Feb.14, 2013

If building robot like InMoov is too complex and time-consuming for you, Hello Robo is offering a simpler robot project for hobbyists. Hello Robo launched MAKI, a cute humanoid robot designed specifically to be fabricated using a desktop 3D printer.

MAKI features six smart servo motors from Robotis, an Arbotix Robocontroller from Vanadium Labs, ZigBee wireless and a USB Webcam from Microsoft. It is compatible with software like ROS, Pypose and RoboRealm. When connected to a PC, MAKI can perform higher level functions such as object tracking. More advanced users familiar with ROS can take advantage of the arbotix_python package to help give MAKI actual intelligence.

MAKI was 3D printed with 3mm ABS using a Rapman 3.2 3D printer. The prototype was then sanded, primed and airbrushed. Taking advantage of open source software and 3D modeling and printing, MAKI can be built for between $450 to $525.

(Images: Hello Robo)

As a long time robotics enthusiast, Co-founder Tim Payne studied Visual Communication at AIU and has worked as a designer for big companies such as Pepsi and AT&T. Tim has designed open source robot POLYRO that can be built on a budget. Taking advantage of low-cost components, such as an iRobot Create, Kinect, Dynamixels, and Logitech QuickCams, he managed to keep the cost under $2,000.

Hello Robo launches MAKI on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. For $35 you will get all the STL files necessary to print MAKI as well as an AX-12 gripper. The company' goal is to make robotics accessible to everyone, with a desktop 3D printer, PC, internet connection and off-the-shelf hobby electronics.

In March the team will post step by step instructions, including several video tutorials for 3D printing and assembling MAKI. In mid April backers will get a link to download the STL files. The team's future plan includes a larger version of MAKI which features dual arms and AX-12 grippers, a small bipedal robot as well as a smaller version of MAKI. So, a lot to expect!






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