Jun.10, 2013

Argentina based Kikai Labs announced today the complete design drawing of Kikai 3D printer is now available for free download.

"Kikai Labs went from idea to product in record time." said Marcelo Ruiz Camauër, president of Kikai Labs. "We could do it because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Our printer is a remix, a twist of the ideas proposed by community projects like RepRap, and other companies in the industry who share their designs with their customers, and their competitors." "Our secret weapon is an open secret: the incremental improvement of design is realized by the open community of businesses and individuals that both cooperate and compete with each other." he added.

The complete design of the Kikai 3D printer is available under GPL (GNU General Public License), a copyleft license that allows the general public to use it and improve it, with the only condition of the collaborative spirit of the construction.

You can download the plans from Github, here is the link.


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