Feb.3, 2013

The latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory" showed last week on January 31, 2013 features some very interesting machines, one of them is a 3D printer.

In this episode Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali order customized action figures but soon they find out it was just waste of money. Raj suggests that they could get better quality action figures with "Three words": 3-D printer. That is also what Howard has always wanted because he could use it to make prototype parts out of plastic for his work.

The two decided to make their own figures by purchasing a 3D printer, even though the price is up to $5,000.

At around 11 minutes, this second-hand 3D printer, a new toy named as "1200 XT 3D modeler PRO" appears in the show.

Howard says that with 3D printing they are taking jobs away from China and returning manufacturing to the United States.

Then Raj looks at the 3D printer and says "I think this thing was made in China."

After three hours, they make their first object, a whistle worth twenty-five cents.

Then Howard has Raj make a superhero pose and scan him with a Microsoft Kinect. He tells Raj that it isn't necessary to suck in his stomach while making his superhero pose. Howard says he can just use a computer program to edit Raj's 3D model to have great abs.

Finally they print out action figures of themselves, even one for Howard's girlfriend Bernadette using the "1200 XT 3D modeler PRO" 3D printer. Howard says to her it didn't cost anything. ...

It is important that entertainment industry has paid attention to the power of 3D printing. As innovation pushes 3D technology forward, in the future 3D printers would just become part of the furniture in every home.







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Steve Mullen wrote at 5/2/2015 4:39:36 PM:

Checkout mirrorimage3d.com to have yourself printed in 3d.

Mike G wrote at 2/4/2013 2:11:00 PM:

Since it was a used InVision XT, the price should have been about $15k.

KnightFire wrote at 2/3/2013 6:52:28 PM:

$5,000 USA Dollars! I'd pay $5,000 for that! I think they should have said $50,000.

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