April 26, 2013

Now you can experience 3D printing in the new Staples 3D Experience Centre in Almere. Staples, the office chain megastore has just opened its first 3D Experience Centre in the Netherlands.

"The Staples 3D Experience Centre in Almere is an important link for the complete 3D printing service that Staples will offer." says Staples.

Staples sees that the market and customers need more tangible experience of 3D printing. "We will not only launch an online service, but also physical stores where customers can go and get all information related to 3D printing."

Last year at Euromold 2012 Staples announced a new service "Staples Easy 3D" which allows customers to upload their designs to Staples' website, then pick up the 3D printed objects at their local Staples or have them shipped to their home.

"3D printing service is in our opinion a logical extension of our service to customers. An accessible 3D Experience Centre where everyone can become acquainted with this new service is Staples's first step in offering a complete 3D printing services." Says Oscar Pakasi, Business Development Director at Staples Printing Systems Division, who is also responsible for design and development of Staples Easy 3D online platform.

Presentations and workshops will be organized at Staples to let customers get familiar with all aspects of 3D printing. "Combined with our new "Staples Easy 3D" service everyone can now make lifelike colored, photo-realistic 3D printed products at an affordable price." Pakasi added.

The Staples 3D Experience Centre is located at Strubbenweg 27 (1327 GB) in Almere, the Netherlands.


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L.D.M. Derks Cohen wrote at 12/27/2013 8:13:15 PM:

Geachte Heer / Mevr. Heb een vraag heeft u bedrijf een afdeling in Boekarest Roemenie ? Een goede vriend van ons werkt in Boekarest voor Staples en dacht dat het een Nederlans bedrijf is. Als dat zo is wil ik hem en zijn vader uitnodigen om aankomende zomer hier heen te komen op onze kosten en misschien dat de onze vriend Dragos kan kijken waar het bedrijf staat en hoe het werkt. M.v.g. Loes Derks Cohen

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