May.14, 2013

Reprap Morgan is a concentric dual arm SCARA FDM 3D printer, designed and built by Quentin Harley. The SCARA stands for Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm. Harley has been working on this project for a couple of years, and in February Harley released pictures showing off the build. The extruder of this Reprap Morgan 3D printer moves along the x and y axes and the bed itself moves along the Z axis. Its major parts, such as the arms, driving gears, pipe adapters are printed on a 3D printer.

Yesterday Harley has officially released the Morgan plans, this is a big step for the development of entry-level 3D printer. This printer is very simple and easy to assemble, and built with only affordable consumables.

"RepRAP Morgan is all about a dream. A dream to make it easy for anyone in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world to build a 3D printer without needing exceedingly expensive materials, hard to find components, stuff that has to be shipped at sometimes more than the cost of the components, requiring advanced tools." Notes Harley. "Morgan is to be a tool for creation, not a toy or end product. It should be used in education, and must be affordable and safe enough for school kids to use." adds Harley.

The complete BOM and initial build instructions will go live also in some days. But you can now just start printing, the source is released and uploaded on here.

If you love this project, you can follow Harley's progress here on his blog, or support him by getting him a coffee, a beer or a roll of filament.

In the video below you can see RepRap Morgen is printing bridges at 80mm/s. Harley dropped the temperature to a more standard 185degC during printing, so the print is very clean. "Hardly any visible whiskers between the two towers, and also only a few small blobs caused by minor oozing."

The video below showing RepRAP Morgan printing with new slic3r settings.

Thanks to cassetti for the tip.


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Steve Ruiz wrote at 11/6/2014 8:36:39 AM:

Incredible design, I'd love to try and put one together!

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