Jan.29, 2013

Yano Economic Research Institute Japan releases survey results on the domestic 3D printing market. The survey forecasts that Japanese 3D printing market will increase to 7.7 billion yen (85.11 million USD / 63.38 million EUR) in 2015.

Yano Economic Research Institute has conducted surveys on the domestic market for 3D printers during October~December 2012. The survey result indicates, diversification of products shortens products life cycles, more and more enterprises start to adopt 3D printing technology. Years ago 3D printer users were mostly large enterprises, but recently educational institutions, small and medium sized enterprises have also begun to purchase 3D printers.

In 2011 there were 638 units 3D printer sold in Japanese market, total amount was 4.125 billion yen (45.60 million USD / 33.96 million EUR). It is expected the numbers would increase to 1,010 units and 5.655 billion yen (62.5 million USD / 46.54 million EUR) in 2012.

Yano Economic Research Institute predicts that this trend will have impact on all manufacturing products. Consumers require more high quality, high performance products with short delivery time. More manufacturers will take advantage of 3D printing technology to meet the rapldly rising market demand.

Yano predicts that the 3D printer supply in Japan will accelerate to 1800 units and sales will reach to 7.7 billion yen in 2015.

(Credit: Yano Economic Research Institute)




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