Sep.20, 2013

Last week Intel annouced it is launching an open source robot initiative called Jimmy, offering up schematics and AI code so that people can 3D print their own. In a recent interview by the Street, Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson talks "Jimmy", a 21st Century Robot made solely from 3D printing and it's not science-fiction.

"Jimmy is open source, 3D printable, and meant to act and interact with people, it is kind of smartphone with legs." describes Johnson.

The idea behind open source 21st Century Robot is that people should be able to build it, modify it and share it. Starting with the 3D files, everyone should be able to design and customize their own robot. Next the software that runs the robot and makes up its brain is free and open. You can play with the operating system and even design different apps for your robot. Then you can also share your designs and app with others. Even the production of these robots is open, people all over the world can collaborate to build better, smarter, funnier and more exciting robots.

You can design your robot to his her/his/its own personality and behaviors. You can make apps to do just about anything your imagination can dream up. A 21st Century robot isn't a puppet. They are designed to think for themselves, to move around and make decisions. They are designed to act and interact with you and other people. We want them to be adventurous and strange and funny.

Currently a team of makers and students is building ten different versions of Jimmy. The software and hardware will be presented in November's Robot Make Faire. In addition a Science Fiction ebook 21st Century Robot which talks about Jimmy is available online for free download.

This edition of 21st Century Robot is completely open source and a work in progress. There are four science fiction stories to introduce you the 21st Century Robots and explore how they might act and interact with people in the future. Following each story you'll find a "How to" chapter to show you how to build the robots your reading about in the fiction.


What's special about this edition of the book is that the "How to" chapters are not complete. We did this on purpose! We wanted to include everyone in the development of our robots and even the writing of this book. Over the next few months we'll be collaborating and iterating with robot builders all over the world to bring the 21st Century Robots to life.

Future release of the book, which is expected to be done in May 2014 will contain open source design files for you to modify your very own 3D printable Jimmy the Robot. And then Intel plans also to offer up robot-building kits so the whole community could share designs, ideas along the way.

Watch the video below, Robots and 3D Printing - the New Smartphones:

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