April 16, 2013

Italian company Kentstrapper, a startup that produces and sells 3D printers, has just launched their new 3D printer at Milano Design Week 2013.

This 3D printer is designed to be solid and easy-to-assemble. It has removable structure made of laser-cut and pasted slab of HDF (High-Density Fibreboard). The new structure is colored with natural dyes and has excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance.

The only thing missing is a name for the new 3D printer. Kentstrapper decided to launch a web-contest asking their followers to suggest an appropriate name for the new product which could represent the innovative spirit of Kentstrapper.

The best proposal will be rewarded with a 3D printer.

You can suggest a name and a slogan for the 3D printer using one of the following ways:

-Via the web page "Find a Name"

-Via Twitter, writing your suggestion with hashtag #trovailnome

-Via Facebook page

The web contest will be closed on May.9, 2013. This web contest is sponsored by Riccardo Luna, a journalist who works for Repubblica and who also mentioned Kentstrapper in his last book "Cambiamo tutto!" ("Let's change everything").

Technical details of the new 3D printer:

  • Weight: 9.9 kg (21.83 lbs)
  • Size: 480 x 400 x 450 mm
  • Printing area: 240mm x 280 mm x 190mm XYZ
  • Printing speed : 100 mm/sec
  • Printing tolerance: 0.1mm on X and Y axes
  • Layer thickness: from 0,1 mm to 0,5 mm on Z axis




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JD90 wrote at 4/18/2013 6:08:06 AM:

It's interesting that RepRaps are moving away from the A-frame design, at least the MendelMax 2.0 and Prusa Mendel iteration 3 are not A-Frame like this.

RepRap4life wrote at 4/17/2013 8:53:48 AM:

Looks to me as just Yet Another RepRap Clone (YARC, guaranteed win for a name tho :P ).

JD90 wrote at 4/16/2013 7:56:39 PM:

I dub this "The Sawhorse". It looks very similar to what home construction crews (at least those in the US) use to support wood for cutting.

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