Nov.5, 2012

In case you have the LAYWOO-D3 wooden filament at home, you would be interested to try this Cura & Skeinforge plugin created by Jeremie Francois for testing how varying temperatures impacts the color of the filament. The Cura & Skeinforge plugin inserts the appropriate M104 at each layer, according to a procedural wood texture based on Perlin noise. For now it only deals with the Z axis.

(Wood filament, temperatures from 200 to 255°, home made Skeinforge plugin)

The printed object looks like wood, but this is not exactly as what Jeremie expected, because the texture is only horizontal (not 3D). The filament seller recommends temperatures from 180 to 245°, but for Jeremie, the appropriate temperature range is between 220°~ 240°. But the nice part is, via varying temperature he can get very high roughness and shades of brown on the printed objects, and they are just beautiful for using in artists or designers' work.

Jeremie Francois bought an early batch of LAYWOO-D3 LOT F0142 and made a nice review of printing wood. In his experiments, the horizontal filling is much nicer than with PLA and the layers stick nicely to each other. But he also got issues that the wood filament becomes brittle after a while. According the seller, "You can "re-soft" it with a hair dryer (80-90°C), than you can bend it better. If broken you can weld the ends together. Please store the filament in an open! bag, not necessary to dry the filament. Wood loves humidity. "

(From 175 to 255. Too wide a range: some layers are underfed)

(The vase in the top right background was printed with constant temperature)

Read more here and follow his tests with different temperature and printing speed, and how they effect the printing result.


Images credit: Jeremie Francois

Source: betterprinter


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Claudio Gasparini wrote at 9/22/2015 3:15:57 PM:

Hello My name is Claudio Gasparini and am writing a book in Italian entitled "AutoCAD for architecture, design and 3D printing." I saw the picture wood-filament-review-2.jpg at page and I would like to publish it in the book. I would like to have your kind permission. Thank you very much Claudio Gasparini Via Govone 56 Milan

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