Oct.2, 2012

3D print model artist Psychobob was comissioned by Gamespot UK to create a Claptrap figurine, the robot from Borderlands.

Psychobob used Solidworks to create the 3D model and uploaded the model to Shapeways to be printed. After receiving the 3D printed pieces Psychobob spent days to smooth and paint the parts. In his videos below Psychobob explained how he made the model itself, how he painted, wired up the LED circuit and assembled the Claptrap model. If you want to know exactly the process, read his blog here.

(Image credit: Psychobob)

This custom-made Claptrap model will be given away by Gamespot UK to a winner who could correctly answer the question: "What is Claptrap's official title as given in the game? "

Additional prizes include five copies of the game to give away on Xbox 360. However you do need a UK address to enter the competition, but hurry up if you want to join. The competition closes at 6pm on Wednesday 3 October.

(Images credit: Gamespot UK)


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