May.30, 2013

Shapeways announces today a flexible, rubbery plastic material called Elasto Plastic. It features high impact resistance, flexibility and compression. The material is made of laser sintering powder and has a rough, grainy finish. It is quite strong when printed with thick features (greater than 5mm). "Though not strictly water-tight, it can hold liquids, but it does not like high temperatures or fire. " says Shapeways.

(Images: Shapeways)

Elasto Plastic is still an experimental material. You can order models printed in this material, but it will not be sold in Shapeways Shops. It will be available for a 6 week trial until July 9th.

  • Ships in: 8 business days
  • Handling Fee Per Model: $1.95
  • Price Per cm3: $1.75
  • Minimum Wall: 0.8mm
  • Max Bounding Box: 300 x 300 x 250mm


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