Dec.16, 2012

For hat lovers this is definitely something special: Inspired by gravity and flowing water, Korean designers Younghui Kim and Yejin Cho created an interactive 3D printed hat: Gravity of Light. With the wearer's natural movement of head such as tilting, the individual "knots", actually the pixels illuminate. With embedded custom designed electronic circuitry in the hat, light pixels move on the surface of the hat flowing toward titled direction.

The hat is fabbed using 3D printing technologies. When each "knot" responds to the tilt of the head and light moves from side to side, it looks as if the light is dancing. The interactive 3D printed hat is still a concept design, we don't know if the designers have plan to mass product it, but this is definitely a perfect gift for this Christmas, and a stunning hat for wearing at any parties. Hey, can I reserve one?



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