asiga 3d printerAsiga releases the world's first 3D Printer using UV LED System    

Nov.30, 2011 - This 3D printer, light and tiny, weighs in at only 10.5 kg. More 

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violin replicaStradivarius violin recreated using X-ray scanner and CNC 

Nov.30, 2011 - X-ray scanner, which is normally used to detect cancers and injuries, is now used by a team of experts to create a 1704 Stradivarius violin. More 

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WSU researchers make bone-like material using 3D printer 

Nov.30, 2011 - Researchers in Washington State University have used a 3D printer to create a bone-like material and structure that can act as a scaffold to stimulate new bone to grow on which it is paired with actual bone. More 

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Euromold 2011 - a first peak

Nov.30, 2011 -  (videos) 3D Systems Corporation just launched its new ProJet 1000 personal 3D printer. To celebrate it, 3D Systems invites all attendees to its "Experience in 3D" display. More 

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3D Printing - A Threat or An Opportunity For Mold Industry 

Nov.29, 2011 -  Is the advance of 3D printing going to make an end of traditional molding industry? Will all the mold makers disappear? Or on the contrary, is it an opportunity for mold makers? More 

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3D-printed bracelet 'Trapped Beauty' won the Materia Jewellery Contest  

Nov.29, 2011 -  Materia Jewellery announced the winners of the 3D printing Jewellery Contest. Dutchman Gerard Mekenkamp won first prize with his design of the 3D-printed bracelet 'Trapped Beauty'. More 

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Marubeni Launches Business Accelerator: 3D Printing Service 

Nov.28, 2011 - Marubeni Information Systems Co Ltd (MSYS) has launched 3D printing service on Nov 25, 2011. MSYS has the expereience of providing manufacturing solutions, which include 3D printers, digitizers, and CAM for machine-based design and manufacturing systems. More 

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Breakthrough: Scientists developed the first printed Graphene Electronics 

Nov.28, 2011 - Downloading and printing new electronics has now become possible. Without a gram of metal - thanks to a breakthrough at the Cambridge university in UK. More 

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3D Printed IPhone Apps  what can a 3D printer do for an iphone? More 

Reprap Build-Party in Cologne Germany in December is supporting a new build event which will be held in Cologne Germany in December. This reprap build workshop will build ten printers of the latest Prusa Iteration 2 variety. More 

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PP3DP Launched Upgrade kit for old UP! 3d printers 

Nov.26, 2011 - PP3DP launched an upgrade kit for older PP3DP owners. Instead of buying a new printer the old Upers can buy a full set of upgrade kit with low price. What parts are included in the upgrade kit?  More 

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makersfactoryNew Z650 3D Printer Coming to MakersFactory 

Nov.26, 2011 - Chris Yonge and Dave Britton founded MakersFactory in October and within weeks they are offering classes, with no ads but only word of mouth. More 

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makerbot 3d printer open source projectMakerBot launched 3 fun projects for 3D printers 

Nov.25, 2011 - Makerbot has just launched Remote Control Cars, Dynamos and a Windup Robot - 3 open source toy kits for your 3D printers. More

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kraftwurx 3d printing serviceKraftwurx, more than just a 3D printing service 

Nov.25, 2011 -  Chris Norman, CEO of Digital Reality, started working on Kraftwurx in 2004. After years development, they are back to track and totally ready for bureaus, designers, artists and consumers. More 

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Top 100 websites 2011 in 3D Printing Industry    

Top 100 websites in 3D printing industry according to world rankings(Nov.24, 2011):  Read more >>

hackerspace xinchejian shanghaiHackerspaces in China 

Nov.24, 2011 -  Shanghai Government Technology committee has issued a call for a proposal to build 100 community hackerspaces with government funding for equipment. More 

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formlab_logo_3d_printerFormlabs: 3D printer startup raised $500K initial funding 

Nov.23, 2011 -  Formlabs Inc., just started up and has not yet a website, has already raised $500,000 initial funding. The funding plan was to raise $1.5 million, according to federal documents. More 

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Tiertime Brings Its newest 3D Printer Inspire S250 to EuroMold 2011 

Nov.23, 2011 - Beijing TierTime Technology Co. Ltd, 3D printing and rapid prototyping industry manufacturer China, announces that it will demonstrate its latest Inspire series of 3D Printing products at EuroMold 2011. More 

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rapman 3.2 3d printer kit3D Systems Launchs New RapMan 3.2 3D Printer Kit 

Nov.23, 2011 - 3D Systems Corporation announced that next-gen Rapman 3.2 3D Printer kit and it is now available at Bits from Bytes site. 3D Systems will also bring the Rapman 3.2 to EuroMold in Frankfurt, Germany.  More 

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Objet Geometries bids for NASDAQ IPO  Nov.22, 2011

Israeli 3D printer company Objet Geometries seeks to bid for NASDAQ IPO and raise about $120 million on $500 million market cap. If implemented, it will be one of the largest IPO by Israeli company in US in past few years. More 

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Z Corp bought by 3D Systems for $137 million  Nov.21, 2011

3D Systems Corp. (NYSE: DDD) just announced that they have signed definitive agreement to acquire Z Corporation and Vidar Systems. 3D Systems bought these two companies for $137 million in cash from Contex Group, a subsidiary of Ratos AB, a listed private equity company located in Stockholm, Sweden. More 

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Weird 3D Printed Coffee Cups from cunicode    Nov.21, 2011

One coffee cup a day is an experiment from cunicode. Everyday there is one cuffee cup designed, modeled and printed within 24 hours and you can order them online. More 

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Can 3D Printer create new knee?   Nov.19, 2011

3D printing is in the news all the time. The FabLabs where you can make products from 3D printer are established everywhere. More 

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diy high resolution 3d printerHomemade DIY High Resolution 3D Printer   Nov.18, 2011

After I wrote the articie "How To Make Your Own Stereolithography 3D Printer" I discovered another Homemade DIY high Resolution 3D printer made by Junior Veloso. More 

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Shapeways Raised Another 5.1 Million Investment    Nov.18, 2011

Philips spinoff Shapeways has acquired an investment of $ 5.1 million. More 

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Printrbot Project - Simplest 3D Printer Recently Launched      Nov.17, 2011

Brook Drumm started an open hardware project with self-made Printrbot. He designed the Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer that you can assemble and printing in a couple of hours. More 

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Epson Is Developing 3D Printer     Nov.17, 2011

It is Epson's 100 years anniversary. Epson is now a well-known brand for energy-saving and high-precision home printer. More 

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MiniatureMoments 3D Print The Memory Of Your Photo   Nov.16, 2011

A UK startup called MiniatureMoments has created a new concept for 3D printing service: allows you to turn a photo into an object using software and a 3D printer. More 

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Most Awesome 3D Printed Cosplay Cecil Harvey      Nov.16, 2011

This is probably the single greatest cosplay I have ever seen, believe it or not. It has transformed from games to reality by 3D printer. The level of detail is insane. More 

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How To 3D Print Large Objects Without Warping      Nov.16, 2011

Jamie Mantzel wanted to make some 20cm+ long parts but the parts warped. After several experiments he  found a solution. 

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DoD Pursuing Additive Manufacturing       Nov.15, 2011

According to a recent Defense News article that Department Of Defense(DoD) is embracing DDM.

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How To 3D Print A Drunkard Stamp  Nov.15, 2011

This cute stamp has three interchangeable faces. You can use it in the bar for leaving messages on the foreheads of passed-out drunkards. More 

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how to build your own 3d printerHow To Make Your Own Stereolithography 3D Printer     Nov.15, 2011

RobHopeless wanted a better printing resolution and quality than the currently 3D printer kits such as Makerbot, Ultimaker or Reprap can make. So he decided to make his own printer. More 

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10 Unusual 3D Printing Objects      Nov.14, 2011

Here are some incredible complex objects printed by 3D printing, selective laser sintering, stereolithography and fused deposition modeling. More 

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3d printed tiny car

A Relaxed Sunday with 3D Printed Toy Car and 3D Printed iFling     Nov.13, 2011

David Sun who works at Iris International as senior mechanical engineer created this cute tiny toy car. The idea was to make a toy for his two-year old son. His job at work gives him access to a Objet Eden350 3D printer. More 

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Researchers Convert 2D Patterns Into 3D Objects by Shining Light      Nov.12, 2011

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a simple way to convert 2D patterns into 3D objects shining light. More 

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Join 2012 Google Model Your Town Competition to Win for Your Town      Nov.11, 2011

Google has just announced that the Google Model Your Town Competition is now opening. More 

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library with 3d printers3D Printers Complement Public Library  Nov.10, 2011

Librarian Lauren Smedley thinks critically and creatively. She is in the process of creating The Fayetteville Free Library, where she works, to be the first maker-library in US. More 

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Tinkercad Raises $1M in Seed Funding from True Ventures and Angel Investors      Nov.9, 2011

Tinkercad, the first to bring a browser based 3D printing CAD to the masses, today announced it has received one million dollars in seed funding led by True Ventures with angel investment from Eghosa Omoigui, Taher Haveliwala, Jyri Engestrom, and Joshua Schachter. More

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Objet 3D Printed Dashboard from StreetScooter and Other Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Applications at EuroMold 2011       Nov.9, 2011

Following a year packed full of new 3D printing product and material launches, Objet Ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, will showcase some of the real-life applications made possible with its technology at EuroMold 2011. More 

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Top 100 3D Printing WebsitesTop 100 websites 2011 in 3D Printing Industry    Nov.9, 2011

Top 100 websites in 3D printing industry according to world rankings(Nov.9, 2011):   More 

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3d printer contestSustainable Technology Design Competition for 3-D Printers is Open      Nov.8, 2011

A Sustainable Technology Design Competition for Open Source 3-D Printers is now open to everyone. It is sponsored by QAS(Queen’s Applied Sustainability group) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. More 

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3D Printer Manufacturing Industry Research Report Available from IBISWorld   Nov.7, 2011

The 3D Printer Manufacturing industry has leaped ahead in recent years, driven by rapid technological developments, falling costs, and new applications for 3D printing technology. Over the five years to 2011, revenue is expected to grow at an average annualized rate of 7.1% to total $1.4 billion. More 

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3d printed guitarPrint A Guitar to Impress Your Friends      Nov.7, 2011

Bård S D, has recently made a 3D printed electric guitar named the Zoybar Tor. More 

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autodesk 123D3D Printer Will Build Circuit Boards in 18 to 24 Months         Nov.6, 2011

David ten Have, CEO of Ponoko, a 3D printing service company based in New-Zeeland, said that 3D printed circuit boards is very close, actually it will be around here in 18 to 24 months. More 

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stratasys webinarMyth-Busting 3D Prototypes: Does High Resolution = High Accuracy?  Nov.5, 2011

Webinar: Listen as Bonnie Meyer, Senior Applications Engineer at Stratasys, discusses 3D printing and some of the myths about parts made using additive manufacturing systems.  More 

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3d printed bones3D Printed Bones Could Save Hospitals Thousand Dollars      Nov.5, 2011

Mark Frame, a trainee surgeon, has saved U.K.'s NHS thousands of pounds by taking advantage of 3D printing technology. He found that 3D printing can print CT scans. More 

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3d software autodeskAutodesk Apps Make Everyone A Designer      Nov.4, 2011

Autodesk announced Thursday at a press event at its innovation center that it is planning on releasing Autodesk 123D Catch and 123D Make next week. The two programs will allow users to easily be a 3D modeler.  More 

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Luxion Releases KeyShot Plugin for PTC® Creo™ 1.0      Nov.3, 2011

Luxion, a leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and makers of KeyShot®, the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, yesterday announced the release of its free KeyShot plugin for Creo™ 1.0.   More 

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olly-3d printed Meet Olly - The Web Connected Smelly Robot       Nov.2, 2011

Olly was developed by Mint Foundry, a graduate design lab at Mint Digital dedicated to exploring the potential of web-connected objects. More 

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3D Systems Acquires Advanced Materials Division of Huntsman Corp   Nov.2, 2011

3D Systems Corp. (DDD) has announced that they have acquired Huntsman Corporation’s RenShape® stereolithography print materials and its Digitalis® rapid manufacturing 3D printer product line. It costs 3D Systems $41 million in cash for this acquisition. More 

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fun with 3d printing in halloweenA Little Fun in Halloween      Nov.1, 2011

This Halloween, people in the 3D printing world are having bit fun around. Here is a party at Makerbot. More                                  

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3d printed earthquake sculptureBritish Artist Make Tohoku Japanese Earthquake Sculpture     Nov.1, 2011

In memory of 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan, British artist Luke Jerram has made this beautiful “Tohoku Japanese Earthquake Sculpture”.   More 

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