Mar.27, 2013

You have a 3D design, and you want to know who can supply the components. Finding parts for a project requires experiences and extremely a lot of time. Imagine being able to search for components, supplies, designs, industrial parts... using shape and geometry alone., the new search engine developed by London-Based Startup 3D (3DI) could take you direct from design on your computer, through sourcing of part, to contact with supplier and ordering of part.

3Dpartsource is a part sourcing platform that connects buyers, suppliers and manufacturers. For buyers, it makes part sourcing simple and instant. Buyer can upload a 3D model (rendered or wireframe CAD models (.STL, .STEP, IGES and other types)) of the part and source for parts and components in different materials, process and sizes and from different geographies. Upon upload the results are displayed. Alternatively, you can also use any of the sample models on the homepage or keywords to initiate a search.

Suppliers and manufacturers can upload their 3D catalog and get their parts listed in the database.

It is free to use the service however manufacturers have an option to purchase premium services that they could manage, search their own databases and create access for their customers.

The company has also just released an Android app that allows you to search from your smartphone or tablet.

"Our search tools are highly disruptive to the conventional and pervasive sourcing process that remains opaque, inefficient, and costly," says Dr. Seena Rejal, founder of 3D 3D search could potentially improve the search accuracy, we are wondering why Google hasn't yet started.




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