Jun.27, 2013

The mUVe 1 3D Printer, an open UV resin based 3D printer was successfully funded on indiegogo back in April. As estimated, the first Ultimate kit was shipped out on Jun.20. Last weekend the team has completed building and shipping all of the Ultimate kits. Meanwhile Dean Piper, the maker behind the mUVe 1 3D Printer project, has shared all of the source material on their website.

"People who have also been waiting to build the kit on their own should have everything they need now. The parts list is up to date and the part files are the latest versions. We will do our very best to keep those files up to date with changes that take place here." writes Piper on the site.

"I don't want to keep my project locked down like some of the other companies have decided to do, it's all about spreading knowledge for me. I love 3D printing and want to help further the field as much as I can. If this project goes well for me and my company then I will be moving on to the next." says Piper.

All of the source files can be found here so anyone can start building their own mUVe 1 3D Printer. For those who missed the chance ordering the kit on indiegogo, Piper said he would soon open the website up for pre-sales. So check out its status update on the muve3d's site.


• MicroRax Aluminum Extrusion frame
• 8mm coated aluminum linear rods and Igus bearings
• 145mm x 145mm x 185mm X,Y,Z build space
• Outside dimensions only 330mm x 330mm x 450mm/13″ x 13″ X 19″
• RAMPS 1.4 Electronics with SD RAMPS
• 12V 15 Amp PSU switchable to 120V or 240V AC
• Custom Marlin Firmware
• Standard Cartesian control system
• Laser Iris Diaphragm allows hugely scalable resolution, .1mm standard supported resolution
• 50mW laser upgradable up to 500mW with current laser driver
• Replaceable PTFE non-stick tape coating
• Durable glass reservoir
• Fully enclosed case with viewing window and bottom access port.


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PTS wrote at 9/22/2013 5:32:53 PM:

M, I'm guessing that 100 Microns, 0.1mm and 0.00393701 inch are all the same thing.

M wrote at 8/4/2013 6:42:47 PM:

"What is the accuracy, precision with what you can print stuff?" 100 Microns or .1mm or 0.00393701, as it says in the specs above.

ferrix wrote at 7/5/2013 11:12:19 PM:

sfsdf: I am not associated with the project, but it looks like your question may be answered in the features list above. "Laser Iris Diaphragm allows hugely scalable resolution, .1mm standard supported resolution"

sfsdf wrote at 7/5/2013 2:28:29 PM:

What is the accuracy, precision with what you can print stuff?

Wes wrote at 6/28/2013 3:00:46 AM:

Hoping to receive my mUVe in the next couple weeks :-)

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