Aug.17, 2013

Aleksandar Dimitrov of french-based AD-3D, a Bulgarian artist and product designer has developed a 3D printed accessory, 'the clip on vase' that can be attached to an IKEA Pokal glass so that it can be also used as a vase.

The shape has been optimized so that it uses as little material as possible without compromising the functionality of the product.

Dimitrov digitally designed Clip on vase using Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper and Waverbird. Watch below a 10 minute video tutorial of Dimitrov's 3d modeling workflow.

The Clip on vase is produced from polyamide (strong & flexible material) with fine surface texture, allowing extension and shrinkage of the vase during the clip.

The piece can now be also purchased on-line (starting € 12.63) on Shapeways.

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