Lab3D unveils 3D ‘parallel printing’ concept and lightweight & energy efficient façade for construction industry

Jul.2, 2015 - Dutch designers Hans Lankhaar and Bram van den Haspel of Lab3D in Rotterdam have developed and successfully 3D printed a lightweight and energy efficient façade. More

New Morpheus resin 3D Printing LIPS Technology unveiled at Inside 3D Printing Seoul

Jul.2, 2015 - Morpheus AM 3D printer uses LIPS 3D printing, which is short for Light Induced Planar Solidification. This employs a commercial grade LCD to create photo masks on resin surfaces, followed by UV light curing. More

Ultimaker releases the latest version of their free Cura software

Jul.2, 2015 - Ultimaker has just announced a completely reengineered (and free) version of their Cura software that aims to make preparing 3D files for 3D printing easier and more intuitive than ever before. More

German RepRap unveils highly-flexible TPU 93 soft plastic 3D printer filament

Jul.1, 2015 - German RepRap GmbH, which is located in Feldkirchen near Munich, has announced they they are releasing their new TPU 93 filament in an effort to further open up entirely new possibilities in 3D printing. More

Consumer 3D printers expected to get a speed boost from Create it REAL and WEISTEK

Jul.1, 2015 - Create it REAL, the Danish 3D printing technology provider, and WEISTEK, a leading Chinese 3D Printer manufacturer announced today that they are partnering to develop a super-fast desktop FFF 3D Printer that is aimed at home-based users. More

YouMagine unveils results of its largest ever desktop 3D printing survey

Jul.1, 2015 - In order to find out more about their audience and get to the heart of what they really want, Ultimaker’s YouMagine conducted their own desktop 3D printing survey. More

AMD shares 3D printable files for customizing Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card

Jul.1, 2015 - Processor developer AMD has kept a close eye on customization over the years, and their new Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card comes with a customizable front plate that can be replaced or altered with 3D printed parts. More

Bold Machines and 3DKitbash collaborate to 3D print life-sized Quin doll

Jul.1, 2015 - While a small 3D printed model of Quin has been available for purchase for $24.95, Robinson and Mathis recently collaborated with Bold Machines to make a life-sized version of Quin using the 3D printing incubator’s impressive 3D printer farm. More

3D Hubs introduces new “Who’s 3D Printing?” category along with July 3D printing trend report

Jul.1, 2015 - 3D Hubs has done a remarkable job of providing a monthly trend report that offers a comprehensive and unmatched perspective on the current state of the 3D printing industry. More

Shapeways raises $30M with an eye on Asian expansion, investing in R&D for 3D printing materials

Jul.1, 2015 - Shapeways – which as you will know is the world’s largest 3D printing service and marketplace – has just announced that it has managed to raise $30 million in new investments, which is expected to go into strengthening the community and in R&D. More

Dubai says plans world’s first fully functional 3D printed office building

Jul.1, 2015 - Dubai – one of the two most important emirates – is entering the 3D printed building race. Their goal? To build a 2,000 square feet functional building using nothing but 3D printing technology. More

Prima Power starts collaboration to develop large-scale & high-speed 3D metal printer

Jul.1, 2015 - Italian machine manufacturer Prima Power is set to develop a powder deposition-based 3D printing method to manufacture large and complex parts on a very large scale. More

Transhumanist Martine Rothblatt working on 3D printed organs injected with stem cells

Jul.1, 2015 - Martine Rothblatt's method would involve 3D printing a scaffold of an organ out of materials that are compatible with the human body before isolating the cells from the sick patient and converting the desired tissue type into usable cells using the scaffolding. More

Australia's 3D Medical Limited receives order for 25 3D printed jaws after successful surgery

Jul.1, 2015 - Australia’s 3D Medical Limited, which created a titanium jaw for a Melbourne man in an Australian-first surgery just less than a month ago, has signed a deal to create another 25 of the 3d printed life-changing devices over the next twelve months. More

Couple creating cheap NecropSynth 3D printed rats for more ethical dissections

Jul.1, 2015 - NecropSynth is working on 3D printing macroscopically accurate, anatomical models of a rat, eliminating the need for real animals to be sacrificed in the name of science and education. More

Hadrian the automated 3D brick printing machine can lay 1000 bricks an hour

Jun.30, 2015 - An Australian engineer has reportedly developed the Hadrian 3D printer, which 3D prints bricks instead of filament. Due to its tremendous speed and ability to work 24 hours a day, this machine has the potential to make building houses cheaper and quicker than ever before. More

Norwegian maker transforms his 3D printer into a PCB making machine

Jun.30, 2015 - Norwegian maker Arvid Mortensen has developed a clever solution to turn a 3D printer into an etching machine. Essentially, Arvid has simply relies on a magic marker and a steel rod. More

A new ink formulation allows you to 3D print objects out of stretchy graphene

Jun.30, 2015 - And while some graphene successes have been previously achieved, this specific ink contains more graphene than any previously developed 3D printable materials (the previous record was around the 20 percent). This means that the electrical and mechanical properties of graphene can soon be taken into use. More

Canadian engineer 3D prints a functioning water pump that fits on large water containers

Jun.30, 2015 - Canadian engineer has 3D printed a functioning water pump that works perfectly and can even function as a tap for those large water containers. More

Designer duo 3D prints physical version of Angry Birds

Jun.30, 2015 - One designer duo has used their 3D printer to recreate the infamous Angry Birds app as a playable tabletop game, and has graciously shared all of his excellent designs for home use. More

MIT develops 3D printed 360-degree tactical camera ball to assist police in raiding close areas

Jun.30, 2015 - Bounce Imaging, is gearing up to release their first line of tactical spheres - which are equipped with cameras and sensors that can instantly transmit panoramic images back to a smartphone. More

The Cultivator conceptual machine designed for 3D printing meat on-demand

Jun.30, 2015 - A pair of German students has created a conceptual prototype 3D printer designed for kitchen countertops that people could use to create meat on-demand within the confines of their own kitchen. More

Poland's Tytan 3D unveils the GAIA Multitool MAXX 3D printer with 10 interchangeable heads

Jun.30, 2015 - Poland’s Tytan 3D's GAIA Multitool Delta-style 3D printer is a modern multi-purpose platform designed with continuous operation in mind and features two types of extruders with ten interchangeable heads that can change the device’s functionality in a matter of seconds. More

Microsoft 'improves' Oculus Rift with 3D printed lenses, shares 3D printable CAD files

Jun.29, 2015 - Despite recently settling on a partnership with Oculus Rift and while working on their own HoloLens, Microsoft developers have just released some free CAD files for users to improve their Oculus Rift headsets. More

XSENSE unveils 3D printed prosthetic at DMS Tokyo, starts collaboration with paralympians

Jun.29, 2015 - The Japanese artist collective XSENSE is taking things to the next level with a new, functional prosthetic and a collaboration with Paralympic athletes in need of prostheses. More

Paper-thin 3D printed solar cells to provide affordable electricity for unlit rural areas

Jun.29, 2015 - Now, a new printed solar cell technology that only requires the use of existing industrial-size 3D printers and some perovskite material may soon promise clean renewable for 1.3 billion people in developing countries, too. More

Byxee, first smart safety device for bike is brought to life thanks to Kentstrapper's Volta 3D printer

Jun.29, 2015 - Similar to the driver assistance systems found within modern cars, the Byxee, which was created by Italian AI specialist Riccardo Ricci, aims to warn riders when moving objects or hazardous objects enter its field of view to ultimately help prevent an accident from occurring. More

Naturebytes launches 3D printable Raspberry Pi Wildlife Camera trap Kit to teach kids tech

Jun.29, 2015 - Naturebytes has just launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their Wildlife Cam Kit, which aims to help young makers capture wildlife photos using a Raspberry Pi-powered camera with the option to 3D print their own camera housing. More

California woman uses customized 3D printed tools to overcome mobility disabilities

Jun.29, 2015 - Brandy Leigh Scott overcame the challenges of her Dupuytrens Contracture symptoms by developing her own solutions with the help of the support from online 3D printing supplier MatterHackers and their 3D printers. More

GMC introduces new ads featuring 3D printed humanoid robot 'Plastic Man' that can talk & see

Jun.29, 2015 - Justin Mattarocchia describes his design process as a series of building up shapes starting with some loose reference points. Among his more well-known examples include his life-size humanoid skeleton ‘Plastic Man’, which he unveiled last year. More

Italian makers unveil the Felfil, an open source 3d printing filament extruder

Jun.28, 2015 - Designed for home use, the Felfil extruder was built as an open source way to easily and reliably produce 3D printing filaments from recycled materials, plastic waste, 3D print ‘fails’ and of course, industrial plastic pellets that are used to make most filaments in the first place. More

‘Should You Buy a 3D Printer or Use a 3D Printing Service?' - Sculpteo releases 2015 Edition

Jun.28, 2015 - Last year, 3D printing service Sculpteo took a long, hard look at the two options and released a report on their findings. Because the additive manufacturing industry moves so fast, they decided to conduct yet another report for 2015, which they have just now released. More

Spectrum Health prints first 3D heart model using multiple medical imaging techniques

Jun.27, 2015 - A team of heart specialists from Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan have announced that they have successfully 3D printing the first model of a heart that utilizes multiple imaging techniques in a single, detailed print. More

Sharebot announces two new 3D printing filaments, Nylforce 550 & Nylon-Carbon

Jun.27, 2015 - Italy’s Sharebot has just announced two new 3D printing filaments, Nylforce 550 & Nylon-Carbon. The first material to be released, Nylforce 550, was developed as a high quality printing material designed for creating flexible objects. More

Sweden's +Project begins process of creating 3D printed houses from cellulose material

Jun.27, 2015 - In a new collaborative project that currently has over SEK 35 million invested in it, a team of researchers and partners are developing a new technology that’s capable of producing full-scale 3D printed houses using cellulose material. More

Italian designer 3D prints a gorgeous guitar inspired by HP Lovecraft groundbreaking art

Jun.26, 2015 - Italian designer Francesco Orrù has created a gorgeous 3D printed guitar. While 3D printing a functioning guitar itself is already impressive, Francesco has added a second layer of difficulty by modelling the body after HP Lovecraft’s groundbreaking artwork. More

Matterport raises additional $30 million for virtual reality tours of anywhere you want

Jun.26, 2015 - Matterport, a leader in computer vision technology and immersive media, announced that it has raised a $30M Series C financing led by Qualcomm Incorporated, through its venture investment group, Qualcomm Ventures. More

MASSIVit 3D shows off GDP Gel Dispensing 3D Printing technology by printing a Strati car

Jun.26, 2015 - One Israeli startup called MASSIVit is working hard on a 3D printer that could bring large scale 3D printing to the massive. With a build space of .5m x 1.2m x 1.8m (or 4ft x 5ft x 6ft), they can actually 3D print life-sized human statues. More

NextGen, first chef's knife with custom 3D printed handles built to perfectly fit your hand

Jun.26, 2015 - Massachusetts-based knife specialists NextGen has launched a crowdfunding campaign for custom made knives that rely on 3D printing to create perfect ergonomic grips for chefs of every level. More

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