Mar 20, 2019 | By Thomas

Digital Artisan, a Japanese design lab has teamed up with chemicals company JSR Corporation, , Castem, a manufacturer of precision casting parts, to create “Generative Heel – Formless” high heel shoes using 3D printing technology.

Masaharu Ono, director of Digital Artisan lead the design and modeling of the Formless heels with the help from Japanese shoe designer Ayato Tsumagari. The team used CG software and generative design which automatically generates organic and manufacture-ready outputs based on data inputs. The technology allows for each pair of 3D printed Formless heels to be tailored to the appropriate shape based on the potential weight and direction of the force applied by its user.

The designs were then 3D printed info molds using M2 3D printer owned by JSR. Carbon’s M2 3D printer, which uses the company’s proprietary Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology to produce highly accurate parts out of resin, can be leveraged for the manufacturing of complex structures, such as lattices, which could be integrated into different designs for advanced performance and strength. The Formless heels were then produced using Castem’s Lost Wax Method.

“This is concept model for mass customization, but I just getting ready, I will sell it as soon as possible,” Ono told



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The truth will out wrote at 3/20/2019 10:47:26 PM:

Technically well done, That needs a lot of strength in the right places. But man is it ugly!!

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