Sep 6, 2014

When WobbleWorks created the 3Doodler, they didn't expect that 3D printed pen could be used in fashion - to create an entire dress. But SHIGO, a fashion art house founded by two young Hong Kong fashion designers, has used 3Doodler to create an amazing and stunning 3D printed dress.

"No one has used the 3Doodler to produce clothing made completely from plastic," explains SHIGO. This 3D Printing Pen's Dress project is a challenge they set for themselves, aiming to allow more people understand what the new technology can do.

The theme of this first collaboration project for SHIGO was based on seashell. Two types of seashell patterns were used and weaved together to get a final lace dress design. The whole project took about three months to finish, from design, choosing pattern, practicing with 3Doodler to adding 3D effect on the dress etc.

SHIGO loves to try news things. They began with constructing a patterned base layer of thick paper first. Then they printed out the seashell pattern using 2D printer and stuck it correctly onto the base layer. The next step was to draw the pattern with the 3Doodler. Here they chose two striking PLA plastics to use: Blue Steel and Diamonds & Pearls. After finishing the detailed doodling process, the pattern papers were peeled off, leaving only the final plastic seashell patterns in plastic.

The only parts that has not been made by 3Doodler are the buckles. The buckles were attached on the sides of the dress and on the shoulder with PLA plastics, with the joints of the buckles doodled tightly to the body of the dress.

The designers hope that this 3Doodled seashell lace dress can be a source of inspiration. Watch below the SHIGO collaboration concept video:

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