Nov.5, 2012

Jozef Doboš at University College London has created an interesting project: 3D Repo. 3D Repo is an open source 3D Revision Control Framework which is targeted at CAD and general 3D modelling. It is very suitable for storing, retrieving and versioning large 3D models for content production for a large scene. It includes a unique 3D Diff tool capable of 2 and 3way differencing and allows the users to interactively resolve conflicts what speeds up the work­flow significantly.

The role of the repository is to store 3D assets and to provide interfaces and conventions to add, modify and extract delta changes on them. By supporting a standard web-accessible front end, it enables connections to modeling packages via intermediary tools, or simply to a viewer that visualizes selected revision from the DB. Conflict resolution is achieved via a visual 3D Diff which highlights incompatible edits and offers quick merge suggestions. Furthermore, the framework supports retrieval of any full or partial revision that can be exported as a new 3D file. We distinguish two tiers of repository front ends, those with a read-write and those with a read-only access.

The framework is still in development, so the team is inviting interested users to sign up. More features will be added in the future, and it will be open source.

Here you can find all publications for more details.

Jozef will be presenting the latest developments in 3D Android client as well as 3D Diff at SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 which will be held on Nov.30, 2012 in Singapore.


Images credit / Source: 3D Repo


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