April 6, 2013

Dean Piper has worked with and built 3D printers for over 5 years. His ambition is to bring the world a promising resin-based 3D printer at a fraction of the price of conventional solutions. So, mUVe 1 was born. Piper started mUVe 3D in January this year, and the mUVe 1 printer is his first product.

The mUVe 1 is an open-source, low-cost stereo-lithographic 3D printer which uses 405nm UV laser to build parts' layers one at a time. No part costs more than $20 to make or replace, except the reservoir which costs around $50 pre-assembled with non-stick surface.

You can use just about any Arduino based controller as long as it supports the RepRap GCODE standards. It supports Marlin firmware and you have the ability to address a fan or other accessory through code.


  • MicroRax frame making it modular and expandable
  • 8mm hardened steel linear rods and bearings for inexpensive smooth motion
  • build space: 145mm x 145mm x 185mm
  • Standard RepRap Electronics, Marlin firmware required so far. Standard Cartesian control system.
  • Laser Iris Diaphragm allows hugely scalable resolution, .1mm is tested and working.
  • 20mW laser is relatively low power and safer than some alternatives.
  • Replaceable non-stick coating on durable glass ensures long reservoir life.
  • Heated Reservoir
  • Outside dimensions: approx. 330mm x 330mm x 450mm or 12.75" x 12.75" X 18"

The above two 3D prints has still the support base material attached. The circular pattern is caused by the punched steel build plate and can be removed with diagonal cutters.

It takes two hours to print the bust of the woman at 30% scale and three and a half for the Yoda at 50% scale. Both with ten percent infill. Piper says he will add faster motors to shorten the printing time even more.

The mUVe 1 is launched on Indiegogo. The price is pretty competitive comparing to other resin-based 3D printers. For $1,699 you will get an ultimate kit including everything, the printer, 1 gallon of resin, laser cut case and tools.



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AVINASH SONAWANE wrote at 2/17/2015 6:28:37 AM:

Dear Dean, I am Avinash Sonawane from India. I liked this page and video and am very impressed in UV Resin printer. I have a market for dental and medical implants. Can the printer be suitable for (1) quick assessment and understanding by doctors for a planned surgery/ understanding. (2)actual usable implants for patients with bio-compatible material (3) artificial legs or upper/lower limbs lost in accidents or deformity due to birth defects or health issues. Further Will you be interested is a setting up a start up with me here in whichever feasible model of business. How could we use CT scan and MRI ? or think of sending you requirement so that you make and send the products. My goal is serving the poor and needy patients some of them cannot cannot even afford a full meal a day. But through government hospitals the treatment is free. However these products are bought and they have to take loan. I also have an idea to invest into your company and buy stocks if you are going to list. I have to consult on how to do it but I don't see that as a big problem. I am mechanical engineer and working for 37 years in fabrication sediment and water samplers for marine R&D lab. My email is avinash.son59@gmail.com and skype is meshcapri , and linkedin Avinash Sonawane. I live at Goa. Best Regards avinash

mahesha.h wrote at 4/11/2014 4:26:11 AM:


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