Feb.19, 2013

NYC freelance creative Floyd Hayes, the former Creative Director of Cunning London, the world's first specialized guerrilla and non-traditional advertising agency, now owner of Creative consulting business, has come up with an idea of marketing himself.

He had his head scanned in the new Makerbot shop in Manhattan and get them 3D printed. He then ordered some 3D printed replicas of his head and sent them to clients and potential employers, instead of resume, business cards and brochures.

In his blog:



Time for me to get some new business in the door.


In addition to email, social media, meetings and word of mouth I thought I'd send out 10 3D printed heads to 10 key prospects.

I quite like the line "tiny head big ideas" - as in real life I do have a small head :)


Wish me luck…

(Images credit: Floyd Hayes)







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