April 22, 2013

Kinect@Home, a research project launched in Aug. 2012 by robotics researchers at the CAS Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, asks people in the world to scan things around them with a Microsoft Kinect camera and upload the scan to the Kinect@Home database. Users can then share, download, embed the model for 3D printing use.

The Kinect@Home got a lot of media coverage and the team started receiving phone calls and emails asking if they were interested in selling the company or service.

At the end of 2012 the Kinect@Home team decided to launch Volumental. Volumental aims to become "The Youtube of 3D" that users can share or embed 3D model in any webpage just like a video clip. "All you need is your depth camera - Volumental runs directly in your browser. You just move the camera around the object or room while recording, and Volumental takes care of the rest." announces Volumental.

(Rasmus face)

The Volumental team: Miroslav Kobetski, Alper Aydemir, Rasmus Göransson, and Caroline Walerud

Volumental is continuing with the research project, but focusing more on selecting the business market for this technology. They have partnered with OpenNI, the standard framework for 3D sensing aiming to bring 3D sensing development to a widespread community.

Currently Volumental is working with several 3D printing companies to make a 'scan to print app' that will allow users to automatically scan objects, optimize the 3D models and then print them out on a 3D printer. A beta version of this 'scan to print app' is expected to be launched in two months.

Volumental has just announced €30,000 EUR in equity-investment from KTH holding, the public company of the KTH University, and another €230,000 EUR of non-dilutive investment from Vinnova, a Swedish governmental agency for innovation systems.

Here is a video showing how Volumental works. Download the plugin (once), then record a short film of a room, person or object, and get a 3D model within a couple minutes.

Watch the video below the introduction video of Volumental.


Source: arcticstartup



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