Oct.15, 2012

The launch of Apple's iPhone 5 has brought 3D printing once again to the public. While some users don't care, others might want a personlized iPhone 5 case. In any case if you wanted a customized iPhone case, the following companies might provide something special for you.

1. Sculpteo

Paris-based 3D-printing service company, Sculpteo was the first to accept orders for iPhone 5 cases even before Apple's news conference on Sept. 12. Using their website and free app you can customize your own iPhone 5 case. Prices start at $14.90 and shipping is international.

Source / images: Sculpteo

2. 3D Systems / Freshfiber

3D Systems announced on Sep.12 3D printed cases for Apple's iPhone 5 was available on Freshfiber.com and Cubify.com. FreshFiber accessories are known for their beautiful and innovative designs. FreshFiber cases for iPhone 5 can be personalized by anyone using FreshFiber's NameMelt App that allows users to add their name or custom text to the side of each case. The iPhone 5 cases are offered in five different case styles with choices of several colors. This is a truly personal accessory.

1) Macedonia Case: double layered design helps absorbing shocks, and keeps your phone from overheating. Prices start at €34.99 ($45.30).

2) Maille Case: This case has an interlinked ring pattern resembling chainmail armour. Prices start at €39.99 ($51.76).

3) Mondriaan Case & Card Holder: includes handy slot that keeps credit cards, business cards, or notes. Prices start at €34.99 ($45.30).

4) Book Case: This case wraps around your iPhone like a stylish booklet. Prices start at €39.99 ($51.76).

5) Boombox Case & Stand: You can click out the built-in handle so it becomes a stand, making it easy to watch videos comfortably. Prices start at €34.99 ($45.30).

(Image credit: 3D Systems)

The full FreshFiber catalog of cases for iPhone 5 is available here.

3. Polychemy

Singapore-based 3D printing and design company Polychemy will release their new series of cases suitable for iPhone 5 in early November. Their iPhone cases for iPhone 4/4s are designed in 3D and 3D-printed in the Netherlands using a Poly-amide plastic. 3D printing allows complex shapes to be constructed, with Polychemy customers can personalize the design with a name. The iPhone 4/4S case retail for US$40.00. The price of iPhone 5 is not available yet. Also Polychemy has been working with Mark Storm, on some really cool tribal themed cases for the iPhone. So stay tuned.

Images credit / source: Polychemy


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no wrote at 10/3/2013 6:08:29 PM:

no..jus no

Carolyn Edwards wrote at 9/22/2013 9:23:06 PM:

Unfortunately, after a few months my gorgeous red maille case turned a yucky bleached out colour. The makers need to use a plastic that does not react so readily to the mild acidic nature of skin/sweat.

Carolyn Edwards wrote at 12/25/2012 7:32:15 PM:

Had my new 'sweater'/Maille 3D iPhone case & it's truly lovely - thank you

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