Oct.14, 2012

Designer Michael Massie has been working on rebuilding a family heirloom - a violin with 3D printing. He replaced all the missing pegs using a makerbot 3D printer.

I had the opportunity to finally get a few prototype prints completed for my Violin reconstruction, and it looks like we have a winner. I'm actually printing the pegs in halves so that I don't have to use scaffolding to prop up the uneven build.

What is original in the Violin is the body, neck and one(1) Tuning Peg. The rest will be scanned and printed in white to be placed on the violin. I intentionally will be using a pop color (white in this test run) to not obfuscate what was original and what's filling in the full picture – You know, like how museums fill in the missing bones of dinosaur skeletons.

See more photos here on Flickr.

Images credit: Michael Massie


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