Jan.20, 2013

One day after Nokia released its 3D printing file for the Lumia 820 covers, the folks at Makerbot have created their first Nokia Lumia 820 shell using a 3D printer.

The 3D printed Nokia Lumia 820 case is printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. How is the outcome? "It's an awesome shell that fits great!" noted Makerbot team. The team produced two variants, one is in blue color and another translucent white, both with embedded Nokia logos.

Few hours later, Thingiverse user jmoney made his first Nokia Lumia 820 shell in red on his Makerbot Replicator 2, with an embedded Makerbot logo. The process "went pretty smooth... Tight fit but feels good in the hand."

(Images: Thingiverse)

People love to customize their phones. Nokia completely understands that. Probably soon people go to modify the template to add more options, such as a tilt stand, slot for lenses or tripod etc.





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Philippe wrote at 1/21/2013 10:36:29 AM:

Really smart move from Nokia !

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