Aug. 22, 2014

3D Printing materials company taulman3D is today releasing via Kickstarter six materials. These six materials, which are bundled in a materials 'ToolBox' are some of the most requested polymers by industry, designers and artists from around the world, says Taulman3D.

The ToolBox comprises:

tritan - a new high tensile strength material with Tensile Stress (PSI) of 6,600 lbs, Modulus (PSI) 53,000, E@B was 18.7% "When 3D Printed". The reports from testers continue to confirm that Tritan is the strongest material they have printed. To include bonding, bridging, non-stringing and extremely low warping.

  • Glass clear
  • FDA approved raw material
  • Excellent bonding makes for shatter proof parts.
  • Prints at ~270C on clean glass heated to 85C

PCTPE - An extremely flexible yet durable and strong TPE and nylon based material. PCTPE was designed to be both highly flexible, yet retain the durability of nylons. PCTPE has a lower printing temperature than our nylons, and easily prints on "Any" 3D printer at only 225C - 230C. While extremely flexible the nylon insures 1.75mm line is no problem for direct drive or bowdens feed systems. That determination was made by our testers as every sample of PCTPE sent out was 1.75mm.

  • Prints at 225C - 230C on glass w/PVA heated to 45C
  • Elongation @ Break = 370%+
  • Excellent bonding even at 0.3mm nozzle size.

ARCbio PLA - a new high strength, crystal clear PLA, Biodegradable material. The natural color of ARCbio is clear and it stays clear during thermal processing, thus eliminating the common "yellow tinge" seen in other PLAs. ARCbio is also more optically transmissive rather than reflective. Non-3DPrint testing shows ARCbio to be 5%-10% stronger than PET.

Prints at 205C to 210C on clean glass/acrylic or warm bed with Kapton/Blue Painters tape.

  • FDA approved raw material
  • Glass clear
  • Non-Yellowing

Tech-G - An extremely tough PETG polymer with full FDA approved raw polymer documentation and certification. Tech-G will be released as a technical "Fully Documented" material and comes with hundreds of specifications as to strength, chemical resistance, Worldwide certifications and technical data sheets. According to Taulman, it has the chemical configuration that provides the best viscosity, lowest shrinkage and best bonding for 3D Printing.

Nylon 680 FDA - Nylon 680 is an extremely tough semi transparent line with one of the highest impact ratings and least shrinkage of all of the taulman3D nylon materials. Nylon 680 FDA will have "traceability" via QR codes. Nylon 680 is currently under evaluation for CE Dental use.

  • Print temperature is 245C
  • FDA approved raw material
  • Double Vacuum sealed

BIO-G - a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features. BIO-G is biodegradable super tough polymer, one that you can count on to survive significant shock and resist harsh chemicals. You can count on printing huge pieces with no delamination.

  • FDA approved raw material
  • Prints at ~238C on glass heated to 45C with a coat of PVA

Since 2011 taulman has been developing high strength materials for the 3D Printing Community. In 2012 taulman3D released popular 618 Nylon Co-Polymer. One year later it released a completely new high strength material "t-glase" (tee glass) for those users that print mostly with PLA or lower temperature 3D Printers.

Taulman explains the reason why he moves to Kickstarter:" The minimum purchase requirements are significant for specialized polymers. With 1, 2 and in some cases 3 ton minimum buys, our ability to bring you these great new materials would otherwise take about three years. Because these materials were developed specifically for 3D Printing with the direct help of the chemical companies, they require specific production runs. Most chemical companies can produce small runs within their R&D labs of 50-250 lbs. But we will need to buy tons and to do so is a significant investment."

Taulman offers backers the option to select either 'all 6 in ARCbio', 'All six in Nylon 680', or 'each BIO-G and 3 each Tritan' for any specific needs. You can find more info on Taulman's Kickstarter campaign here.


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patrik wrote at 8/24/2014 11:07:21 PM:

are coming...................... world's first new filament in high thermal and mechanical characteristics (much more ABS and similar to Nylon), but.............................................printable as PLA. 1,75 mm filament.

Laird Popkin wrote at 8/23/2014 12:27:19 AM:

I've been testing these materials, and they're amazing. Tritan is absurdly strong, and PCTPE is flexible yet very easy to print. I'm in!

Perry Engel wrote at 8/22/2014 11:22:03 PM:

I had the good fortune of doing some testing on earlier nylon filament from Taulman. A really good outfit! I wish them the best with their efforts in bringing really useful plastics for FDM printing to market. Good luck with the kickstarter!

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