Dec.28, 2012

At this year's Euromold, 3Dconnexion, provider of 3D mice for design professionals, presented their innovative 3D input devices.

3Dconnexion's 3D mice are specifically designed for use in CAD systems like SolidWorks, Rhino, AutoCAD etc. You can pan, zoom and rotate the model or camera as if you're holding it in your hand. With 3Dconnexion's Intelligent 3D Navigation technology the 3D mouse automatically follows your point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation.

Depending on the 3D mouse model, you can also optimize your workflow by programming your most commonly used commands to the 3D mouse function keys. Working with a 3D mouse you will be able to work faster and efficient and benefit from intelligent 3D navigation.

3Dconnexion demonstrated how their 3D mice work in combination with products by FARO, Geomagic (Sensable) and STEP-FOUR at EuroMold 2012.

For example, FARO's 3D laser scanner is capable of capturing real-world environments and documenting them using point clouds. The additional use of a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse enables fast and comfortable editing of three-dimensional models in the computer. It can be used for making architectural preservation projects, digital factory layouts as well as for accident reconstruction or distortion monitoring.

"Collaborating with partners is essential for us," explains Antonio Pascucci, Vice President Products, 3Dconnexion. "Our latest product, the SpaceMouse Pro, is a good example. Its ergonomically optimized design, smart command control and intuitive operation meet the requirements of state-of-the-art 3D workflows." SpaceMouse Pro features six degrees of freedom (6DoF) sensor technology and is comfortable to operate. It guarantees that users can work productively and fatigue-free.

3Dconnexion has recently released Windows driver 3.16.1, which offers official support for Microsoft Windows 8, SolidWorks 2013, Siemens PLM Software NX 8.5 and Siemens PLM Software Solid Edge ST5.

There are five different models to choose from, including the SpaceExplorer, SpaceMouse Pro, SpaceNavigator, SpaceNavigator for Notebooks, and SpacePilot Pro. If you're not sure which mouse fits you best, check out 3Dconnexion's full line of products here.



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One of the interesting things about 3D mouse users is that they span a range of industries...

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