Dec.3, 2012

The Multirap series from German company Multec have all-aluminum frame and are designed to be stable and durable. Using standard and common components Multec aims to keep the price affordable for all private users. The Multirap series are based on the structure of aluminum profiles with T-slots and are compatible with reprap designs that use NEMA17 motors.

Currently the Multirap series offer three types of 3D printer:

1. Multirap L200

Multirap L200 is an entry level 3D printer, which contains the complete kit, but without Motors, controls, power supply and extruder.

Price: € 549 / $717 / £446, Tax: € 87.66

Build envelope: 200x200x150 mm

2. Multirap L204

Multirap L204 is another entry level 3D printer, which contains the complete kit including three engines, but without controls, power supply and extruder.

Price: € 598 / $781 / £486, Tax: € 95.48

Build envelope: 200x200x150 mm

3. Multirap L224: a complete Multirap 3D printer kit


  • Ramps control kit (includes ramps 1.4, Atmega 2560 R3, 3 optical sensors, 4 Pololus A4988, 4 heatsinks, cables, crimps, USB cable, fan)
  • New metal MULTEX extruder with 0.5 mm print head for 3mm filament and drive motor (different nozzle size selectable)
  • Everything included in Multirap L204 kit, such as acme screw, aluminum printing table, three Nema 17 motors, three timing belts and six gears, all mounting elements for mounting the motors, control and the extruder etc.

Price: € 899 / $1,174 / £730, Tax: € 143.54

The delivery time is around two weeks.

Here are some nice 3D prints from the Multirap series 3D printers.

(Images credit: Multec)

Watch below the videos the Multirap printer in action. Find more information on Multec's website.


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