Turn your voice into 3D printed jewelry

Apr.19, 2015 - But did you know that don’t need a high-quality metal 3D printer to make beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry? That’s exactly what Instructables-user 10DotMatrix has proven when showing us how to turn spoken words into beautiful... More

Fan shares dozens of 3D printable monster designs for Dungeons & Dragons

Apr.18, 2015 - Tabletop wargaming and paper-and-pencil rolegaming both suffer from the same problem: miniatures and scenery can be dull and repetitive. Nothing is worse than fighting over the same old pieces of cardboard every single session... More

52Shapes: every week a new and unique 3D printed lamp design

Apr.18, 2015 - We’ve already known for a while that 3D printers can be used to make interesting and original lamp shades in all shapes and sizes. Just look at the cool Kayan lamp we reported on earlier this week... More

Salvador Dali inspires 3D printed jewelry collection by Desmond Chan

Apr.18, 2015 - “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” Those words of wisdom come from the surrealist master himself, Salvador Dali, who appropriately enough, was the inspiration behind Vulcan Jewelry-founder... More

Disney Researchers develop 'soft' 3D printer that creates objects with layered felt

Apr.17, 2015 - A team of researchers at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a 3D printer that layers together sheets of laser cut fabric to create three-dimensional objects using STL files similar to... More

Tethers Unlimited wins NASA contract to create 3D printer filament from plastic waste on ISS

Apr.17, 2015 - NASA has announced that their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program has awarded Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI) a contract to further develop their "Positrusion™" recycling system for converting plastic waste... More

Cardiologists and 3D Systems help toddler breathe easier with 3D printed heart model

Apr.17, 2015 - A 20-month-old toddler is breathing and swallowing easier thanks to a full-color 3D printed replica of his heart which was used to prepare for a lengthy procedure at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. More

Turn a Party Popper into a cool and powerful 3D printed toy cannon

Apr.17, 2015 - Just check out this very cool Party Popper Cannon by designer Chris Czech. He has effectively designed a cool little cannon that looks a bit like an eighteenth century mortar. More

Coming soon... The new Printrbot Play will be a $399 fully assembled 3D printer

Apr.17, 2015 - Brook Drumm, CEO of Printrbot has just announced their next 3D printer called Printrbot Play. The Printrbot Play will be a fully assembled FDM 3D printer. More

Father uses 3D printing to help teach his blind daughter math

Apr.17, 2015 - This story already has everything to warm your heart, but unfortunately the eldest of the three, Layla, was born blind. The girl, who is currently in the eighth grade, was facing tremendous difficulties due to her blindness. More

Nin10do: Dutch magician brings NES to 21st century using 3D printing & a Raspberry Pi

Apr.17, 2015 - Dutch part-time magician Daniel Spies has brought the eighties back to life with his Nin10do game station: a 3D printed console that uses an Arduino to play all those classes that made the NES such a revolutionary machine in its day. More

Greek OpenBionics shares update on their low cost 3D printed bionic robot hand

Apr.17, 2015 - Greek Open Bionics opened a registration form on their website for people in need of 3D printed bionic limbs, through which they could work together to help those people in need. More

Create a 3D printed arcade cabinet using a Raspberry Pi

Apr.16, 2015 - For those who grew up during the heyday of coin-operated arcade games - particularly in the 1970s and 1980s - it’s easy to get nostalgic about the “simpler days” where video games were in 8-bit and had simple objectives. More

Wake Forest researchers create 3D printed “beating” heart cell

Apr.16, 2015 - The “organoids” as they’re called, are 3D printed and beating cardiac cells which are a part of a groundbreaking research program from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine... More

MakerBot’s new iPad app can now turn your drawings into 3D printable models

Apr.16, 2015 - The new Shape Maker tool from MakerBot will allow users to take their drawings and sketches and instantaneously turn them into 3D printable files - all with the ease of snapping a photo. More

Made In Space releases 'space-grade' AstroABS 3D printer filament for sale

Apr.16, 2015 - Made in Space has revealed that the exact same “space-grade” filament that was used by NASA astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore will be made available to the public for anybody who wants to experiment with printing... More

The FAA cleared the first 3D printed part to fly in a GE commercial jet engine

Apr.16, 2015 - While 3D printing technology has been readily adopted by aviation and aerospace industries over the past few years, both as a prototyping and manufacturing technology, it looks like it will now finally be commercially used. More

SABIC develops 3D printed economy class seat to reduce aircraft costs

Apr.16, 2015 - While several companies in the aircraft industry have already adopted 3D printing as a prototyping technology for the design of all sorts of components, aircraft passengers currently rarely come into contact with actual 3D printed parts. More

3D printed design company Xuberance wins first prize 'SaloneSatellite Award' at the Milan Design Week

Apr.16, 2015 - The ongoing Milan Design Week in Italy’s design capital is obviously a great place to see new and exciting 3D printed creations. Opened until 19 April, it’s in fact the perfect place to explore the world of design in all its aspects. More

3D printed 'Comfortably Numb' device takes the pain away from injection needles

Apr.16, 2015 - Three freshman students from Rice University in Houston, Texas, have developed a handy little device called Comfortably Numb that will numb any part of your body well enough to receive an injection without feeling pain from it. More

Japanese design studio DMM Akiba presents viable 3D printed titanium road bike at Milan Salone

Apr.16, 2015 - DMM Akiba teamed up with design studio the Triple Bottom Line and focused their efforts on creating the world’s first viable road bike that is technology proven and made from SLS titanium sintering, the DFM01. More

Rocket Lab unveils first 3D printed, battery-powered rocket engine for low-cost space travel

Apr.15, 2015 - Yesterday, at the Space Symposium in Colorado, the New Zealand-based Rocket Lab unveiled their brand-new rocket engine that was designed to drastically cut down the cost of space travel. More

Rockefeller heir invests in Brooklyn-based 3D printed meat company Modern Meadow

Apr.15, 2015 - Justin Rockefeller, who is the great-great-grandson of Stand Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, feels that the “steak chips” created by Modern Meadow might be one of the next big industries... More

3D printing vagina artist Megumi Igarashi denies obscenity charges in Japanese court

Apr.15, 2015 - Back in December of 2014, 43-year old Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi who works under the name Rokude Nashiko — which translates to “bad girl” — was charged with distributing 'obscene' data after releasing 3D printable data... More

Dutch scientists develop 3D printed ‘light traps’ to make solar cells more efficient than ever

Apr.15, 2015 - Physicists from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands have developed a very interesting 3D printing application that can revolutionize the availability of environmentally-friendly energy. More

27-year-old tumor patient in China is given a new titanium shoulder, thanks to 3D printing

Apr.15, 2015 - A young woman has recently undergone a high-risk surgery in a hospital in South China to replace her scapula with a titanium replica. The surgery was necessitated by a recent discovery by doctors that three-fourths... More

Polish designer creates this awesome kaleidoscope using 3D printing

Apr.15, 2015 - This kaleidoscope has been designed and assembled by Polish designer Paweł Grzelak, who was looking for a nice and original birthday gift for a friend. More

Dutch student mass customizes 3D printed insoles using TNO's 10x faster 3D PrintValley

Apr.15, 2015 - In cooperation with Dutch technological institute TNO, Dutch graduate student Mathijs de Schipper has developed 100% customizable 3D printed insoles for all types of shoes. More

Alexis Walsh brings 3D printing to high fashion with her LYSIS Collection

Apr.15, 2015 - More recently, New York City-based artist and designer Alexis Walsh - whose inspiration stems from developing wearable designs from more rigid structural forms - has been experimenting with using additive manufacturing... More

Introducing Kayan, an exclusive 3D printed lamp shade for Plumen

Apr.14, 2015 - Last week, British lamp manufacturers Plumen and Italian 3D design and printing start up Formaliz3d together unveiled their Kayan lamp shades, a brand new 3D printed product that could be the first commercial version of its kind. More

Pimp your keyboard with these awesome 3D printed custom keycaps by Adafruit

Apr.14, 2015 - If you happen to have one of those old fashioned keyboards laying around, then the latest 3D printing project by Adafruit is definitely something for you: 3D printed custom keycaps for mechanical keyboards. More

Create a customizable 3D printed robot arm

Apr.14, 2015 - For many who are able to 3D print their own parts, creating a robot isn’t actually as daunting of a task as it would appear, and starting with building a robot arm is actually a great place to start - such as this 3D Printed Robot Arm project that has been shared by Instructables user ‘Beaconsfield’. More

Amazon rumored to have acquired Shoefitr footwear 3D scanning company

Apr.14, 2015 - Now, it appears that Amazon is getting even more friendly with adding various 3D technologies as it was just announced that the company has acquired Shoefitr; a company that was born out of and utilizes 3D technology... More

Maker Onyx Ashanti creates 3D printed 'exo-foot' footwear platform

Apr.14, 2015 - With an open mind, Ashanti dove straight into researching what would be the best possible outcome for his shoe design, however he decided that he wanted to have the same freedom for his feet that he has for his hands... More

Big Red 3D printer self-replicates most of its own parts

Apr.14, 2015 - While entirely self-replicating machines are still a slightly futuristic concept, a pair of hobbyists has created a 3D printer that can reproduce nearly all of the parts required to make it. More

United Nude exhibits 3D printed shoes by Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel in Milan

Apr.14, 2015 - For this exhibition, United Nude’s founder Rem D Koolhaas enlisted the assistance of five well-known architects and designers to 3D print highly original women’s shoes. These are architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel... More

Weta Workshop and Image Engine 3D printed 19 robots for sci-fi film Chappie

Apr.14, 2015 - In order to achieve this level of realism and detail, Blomkamp once again worked with visual effects house Image Engine and concept/practical effects studio Weta Workshop not only to create 3D models of the complex droids... More

Artist uses a Form 1+ and 80 liters of resin to create movie 'Chase Me' with 2,500 3D printed parts

Apr.14, 2015 - Now, despite the high cost of creating thousands of 3D printed figurines, a French filmmaker has independently created a short film 'Chase Me' that uses over 2,500 3D printed parts that were printed using a Form 1+ 3D printer ... More

Adobe steps further into 3D printing industry with 'print smoothing' patent

Apr.13, 2015 - Recently, a patent that was originally filed by Adobe in September of 2013 has been published online that gives light to some more complicated software development that the company had quietly been working on that had little to do.. More

Drotix to launch new Gala 3D printer on Kickstarter on April 21st

Apr.13, 2015 - Now, an electrical engineer by the name of Mariano Ronchi (along with his team of designers, engineers and developers at Drotix) is gearing up to launch what he is hoping just might be the latest 3D printer crowdfunding hit... More

Formfutura launches new food-safe glass-like HDglass 3D printer filament

Apr.13, 2015 - Formfutura has released some exciting news for those that may have previously been wanting to create 3D prints that feature glass-like qualities in the form of their new HDglass filaments that they are releasing today. More

Flexy-hand - Filaflex Remix: the most realistic 3D printed prosthetic hand

Apr.13, 2015 - Earlier this year, Wood released the “Flexy-Hand 2 – Filaflex Remix“. Now Wood has again revolutionized the 3D printed prosthetic world with his latest design, the Flexy-Hand - Filaflex Remix. More

Microsoft releases four 3D printable yoyo designs

Apr.13, 2015 - Microsoft has just released four free 3D printable files on Thingiverse a few days ago. All four designs are for making your own – hopefully fully functional – yoyos. More

China Eastern Airlines uses 3D printing to produce aircraft cabin components

Apr.13, 2015 - China Eastern Airlines has successfully 3D printed a number different aircraft cabin components for their new Boeing 777-300ER passenger plane. Included are cover plates for cabin door handles, signage and a number of... More

Build your own 3D printer filament extruder

Apr.13, 2015 - Turkish hobbyist Borsaci has decided to build a DIY filament extruder using a couple of web-based designs. As Borsaci explains on Instructables, it is remarkably easy to make using existing parts and common RepRap parts. 'After some research on the internet, I decided to use this simple design which is the core of many commercial filastruders. I prepared a simple CAD model for you to conceptualize the design easily. All these parts are easily found at every DIYer's parts bin... More

Roboteurs launches Print-A-Bot 3D printable robot arm for teaching design & programming

Apr.13, 2015 - Canadian start-up Roboteurs' flagship product can be seen above; it’s the Print-A-Bot ARM 3D printed robotic arm, that has been designed to be assembled, programmed and used by high school students, engineering departments... More

Stratasys unveils the extremely fast and efficient Large-Scale Objet 1000 Plus 3D printer

Apr.13, 2015 - Stratasys has just announced a brand-new 3D printer, the Large-Scale Objet 1000 Plus 3D printer, a machine that has been improved upon in every area of 3D printing relevance: speed, quality, print size, multi-material printing an efficiency. More

3D printed water filters maker NanoSun enters US$3.14M JV with Chinese commercial giant CCIEC

Apr.12, 2015 - Start-up NanoSun have just signed an impressive $4.3 million deal with the state-owned Chinese corporation China Commerce Group for International Economic Cooperation (CCIEC). More

Make a funny face with image-distorting, 3D printed lenses

Apr.12, 2015 - Now, imagine being able to apply those same ‘filters’ and distort your face in real life--endless fun, right? That’s the idea behind Smaller & Upside Down, a collection of 3D printed lenses with customized, optical designs. More

Johanna Gieseler designs 3D printed prosthetic with wonderful gripping mechanism for children

Apr.12, 2015 - Those are exactly the goals German industrial designer Johanna Gieseler set out for herself when designing a new 3D printable prosthetic: a prosthesis that can take a punch and can hold on. Something that would enable children to play... More

Spanish designer shares files for a fun 3D printed robot that can hold your phone

Apr.12, 2015 - Spanish-made Bequi robot is a fun little project to work on. Designed by Spanish designer Sonia Verdu, the Bequi robot is basically a 3D printed toy with a massive 16 different joints, despite only being 23 cm tall. More

Ex-Amazon engineers develop smart Meld Knob + Clip cooking solution with help from 3D printers

Apr.11, 2015 - The Meld Knob + Clip aims to help users create perfectly-cooked food regardless of any unknown variables including vague instructions and unpredictable stovetop temperatures. More

Brooklyn-based REIFY turns songs into 3D printed sculptures

Apr.11, 2015 - After just a few short months of development in the NEW INC incubator, Founder and CEO Allison Wood has not only created an impressive portfolio of 3D printed objects created from soundwaves, but has also assembled an experienced team... More

Wounded war hero gets a 3D printed Dextrus bionic hand

Apr.11, 2015 - War hero Taylor has become the first wounded soldier to benefit from 3D printed bionic technology. Taylor is a very unfortunate hero, having become a quadruple amputee after losing his limbs in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan. More

Indian company Cremagine 3d prints 24K gold, sapphire and ruby Hindu temple

Apr.10, 2015 - More recently, an Indian 3D design and printing company Cremagine has created a 24K gold and ruby Hindu temple that was created using additive manufacturing technology for a private client. More

Project Aquero uses 3D printing to create revolutionary freshwater-collecting water bottle

Apr.10, 2015 - Now, the Project Aquero initiative has developed an affordable way to harvest drinkable water using pre-existing moisture that lives within the atmosphere... and they’re able to further develop their product thanks to 3D printing. More

Create a 3D printed pocket-sized smartphone charger

Apr.10, 2015 - For Instructables user ‘hobbyman’, making sure his (and his girlfriend’s) phones were always charged came in the form of a project that he recently did that was created using a 3D printer and some simple electrical engineering skills. More

Test and calibrate your 3D printer’s capacities with the #3DBenchy test project

Apr.10, 2015 - 3D printing the #3DBenchy will help you find out what the best settings for your FDM 3D printer are. All you need to do is 3D print the #3DBency boat, a model that has been specifically designed for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. More

Forget Apple Watch, 3D print yourself a retro Apple II smartwatch

Apr.10, 2015 - Developed by Instructables designer Aletor777, this 3D printed cool watch looks like a cross between the classic Apple computers and a wrist calculator. The rectangular body, dubiously grey color and the classic knob... More

Second Boneheads 3D printable skull series launches on Kickstarter

Apr.10, 2015 - 3DKitbash has just launched a new campaign for the Boneheads Series 2: a range of three sets of gorgeous high quality skulls that look so cool you’d like to hang them over a fireplace or something. More

Taiwan launches Fab Trucks to bring 3D printing to 497 campuses over the next 2 years

Apr.10, 2015 - Over the next two years, these Fab Trucks will embark on a very ambitious project, visiting 497 high schools throughout Taiwan. Throughout that project 160,000 students and teachers are set to come into contact with 3D printing. More

Engineer 3D prints a jet-powered snowboard that can go up to 15 mph on the flat

Apr.10, 2015 - San Francisco-based engineer decided to 3D print a jet powered snowboard that can cruise over flat areas with ease. The design itself was inspired by a Dreamscience design for a jet that you can hold in your hands... More

Kickstarter campaign launched for exciting Sinterhard metal filled 3D printer filaments

Apr.9, 2015 - This interesting product has been developed by a team of veteran engineers who have worked with conventional metal injection molding and ceramic injection molding techniques since the 1980s. More

Spanish designer creates 3D printable 'Dog's Game' set to help spur canine intelligence

Apr.9, 2015 - More recently, the talented designer Empezando Diseño has designed and modeled for 3D printing a game for dogs that is capable of being 3D printed by dog owners around the world using the Cults platform. More

New photolithographic technology uses oxygen inhibitors to build 3D printed microstructures

Apr.9, 2015 - Recently, a research team at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) led by Professor Shin-Hyun Kim have developed a new type of photolithographic... More

Designers create SuperMod, a 3D printed, fully-customizable modular wall system using Makerbot

Apr.9, 2015 - The designers, Sebastian Misiurek and Arianna Lebed of Simplus Design, have designed and fabricated what they are calling SuperMod, a 3D printed wall organization system that balances aesthetics with function. More

Teacher brings DIY 3D printing into the classroom using a modified projector & PowerPoint slides

Apr.9, 2015 - Dustin Klenke, a physics, robotics and biology teacher at Union High School in Union, Missouri has brought a similar project into his classroom as a way of breaking down the principles of 3D printing in an effort to... More

Autodesk backs Carbon3D's CLIP technology with $10M from Spark 3D printing Investment Fund

Apr.9, 2015 - Autodesk today announced that its 3D printing investment fund has invested $10 million in Carbon3D. Carbon3D first unveiled its technology on-stage at TED conference last month with an entirely new breakthrough 3D printing process... More

2-year-old girl can now smile for the first time after her face was rebuilt with the help of a 3D printer

Apr.9, 2015 - We are especially very happy to see these 3D printed models being used to give young children a good start for their lives to come, as they recently did for the two-year-old Violet Pietrok from Portland, Oregon. More

Teacher builds DIY structured-light 3D scanner using a video projector and webcams

Apr.9, 2015 - Danish teacher Hesam Hamidi has come up with a design for an easy to build 3D scanner that is a perfect addition to any 3D printing hobbyists’ arsenal. His 3D scanner can be easily assembled using conventional items. More

Lingerie Company Anita uses 3D printing to reduce cost of breast prostheses by up to 50%

Apr.9, 2015 - German industry giants Anita has recently adopted 3D printers to ensure that their breast prosthetics are identical and even far cheaper and more efficient to produce. More

Cool hacked 3D printer decorates traditional Japanese bento lunch boxes

Apr.9, 2015 - While chocolate 3D printing experiments seem to be taking over the internet in recent months, we can’t just only eat chocolate all the time. That’s why it’s very refreshing to see this whole new take on the concept of 3D printing food. More

U.S. Army funds research for 3D printed body armor inspired by fish scales

Apr.8, 2015 - Researchers have developed a new way of thinking about body armor that enables soldiers to move freely and with little added weight, but is still capable of stopping bullets and shrapnel. More

Belarus-based 3DSphere develops 3d printed DJ helmet featuring embedded light show

Apr.8, 2015 - However thanks to 3D printing and some clever electronics work, a group of 3D printing and music enthusiasts have recently taken matters into their own hands and have created their own 3D printed head hardware... More

Light Play 3D printed robot army gears up for Maker Faire in May

Apr.8, 2015 - Currently working under then name Light Play, Petkus and Koch are currently developing the latest iteration their kinetic army of delta robots for the upcoming Bay Area Maker Faire May 16th and 17th in San Mateo, California. More

Watch NASA unbox the first set of objects 3D printed in space

Apr.8, 2015 - This week, nearly six months since they first launched the 3D printer into orbit, engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama are unboxing the first items that were manufactured in space... More

Student Rachel Nhan creates inspiring 3D printed neckpiece

Apr.8, 2015 - This 3D printed neckpiece was made and continuously adjusted alongside the dress in AutoDesk Maya, to ensure the two seamlessly matched each other. More

Light Insoles develops revolutionary custom orthotics using light-cured composite technology

Apr.8, 2015 - With a background in material science developing lightweight materials, Alan Jacobsen Ph. D. has since changed his direction of focus to develop custom insoles under his newly-establish company Light Insoles. More

'Museum in a Box' project uses 3D printing to explore how people interact with museum objects

Apr.8, 2015 - As part of that endeavor, Good, Form & Spectacle has been working on a smaller project entitled Museum in a Box, which relies on 3D printing to explore the value and meaning of museum objects. More

Never lose your screwdriver bits again with this useful 3D printed tool wristband

Apr.8, 2015 - Fernando Sosa has designed a useful, stylish and fun accessory that will ensure that you will never lose your screwdriver bits again while working: the 3D printed Tool Wristband. More

IR3 Industrial Revolution III 3D printer / Pick & Place assembly bot launches on Kickstarter

Apr.8, 2015 - Developed by London-based Buzz Technology Limited, this IR3 3D printer doesn’t just 3D print components, it’s also capable of picking and inserting non-printed components into the design. More

American company created and tested the first 3D printed metal gun silencer

Apr.8, 2015 - One metal part manufacturer, who has so far remained anonymous, has even used a 3D printer to produce perhaps the most complex part of a gun arsenal: the silencer. More

Japanese designer Danny Choo creates four-foot tall smart robot using 3D printing

Apr.7, 2015 - Two years ago, designer Danny Choo of Culture Japan created a 3D printed “Smart Doll” that was designed based off of the anime character Mirai Suenaga, the mascot for Culture Japan. More

MIT student beats cancer, shares his data and experience with digital models and 3D prints

Apr.7, 2015 - With the personal fascination with his condition combined with his experience and background in data management and additive manufacturing technologies, Steven Keating has leveraged the data surrounding his condition and has created digital and 3D printed models of his tumor... More

3D printed solar-powered toy airplane

Apr.7, 2015 - Quadcopters are a lot of fun to play with – but it’s also great to see designs that go in an entirely different direction, such as this cool solar powered toy airplane by Instructables user JoKu. More

Four year old boy is given a very lifelike 3D printed prosthetic ear

Apr.7, 2015 - Medical applications of 3D printing technology have been very successful in recent months, so it’s unsurprising that many experts are already predicting a very bright future for 3D printing technology in the medical industry. More

Fan builds a Lego 3D printer that ‘3D prints’ Lego bricks

Apr.7, 2015 - One Lego-crazed maker who goes by the bubbly username of ev3rything_is_aw3some has submitted something truly remarkable into a competition for turning projects into actual Lego sets. More

Ozzie the goose can walk again with the help of a 3D printed leg and webbed foot

Apr.7, 2015 - But perhaps slightly more challenging to make was the leg and webbed foot that South African waterfowl Ozzie needed. This lucky duck was in need of help after a broken leg was amputated at the joint. More

U.S. Rep. Steve Israel to reintroduce bill to ban undetectable 3D printed gun

Apr.7, 2015 - California recently passed a ‘Ghost Gun’ bill, but it remains unclear how that will be implemented. Lawmaker Steve Israel’s (D-New York) 2013 bill to prohibit the manufacturing of 3D printed guns failed to be adopted. More

Ultimaker Original+ 3D printer source files & Ultimaker heated bed upgrade files now available online

Apr.7, 2015 - Keeping true to its commitment to open hardware, the company has finally been able to launch the Ultimaker Original+ and Ultimaker heated bed upgrade files today. More

Build a 3D printable multi-purpose talking robot or simple toy platform

Apr.6, 2015 - Among other recent projects that utilize a computer or other microcontroller to bring a 3D print to life is the Multi-Purpose Talking Robot Platform that was recently shared by Instructables user ‘hobbyman’. More

Solderdoodle launches new Kickstarter campaign for cordless 3D print finishing tool

Apr.6, 2015 - Now, a new option for finishing 3D prints has also launched on Kickstarter that - similar to the Retouch3D - acts as a sort of hand router for finalizing a 3D print. More

Japanese filmmakers use 3D printing to bring 'Mayupo' female companion robot to life

Apr.6, 2015 - In “Mayupo | A Robot Dreams of Apple Trees”, a Japanese film that is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the concept of a robot as a female companion is what the entire movie is about - and thanks to 3D printing... More

Customize and build your own smartphone using a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing

Apr.6, 2015 - One of the more recent projects that makes use of existing 3D printing technology to create an otherwise complex product is with the tyfone: a DIY smartphone that anyone can make. More

3D Systems China launches with acquisition of 3D printing sales & service provider Easyway Group

Apr.6, 2015 - 3D Systems announced today that it acquired Easyway Design and Manufacture Co. in China, including its wholly owned subsidiaries comprising the Easyway Group, creating 3D Systems China. More

US Navy researcher 3D prints adjustable groove-joint pliers

Apr.6, 2015 - Instead of compromising his experiment or making due with the existing tools in his lab, John Steuben 3D printed his very own adjustable groove-joint pliers, designed precisely for the task at hand. More

Japanese artist creates awesome 3D printed transforming robot 'Stingray'

Apr.6, 2015 - This intricate transformers-like robot toy T060101 STINGRAY has been designed by Japanese artist Tomoo Yamaji, who spent years working as a civil engineer in a previous life. More

Zoomcity creates a set of 3D printed business cards that map out the Barcelona city

Apr.6, 2015 - Barcelona-based Zoomcity Barcelona, a blog about contemporary architecture, art and design in that city has decided to 3D print their business cards. And to ensure that their image as a stylish company... More

Harvest your own energy using 3D printed wind turbines and solar stirling engines

Apr.6, 2015 - Among the projects that Andreas Haeuser has been focusing on are energy-harvesting 3D printed wind turbines and 3D printed solar stirling engines, which are the result of two years of development, multiple prototypes... More

Maker creates modern 3D printed vertical seder plate for celebrating Passover

Apr.5, 2015 - The Jewish holiday celebrating the Israelites’ freedom from Egypt known as Passover began in the evening of Friday, April 3 around the world and will last for a total of eight days. More

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