3d printed keyDuplicate your Keys with a 3D Printer   Oct.31, 2011

Nirav Patel has a RepRap 3D printer, and his has been used to duplicate the RepRaps parts, among with other not very useful 3D printed stuff. Now he wants to make keys. More 

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food printingFood Printing - "The Killer App" of 3D Printing  Oct.30, 2011

We talk a lot about 3D printing, now it is time to talk about digital gastronomy: food printing. The development of food printer is newer than 3D printing, and at least very interesting. More 

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FabLab opens in Brainport region, Eindhoven, NL  Oct.29, 2011

From 2012, Students, companies and individuals in Brainport region Eindhoven can use FabLab Brainport as an innovation-oriented, shared workplace.  More  

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3D Systems Supports Redfish Instruments' New Apple Enabled Multimeter  Oct.28, 2011

3D Systems Corporation announced today that Quickparts(R) supported Redfish Instruments through its design and development of a new and innovative iDVM digital Multimeter, controlled entirely through a downloaded mobile application. More 

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Sculptural Garments from Amelia Agosta  Oct.28, 2011

If you live in Melbourne or happen to travel there this period, it is worth to visit Melbourne's GPO. Melbourne's GPO stands for The Melbourne General Post Office (also known GPO), is a former post office in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. More 

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3ders_3dprinting_event_eindhovenFirst 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven NL  Oct.28, 2011

3D printing will change the world. Along with more material variations (including metals) and falling prices, 3D printing will cover more and more areas. It will affect the manufacturing industry, affect the way products are created and distributed, create new business models, but also in social and economic area. More                  Posted in Event Report

Urbee eco-car comes to Euromold  Oct.27, 2011

Stratasys Inc. (NASDAQ: SSYS) today announced that it will be exhibiting the much publicised Urbee eco-car at this year’s Euromold event in Frankfurt. More 

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3D Systems Earns 14 Cents per Share for Third Quarter 2011  Oct.27, 2011

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it earned 14 cents per share for the third quarter of 2011. Gross profit rose by 48% on a 39% revenue increase compared to the third quarter of 2010. More 

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My Robot Nation is Launched - 3D Creation for Everyone  Oct.26, 2011

MyRobotNation.com is online yesterday. Anyone can create their own unique robot online and My Robot Nation will deliver it to the door. More        

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Microsoft's HoloDesk - Play with 3D Objects  Oct.25, 2011

Microsoft is experimenting with a "holodesk" which three-dimensional virtual objects can be moved by hand. Users can stack blocks or juggle virtual balls. More 

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Could 3D Printing Change the World?       Oct.25, 2011

Could 3D Printing Change the World? Atlantic Council issued the latest Strategic Foresight Initiative Report, co-authored by Thomas Campbell, Christopher Williams, Olga Ivanova, and Banning Garrett. More 

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Guide3D Labs to Offer Implant Surgical Guides Printed with Objet New Bio-Compatible Transparent Dental Material  Oct.25, 2011

Press Release: Objet Ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing today announced that Guide3D Lab will start offering its dentist customers surgical guides made of the new Objet Bio-Compatible 3D printing material (MED610TM).  More     Posted in 3D Print Companies

Is Project Shellter Environment Friendly?  Oct.23, 2011 

Makerbot Industries launched Project Shellter on Oct. 18, 2011. According to Makerbot, the intention of Project Shellter is to save hermit crabs by designing and producing artificial shells for them. More      Posted in 3D Print Applications

3D Printed HoneyComb Made in 127 Hours  Oct.23, 2011

A project was undertaken by a group of students at the NTU Athens, aiming to introduce students to parametric design through the use of Grasshopper.  More   

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3D Printed Lucky Bird  Oct.22, 2011

I certainly love things like this, so beautiful to watch. The creator is printedCat, user of Shapways. This model is 15.9 w x 10.2 d x 6.9 h cm in dimentions, and needs some post production assemble. More    

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Cute, lovable and huggable 3D Printed Star Belly   Oct.22, 2011

Lisa Evans, a freelance illustrator model character Star Belly in Maya and let them printed in Shapeways. Really cute, lovable and huggable. More

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Perfect Wedding Gift "Sweet As!" 3D printed tie and bracelet  Oct.22, 2011

Tom Kluyskens of Made on Jupiter has designed and made a wedding Gift "Sweet As!", it is 3D printed tie and bracelet.  More 

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3D Systems Debuts Largest QuickCast(R) Pattern  Oct.21, 2011

3D Systems Corporation today announced the availability of single piece, extra-large QuickCast(R) patterns through 3Dproparts(TM).  More 

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3D Printed Shoelace Toggle  Oct.21, 2011

Larsie, a Thingiverse user and MakerBot owner, made for his son these 3D-printed shoelace-toggles More       

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3D Systems Brings 3DTouch(TM) Color Printer to BETT  Oct.21, 2011

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it will introduce its new 3DTouch printer to the educators and administrators at the Abu Dhabi event.  More 

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Interview with Creators of 3D printed bikinis  Oct.21, 2011

In our earlier video clip we have watched the 3D printed bikinis. I am wondering if such products made of Nylon can be comfortably wearable. Mary Huang and Jenna Fizel are the creators of world's first 3D printed bikini. More 

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Rapid Prototyping Now Accessible to North Texas Innovators   Oct.20, 2011

Small businesses and innovators in Dallas / Fort Worth will now have a local source for high resolution 3D printing with the introduction of PartSnap. More 

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PP3DP released "Platform Suit"     Oct.20, 2011

PP3DP has released the "platform suit", which is a possible solution in the model warping problems. As a lot of 3D printer operators experienced... More  

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 Projet HD3000 3D printing in small thicknesses    Oct.20, 2011

The ProJet HD 3000 prints precision, durable plastic parts ideal for functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing..  More  

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3D Systems Adds desktopFab to Its Reseller Network     Oct.19, 2011

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) announced today the appointment of desktopFab as an authorized channel partner. With a qualified team of experienced 3D printer users along with sales and support professionals, desktopFab offers their users immediate access to the entire lineup of 3D Systems' personal 3D printers.  More 

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Printing Airbus A380 Parts  Oct.18, 2011

MIT Technology Review recently reported, that engineers at EADS Innovation Works near Bristol, England is testing an additive-layer manufacturing machine to create "intricate forms out of high-grade metal". More

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Print Your Face as Real     Oct.18, 2011

Do you wish to have a copy of your face? Now it is possible, thanks for REAL-f. Japanese company REAL-f developed 3D modeling pictures technology to make "real mask". More

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 Good deal? Free 3D Printer from Service Contract    Oct.17, 2011

There is an interesting company there in 3D print industry, MCOR. They introduce a program "The free D revolution". They are offering free... More              Posted in 3D Print Companies

origo printer for kidsInterview with Joris Peels of Origo    Oct.14, 2011

Fabbaloo had an interview with Joris Peels, one of the founders of the Origo 3D printer for Kids. In the interview, Joris Peels explains how the idea of Origo comes. More 

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3d systems stock price lower3D Systems (TDSC) Share Price Target Lower to $13    Oct.14, 2011

On Oct.13, Equities research analysts at Piper Jaffray (PJC) issued a reseach note to investor, that they have brought down their price target on shares of 3D Systems (NASDAQ: TDSC) to $13.00. More 

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Z-Corp BNews Special - Interview With Joe Titlow     Oct.13, 2011

In the history of 3D printing, Z Corporation is listed as one of the pioneer in 3D printing. In 1995, Z Corporation obtained an exclusive license from MIT to use the technology and started developing 3D Printers based on 3DP technology.  More 

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Design 3D Objects in 5 minutes       Oct.12, 2011

The interest in 3D printing is Booming. You can notice that more and more people are involving. Soon we all can print our own products at home. We can invent and make objects. One big issue is, most of us don't have much experience in 3D design. Is there an easy design tool that shows the shape of 3D objects and we can easily modify and ...More       Posted in 3D Print Companies

world first 3d printed aircraft

The world’s first 3D printed aircraft

soton.ac.uk - Engineers at the University of Southampton have designed and flown the world’s first 3D printed aircraft, which could revolutionise the economics of aircraft design. 


More source and video: 3D printing: The world's first printed plane

Roland imodelaRoland Introduces iModela iM-01 Affordable 3D Hobby Mill is Designed for the Craft and Hobby Markets

rolanddg.com - Roland DG Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of 3D milling and engraving technologies, today introduced the new iModela iM-01. The iModela is an inexpensive, easy-to-use desktop device that mills wax, foam, balsa wood and plastic materials commonly used in craft and hobby projects.


More source and video:

For Under a Grand, You Can Put Magic on Your Desktop   More 

voice extruderThe Voice Extruder

moonmilk.com - Video: Adam Mayer helps test an almost-finished version of my project for Artbots Gent: the Voice Extruder makes a shape from your voice, and then prints it out for you on a 3d printer. 


3D Printer-Maker Stratasys Expands Production Capacity

phx.corporate-ir.net - Doubling of manufacturing space is a vote of confidence in an uncertain economy

With a ceremonial ribbon-cutting event at its newest building today, 3D printer maker, Stratasys(NASDAQ: SSYS), expressed a vote of confidence in an uncertain economy.

Stratasys says the 90,000 square-foot building doubles its capacity for machine production. The company purchased the building late last year and finished outfitting it this July.  More 

Diy repair of a baby strollerDIY Repair of a Baby Stroller… in 3D!

wired.com - A clever dad named Duann Scott has posted a terrific Instructables guide describing how he custom-designed a replacement part for a Bugaboo pram, had the part 3D-printed by Shapeways, repaired the pram, and saved over $200 in the process.


The World’s First Printed Building3D printed building

cosmopolitanscum.com - In a small shed on an industrial park near Pisa is a machine that can print buildings. The machine itself looks like a prototype for the automotive industry. Four columns independently support a frame with a single armature on it. 


3d printer3D Printing

video from abc.net.au - Jonica Newby travels to the U.K. to sample a flashy commercial 3D printer and the ultimate DIY workshop. She experienced making a 3D print of her head, how Adrian's daughter made a plastic part for her car. All facinating stories.   More 

Solar Sinter – 3D printer uses the sun to create glass objects out of sandsolar powered 3d printer

impactlab.net - Design student Markus Kayser wanted to test his sun-powered, sand-fed 3-D printer, but he knew the gray skies in London wouldn’t do. He decided to ship the 200-plus-pound contraption to Cairo, Egypt, flew there himself, and haggled with officials for two days to get it out of customs. 


The World’s Smallest 3D Printer

Oct.1, 2011 - This smallest 3D printer weighs 1.5 kilograms, it costs around 1200 Euros. If the size of the printer get smaller, the prices will also get lower when it is produced in big quantities. At that time everyone can just afford it. More 

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