accessories, and more.'Check out what's on offer this year for 3D printers and 3D printing accessories. More

Canada's Dalhousie University pioneers 3D printed bolus devices to improve radiation therapy

Nov.17, 2017 - A team of medical professionals and students at Dalhousie University in Canada have created a set of 3D printed 'bolus' devices that will improve the treatment of cancer patients. They are specifically tailored to a patients anatomy, so they will fit more comfortably and optimize the radiation dosage that is adminstered. More

Singapore's LTA leverages 3D printing, robotics and VR to improve rail reliability

Nov.17, 2017 - Singapore's Land Transport Authority and private rail operators will soon be making use of 3D printing, as well as AR, VR and robotics, to improve the way the rail network functions. Maintenance, logistics and training of staff will all be made much faster and cheaper with the use of Industry 4.0 innovations. More

SpaceIL hopes lunar lander's 3D printed legs could help it scoop $20M Google Lunar XPRIZE

Nov.16, 2017 - Israeli nonprofit startup SpaceIL is using 3D printed legs on its unmanned space lander, a spacecraft competing for more than $20 million in prize money as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE initiative. The 3D printed legs are being supplied by Zurich's RUAG Space. More

3D Potter announces large-scale Potterbot XLS-1 ceramic 3D printer that uses full-body clay

Nov.16, 2017 - The latest product in 3D Potter's Potterbot range, the XLS-1, is now available. It boasts a huge build volume of up to 9 feet in height by 9 feet in diameter, due to its 360 degree continuous print rotation. The printer can extrude clay as well as other ceramic materials, polymers, and even food. More

3D printed 'Family of the Future' debuts at formnext, the joint effort of Flam3D and 30 Flemish partners

Nov.16, 2017 - Some 30 3D printing companies have joined forces to create the 'Family of the Future,' a conceptual project featuring a 3D printed mother, father, and child. Just unveiled at formnext, the Family of the Future serves to demonstrate the power of collaboration and co-creation, as well as sparking the public's imagination as to what 3D printing can do. More

Xact Metal introduces new mid-sized, multi-laser XM300 metal 3D printer

Nov.16, 2017 - American metal 3D printing company Xact Metal has announced a new mid-sized metal 3D printer: the XM300. The machine is the company's second 3D printing product, following its original XM200 laser-based metal 3D printer which was introduced in June 2017. More

Cambridge's 3D printed nanoscale magnetic circuits could improve future electronic devices

Nov.16, 2017 - A team from the University of Cambridge has developed a nanoscale magnetic circuit using 3D nano-printing which is capable of moving information in three-dimensions. This innovation has the potential to increase the processing and storage capabilities of next-gen electronic devices. More

Fluorescent 3D printed microstructures could thwart counterfeit money

Nov.16, 2017 - Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and optical company ZEISS are using fluorescent 3D printed microstructures to improve counterfeit protection. The innovation could prevent the forgery of bank notes, documents, and branded products. More

Watch how Dubai's Emirates is 3D printing aircraft cabin parts using SLS technology

Nov.16, 2017 - Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, is using selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing to make cabin parts for its aircraft. The 3D printed parts, printed by 3D Systems, include video monitor shrouds and cabin air vent grills. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Airbus, Arconic, EOS, Mass Portal, 3D printed sleep apnea mask, Nano Dimension

Nov.15, 2017 - 3D printing news is coming thick and fast these days, and we can't expect you to always stay ahead of the curve. So here's another quick round-up of stories you might have missed, including an award for a 3D printed sleep apnea mask, a new filament drying solution from Mass Portal, and more besides. More

3D printed patient-specific vascular models help University of Mainz hospital take on complex surgeries

Nov.15, 2017 - Surgeons from the University of Mainz Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Department in Germany have turned to 3D printing technology to help advance and improve surgical planning processes for complex vascular operations. More

Dubai's RTA announces plans for 3D printed bus stop, pedestrian bridge & marine transport station

Nov.15, 2017 - Dubai should be seeing a number of new 3D printed civil structures within the next few years. The Roads and Transport Authority recently announced plans for a 3D printed bus stop, pedestrian bridge, marine transport station, as well as the Hatta Gate which doubles as a public art project. More

3D printing helps surgeons separate conjoined twins at Rome's Bambino Gesu pediatric hospital

Nov.15, 2017 - 3D printed models have been used to help separate conjoined twins in Rome. The pair, who are of Algerian nationality, were separated during a 10-hour surgery in which surgeons made use of the 3D printed models. More

3D printing resurrects ancient Egyptian Tomb in Switzerland

Nov.15, 2017 - An ancient Egyptian tomb has been 'resurrected' in Switzerland thanks to advancements in 3D 'scanning and 3D printing technology. Once belonging to Pharaoh Seti I, one of the most important royals in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, the 3,300-year-old sarcophagus now sits in 3D printed form in the Antikenmuseum Basel in northwestern Switzerland. More

1,300 sq ft 'World of Warcraft' diorama featuring over 10,000 3D printed characters breaks Guinness World Record

Nov.15, 2017 - Video game developer Blizzard Entertainment has been awarded a Guinness World Record for the largest video game diorama ever produced. The massive diorama spans 1,300 square feet and includes over 10,000 miniature 3D printed characters. More

3D Printing News Roundup: XYZprinting, Nexa3D, BEGO partnership; ANSYS acquires 3DSIM; BASF & BigRep; SLM 800 metal 3D printer

Nov.15, 2017 - In today's 3D printing news roundup you'll find'exciting partnerships, acquisitions, and new 3D printing technology from a range of companies, including BASF, BigRep, 3DSIM, SLM Solutions, and more. More

Sculpteo launches Fabpilot cloud 3D printing software for print factory management

Nov.15, 2017 - 3D printing service provider Sculpteo has launched Fabpilot, its new cloud-based 3D printing software that allows users to manage a 3D printing factory or lab in a more efficient way. The software works with 'most professional 3D printers.' More

5 3D printing stars make Forbes' 30 Under 30 Manufacturing 2018 List

Nov.15, 2017 - Forbes magazine has just unveiled the next edition of its famed 30 Under 30 list, the cr'me de la cr'me of young entrepreneurs and makers set to transform the world of manufacturing. In what may come as no surprise to some, 5 of those headline-grabbers hail from the rapidly-expanding field of additive manufacturing. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Stratasys, Arkema, EOS, Prodways, A.Schulman, Identify 3D, Dynamical Tools

Nov.14, 2017 - Here's some more stories from the 3D printing world you might have missed out on recently. This latest round-up includes news about Arkema and EOS teaming up, Identify 3D launching a new manufacturing process, and more besides. More

Make Magazine founder issues apology after claiming Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu is 'not a real person'

Nov.14, 2017 - The founder of Make Magazine, Dale Dougherty, has apologized after unfounded claims that Chinese maker Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu was not a real person. The initial statement was made via Twitter last week and has since been deleted. More

BASF tightens grip on 3D printing industry with EOS, XAAR, Ricoh partnerships

Nov.14, 2017 - Chemical company BASF has announced additive manufacturing collaborations and partnerships with EOS, XAAR, and Ricoh as it looks to expand its industrial 3D printing capabilities. The three separate deals will see BASF develop 3D printing materials for the other companies. More

SABIC unveils new FDM & large-format 3D printing materials, prints boat hull

Nov.14, 2017 - Chemicals company SABIC has launched its new LEXAN EXL AMHI240F 3D printing filament, an FDM material offering high performance and low-temperature ductility. SABIC is also releasing other FDM materials and eight new reinforced compounds for large-format additive manufacturing. More

EnvisionTEC introduces larger-scale Perfactory and cDLM 3D printers, software upgrade

Nov.14, 2017 - EnvisionTEC is one of many 3D printing companies that has come out for the formnext 2017 trade show, and like many of its peers it has brought something new to show off: larger versions of both its Perfactory and high-speed cDLM 3D printers as well as an upgrade to its Perfactory Software Suite. More

Dow Chemical announces EVOLV3D platform for high-performance 3D printing materials

Nov.14, 2017 - The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of one of the world's largest chemical companies DowDuPont, has announced its entry into the 3D printing industry with the launch of its EVOLV3D platform for 3D printing materials. More

GE Additive unveils scalable, meter-class, laser powder BETA 3D printing machine from its Project Atlas program

Nov.14, 2017 - GE Additive, the 3D printing arm of General Electric, is at the forefront of developments in industrial 3D printing. The company today unveiled the first scalable, meter-class, laser powder-bed fusion BETA machine'developed as part of its Project A.T.L.A.S program.' More

eSUN's new eBOX storage device keeps 3D printing filaments safe from moisture, dust

Nov.14, 2017 - Chinese 3D printing filament company eSUN has announced a new product which is sure to keep your filaments protected and moisture-free. The multi-function filament storage container, called eBOX, is set to launch at 3D printing expo formnext 2017. More

Roboze's new ARGO 500 can 3D print high-performance parts up to 0.5 cubic meters in size

Nov.14, 2017 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze has just unveiled its newest machine: the ARGO 500 3D printer, which is capable of printing high impact parts of up to 0.5 m3 in scale using high-performance materials such as PEEK, Ultem, Carbon PA, and Carbon PEEK. More

News Roundup: CARMAT, AddUp, Sojitz, Kowai, PyroGenesis, 3D printing scam, TWI, Autodesk Netfabb

Nov.13, 2017 - Here's another round-up of 3D printing developments you might have missed recently. Latest stories include CARMAT partnering with AddUp, Japan's Sojitz and Kowai corporations teaming up on a new 3D printing venture, and more besides. More

Swiss researchers develop innovative origami-inspired drone using 3D printing

Nov.13, 2017 - A team of researchers from a major Swiss university has made some serious advances in the field of drone technology. Its newest development is a drone with a lightweight, foldable cage that can wrap itself around a package. This means that the relatively small drone can safely dcarry up to 50 kg. More

French 3D printing initiative 3D Partners invests half a million euro in new headquarters

Nov.13, 2017 - A deal was recently closed that will see the development of a new headquarters for 3D Partners, the 3D printing arm of GIE. GIE is a collaboration between five French businesses that is intending to develop 3D printing technology in the region, for a range of applications. More

How 3D printing helped create Hela's stunning headdress in 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Nov.13, 2017 - Fans of 'Thor: Ragnarok' will be excited to learn that Hela's menacing headdress (worn by actress Cate Blanchett) was made with the help of 3D printing. Ironhead Studio's Jose Fernandez dishes on how the prop was created for the Marvel franchise. More

3D printed skull model saves Australian baby whose nose was blocked with bone

Nov.13, 2017 - A 3D printed skull has helped an Australian infant survive a birth complication. Baby Sophia, from Perth, was born with bone fused over her nasal cavity, and could not breathe without a ventilator. Surgeons used a 3D printed model to get a better look at the skull before operating. More

German company Amtopus 3D prints packaging from apricot cores and other raw bio-materials

Nov.13, 2017 - Amtopus, a company based in Chemnitz, Germany, has recently won an environmental award for its pioneering 3D printing work. It makes use of raw bio-degradable materials, such as apricot cores or wood flour, and processes them into eco-friendly 3D printable materials for making packaging containers. More

NXT Factory completes beam delivery system for NXF1 'Quantum Laser Sintering' 3D printer

Nov.13, 2017 - NXT Factory, the 3D printing company behind Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS), has completed the development of a beam delivery system that converts a single laser into several million micro lasers without power degradation. It will use the technology in its forthcoming NXF1 QLS 3D printer. More

Vietnamese Firm Bkav claims to have beaten iPhone X's Face ID using a $150 3D printed mask

Nov.13, 2017 - 3D printing has been used to bypass Apple's new Face ID security system on the iPhone X. Vietnamese security firm Bkav made a 3D printed mask with silicone features in order to trick Face ID into unlocking an iPhone. More

4 Fun DIY 3D Printing Projects - 3D printed portable rail-gun, duplicate keys, aquatic car tires, customized doors

Nov.12, 2017 - Here's another round-up of some fun DIY projects that have been shared around the hobbyist 3D printing world recently, hopefully giving you inspiration to get involved yourself, or at least providing some comfort in these turbulent times as summer curdles into the sour light of autumn. There's a set of 3D printed tires that let you drive on water, a 3D printed semi-automatic railgun, and more besides. More

Gabrielle Keaton, Miss Multiverse Australia to wear 3D printed dress to world finals

Nov.11, 2017 - 3D printed fashion has officially soared to national heights: fans of the Miss Multiverse Beauty Pageant and Modelling Competition will get to glimpse the first ever 3D printed national costume on Australian finalist Gabrielle Keaton this November in the Dominican Republic. More

Scientists develop a 3D printable fiber for clothes that can cool you down

Nov.10, 2017 - Researchers at the University of Maryland College Park have developed a new textile that could, one day, don as our own personal cooling unit, in place of air conditioning. Recently published in the journal ACS Nano, the study investigates the potential of 3D printing in manufacturing high-tech fabrics designed to keep you cool. More

Tumaker's Voladd desktop 3D printer hits the market, expects to sell 3000 units by end of year

Nov.10, 2017 - A new consumer desktop 3D printer has just hit the market in Spain's Basque country. Tumaker's Voladd FDM machine will be aimed at complete 3D printing beginners, and it comes with a specially designed bio-plastic filament material. More

Australia's TGA may amend regulations on personalized 3D printed medical devices

Nov.10, 2017 - Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is looking at changing regulations on personalized 3D printed medical devices. A consultation was launched on Thursday, with some believing Australia could be off the pace in terms of 3D printing innovation. More

Open-source 3D printed kit transforms $500 wheelchair into $2500 electronic wheelchair

Nov.10, 2017 - A team of around 30 high school roboticists from Ra'anana in Israel has developed a 3D printed Electric Wheelchair Kit that transforms an ordinary wheelchair into a motorized one. The 3D printed tool could save wheelchair users around $2,000. More

3D printing presents cyber security risks for aircraft manufacturers, says Atlantic Council report

Nov.10, 2017 - The Atlantic Council, a Washington, D.C. think-tank has released a new report which outlines the benefits and risks of 3D printing within the aviation sector. The report is entitled 'Aviation Security: Finding Lift, Minimizing Drag.' More

Design students 3D print incredible pleated costumes for Beijing Opera performance

Nov.10, 2017 - At an upcoming performance of Farewell My Concubine by the Beijing Opera, the actors will be dressed in amazingly detailed 3D printed costumes designed by Mingjing Lin and Tsai-Chun Huang, two Fashion and Textile PhD students at the Royal College of Art, London. More

Fast-growing 3D printer company XYZprinting invests in Nexa3D and partners with DWS, Sicnova

Nov.10, 2017 - As XYZprinting prepares to enter the industrial market, the 3D printer company has formed a number of key alliances. New partners include SLA specialists Nexa3D and Digital Wax Systems, as well as large-format additive manufacturing company Sicnova. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Carbon's biocompatible SIL 30 resin, NuVasive, Materialise, SLM, Authentise

Nov.9, 2017 - We've got another round-up of recent 3D printing events for you, in case you've missed out on anything. Latest stories from the 3D printing world include Nuvasive launching a new implant, a collaboration between EWF and CECIM, and more besides. More

XYZprinting taking on industrial market with 5 new 3D printers

Nov.9, 2017 - 3D printing company XYZprinting, known for its user-friendly Da Vinci range of desktop 3D printers, is branching out into the professional sphere with five new 3D printers, including a laser sintering system, a full-color binder jetting printer, and three DLP machines. More

Desktop Metal now taking international pre-orders for 'Studio System' metal 3D printer

Nov.9, 2017 - Desktop Metal has announced it will begin taking international pre-orders for its innovative desktop metal 3D printing 'Studio System.' The Massachusetts-based company has gained significant attention over the past year, since it announced the release of its anticipated metal 3D printing systems. More

HP announces Jet Fusion 3D 4210, new 3D printing materials, expanded partner base for Open Materials Platform

Nov.9, 2017 - Software giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) has just unveiled its newest 3D printing solution: the Jet Fusion 3D 4210, a system upgrade aimed at industrial-scale 3D manufacturing, alongside an expanded materials portfolio. A new slate of partners will also be coming on board for the development of HP's popular Open Materials Platform. More

Singapore's Sembcorp Marine to develop use of 3D printing, drone to boost offshore & marine sector

Nov.9, 2017 - Sembcorp Marine, a Singapore-based marine and offshore engineering company, recently signed an MOU through which it will aim to collaboratively develop 3D printing, drone, and digital twin technologies which could impact the offshore and marine (O&M) industry More

Fraunhofer ILT to unveil large-scale SLM 3D printing system at Formnext 2017

Nov.9, 2017 - Scientists from the Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have announced they will be presenting their latest technology, a new, large-scale SLM laboratory system, at the upcoming formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. More

3D printed self-balancing scooter is German students' attempt to 'think additively'

Nov.9, 2017 - Students from the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten in Germany'have designed a first-of-its-kind 3D printed self-balancing scooter. The project is being supported by Stratasys, whose Fortus 900mc 3D printer was used for the larger components. More

UK researchers pioneer breakthrough method to 3D print fully functional electronic circuits

Nov.9, 2017 - Researchers at the UK's University of Nottingham have developed a way to 3D print functional electric circuits using inkjet printing and UV curing. The circuits contain both electrically conductive metallic inks and insulating polymeric inks. More

3D Printing News Roundup: Aldi's £300 Baclo 3D printer, Nano Dimension, LPW, Apworks, SelfCAD, Victrex

Nov.8, 2017 - Here's another round-up of some 3D printing news events you might have missed recently. Stories include Nano Dimension opening a 3D printing customer experience center, SelfCAD giving away free licenses, and more besides. More

Amsterdam unveils two 3D printed sofas, each made up of 3,000 plastic bags

Nov.8, 2017 - The city of Amsterdam has unveiled two 3D printed sofas, each made up of 3,000 plastic bags, as part of its new 'Circulaire Expositie' ( 'Recycling Exhibition'). On display at the Stadhuis until October 26th, this exhibition serves to showcase Amsterdam's commitment towards building a sustainable city, and the role 3D printing plays in that effort. More

Dartmouth's WiPrint tech uses low-cost 3D printed reflectors to custom improve WiFi signals

Nov.8, 2017 - A team of researchers from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire has devised a remarkably simple and affordable way to improve WiFi signals within an indoor space and even strengthen wireless security: 3D printed structures covered in aluminum foil. More

Xuberance & Farsoon 3D print beautiful handbag collections from TPU

Nov.8, 2017 - Shanghai-based design studio Xuberance never ceases to impress us with its stunning 3D printed fashion pieces and accessories. Now, the studio has partnered with Chinese 3D printing company Farsoon to realize two collections of 3D printed handbags. More

NASA kicks off $2M 3D Printed Habitat Challenge Phase 3: On-Site Habitat Competition

Nov.8, 2017 - NASA has kicked off the third phase of its 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, which encourages amateur inventors to come up with 3D printed solutions for human habitats on Mars. Phase 3, the On-Site Habitat Competition, has a $2 million prize purse. More

VERASHAPE to launch new 5-axis VSHAPER FDM 3D printer at formnext 2017

Nov.8, 2017 - Polish 3D printer manufacturer VERASHAPE has announced it will be unveiling its newest product, a 5-axis 3D printer called VSHAPER, at the upcoming formnext 3D printing trade show in Frankfurt. More

Roboze releases new ARGO 500 3D printer for high-performance polymers

Nov.8, 2017 - Italian 3D printer manufacturer Roboze has just announced the release of a new 'high impact' FDM/FFF 3D printer: the ARGO 500. The company says its new system is built for industrial manufacturing and is capable of printing with high-performance polymers. More

SPEE3D announces global launch of LightSPEE3D metal 3D printer with ‘supersonic 3D deposition’

Nov.8, 2017 - Australia's SPEE3D has announced its official global launch and the availability of its industrial 3D printer, which uses supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) technology to print at extremely fast speeds. The LightSPEE3D printer purportedly print metal parts in a 'matter of minutes.' More

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