Nov.28, 2013

3Distributed, a 3D printing shop based in the UK, launches today Printscape 3D, a special 3D printing service that uses contemporary 3D printing technology to fabricate perfect physical replicas of 3D scanned landscape data.

3Distributed's first print was installed recently at Petworth House in West Sussex as the centrepiece of a new exhibit detailing their archaeological research in the grounds. The print, a precise 1:800 scale printed model, comprising around 220 sections, fits together to measure 3.2m by 2.2m at its widest points and was created from aerial scan data (LiDAR).

The company says since they have been unable to find any other 3D printed landscapes on this scale, they are making a Guinness world record claim to that effect.

"In our first test prints we were delighted to see how well the layers of the print mirrors the contours of the landscape. Since then we have been thoroughly convinced that 3D printing and lidar scanned landscapes compliment each other very well. The 3D printing process abstracts natural forms in such a way that the end result is intrinsically informative and highly readable." notes 3Distributed.

These large 3D printed landscapes can be used as a teaching tool for exhibitions, museum, as well as many university departments, especially archaeology, hydrology, geography and history. They can also be applied in architecture and city planning. The company intends to provide similar such prints to these places around the country.

If you have a landscape based project, you may want to check out 3Distributed's service here. For non-profit projects, you can simply go to UK's Geomatics site and download the 3D data and get them 3D printed. Thanks to the miracle of 3D printing, you can have your own slice of UK without ever leaving home.


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