Oct. 27, 2012

"We are looking to shake up and revolutionise the way people model objects for 3D printing with our campaign to "Save the World from Polygons!" mentioned Leigh McLoughlin, Community Manager of Uformia.

Uformia AS, a 3D software developing company in Norway launched a Kickstarter project called MeshUp. Based on volume modeling, MeshUp is set to overcome the many limitations of existing polygonal and surface-based modelers, particularly within the realms of 3D printing and fabrication. MeshUp features mesh repair, mesh combining, microstructures and watertight STL and slice generation.

Existing surface and polygonal modelling methods for 3D printing commonly exhibit holes and intersections that require time and effort to fix. Also, because there is no inherent knowledge of an object's volume, multi-material and material blends are impossible to define with polygons.

"Mesh models tend to have all kinds of problems such as cracks, holes and self-intersections. This is due to a disconnect between the real world being represented and the modeling software's attempts to represent real, volumetric, complex and "messy" objects by only surfaces." explains Turlif Vilbrandt, CTO and joint founder of Uformia.

MeshUp allows users and 3D printers to fabricate directly without the need for the complex, multistage fixing process that is usually required with traditional polygonal approaches.

It is based on the same volume modeling framework that powers Uformia's existing product Symvol, which is available as an add-on for Rhino. MeshUp uses pure mathematical volumes (not voxels or parametric surfaces) rather than surfaces and polygons, which makes it perfectly suited to 3D printing.

MeshUp will allow mesh import, repair and conversion to volume, easy mixing of meshes as well as shelling and microstructures. Perhaps most importantly, the mathematics of the system guarantees that clean watertight STL files or slice data to be exported for 3D printing.

MeshUp will be available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Symvol for Rhino is available as a free and feature limited Maker version while the Community version is available for €190 or approximately $246; both work on Windows and require Rhinoceros® version 4.0 SR8+. MeshUp is now a live project on Kickstarter.


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