Jun 9, 2014

Introducing the first ever Nervous System diamond engagement ring! Somerville-based Nervous System, which fuses nature's complexities with original design work, has for the first time incorporated stones into their designs.

The 3D printed diamond engagement ring was created using Nervous System's Cell Cycle app. But one issue was that gemstones come in regular shapes. In order to incorporate round circles into an organic pattern of shifting cells Nervous System adjusted the app to create a new merging feature that allows small cells to be combined to make space for large stones.

In addition they also needed to change the structure to make it fit the depth and width of the diamond. "Round diamonds are about as tall as they are wide; we needed to add the ability to have variable layer separation within the structure to enclose the stone." notes Nervous System. "The space in between the layers is larger on top of the ring to allow for the large diamond. But on the sides of the ring, the layers are close together to make the ring comfortable."

The ring was 3D printed in wax and cast in 18 karat yellow gold with a central diamond surrounded by four small rubies. To go along with this very special ring, the design studio also created a special presentation box in solid cherry wood with a gold-plated steel lid.

Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, Nervous System writes computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique jewelry. This time the design was co-created by a customer - this way, the jewelry adapts to the customer's needs, tastes, sizes, and styles.


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