Feb.2, 2013

Apple launched the Lightning powered iPhone 5 last year and stated that they won't offer a dock stand for iPhone 5. This is annoying because all users' old Apple universal iPhone are useless now. But thanks to 3D printing, Shapeways user nginear has come up with an "iPhone5 Lightning Adapter for Universal Dock" that allows for the continued use of the iPhone5 and Apple's universal dock or other accessories that use a standard universal dock connector plate.

The Lightning to 30-pin Adapter from Apple is required. In addition to allowing the use of older 30-pin accessories, it raises the iPhone to a comfortable height for using the phone while still docked. There is also a relief to provide easier access to the home button. Finally, the top surface of the adapter provides excellent leverage for removal of the iPhone from the dock.

You can order the iPhone 5 3D printed adapter for $40 on Shapeways. In addition $29 for the 30-pin adapter if you don't have one.





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Bob wrote at 3/7/2016 9:15:57 AM:

Here is a somewhat different, cheaper version.

nginear wrote at 6/7/2013 5:42:20 AM:

Important to note that in addition to Apple's universal dock, the adapter works with any accessory that uses Applies universal mounting plates (clock radios, speakers, etc). Hope all that have purchased are enjoying the extended life of their devices.

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