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Designed as the result of direct feedback, requests and comments received from the Ilios community, the new Ilios Ray 3D printer allows users to mix, color and experiment with different materials and printing techniques using the SLA method of additive manufacturing.

Built from the ground up, the entire 3D printing experience was considered and reengineered for engineers, artists, designers, architects and makers into the final design of the latest from Ilios.  

With it’s unique slim and low profile design, the Ilios Ray almost looks more like a tabletop record player than the taller and more ‘square’ 3D printer designs that we’ve become accustomed to.  Despite the low and slim design however, the Ilios Ray is capable of building models much higher than its own height whilst still being able to retain a high level of quality, accuracy and reliability.  

“Every single part has been selected from precision manufacturers and incorporated into a rigid and completely metallic frame,” says Ilios. “Its sealed design provides the protection for all moving parts as well as removes the unnecessary contact of the user with the chemicals used throughout the 3D printing process.”

The completely automated system for distributing the resin -- as well as the ability to use sealed cartridges -- ensures that the least amount of steps are needed by the user with the option to mix and match materials and colors.  The intelligent automated system is also able to accurately portion off only the required amount of resin that is required for the build using on-board sensors and pumps, thus eliminating costly waste.  The system also allows for a user to Hot-Swap resin during a print in the case that a cartridge is empty or a different material or color is needed. Finally, the Automated Lift platform allows for finished prints to be lifted off of the surface automatically without the user needing to put forth extra effort.

As for performance, the Ilios Ray has some key features that allow it to perform optimally when considering other SLA 3D printers.  Among them include an optimized motion system based on the low-profile of the printer’s design.  Due to its height, the printer is designed in such a way that that very little space is required for its mechanical components, which ultimately results in a still motion that keeps the printer rigid and stable throughout the printing process.

The lifting is achieved by two Servo motors that pass their torque to a set of precision gearboxes that divide the ratio of movement even further.  Due to this design feature, when the drive reaches the actual spindle, the torque is strong enough that even one of the available four sides is capable of lifting the entire assembly including its full load.  When combined, the independent motions also provides the ability to move both up and down and side to side, thus incorporating another detachment feature for the build process.  The lift of the Ilios Ray is powered by a three-stage assembly with the main surface being constructed from optimally-machined 1 mm aluminum for maximum grip during the printing process.  The remainder of the lift is built from PTFE plastic to protect the internal mechanical components.

The Ilios Ray Three-Stage Printing Process:

Stage 1

The initial defense against a model being detached from the lift are the 2mm deep holes, spread along the surface of the lift. These punctures provide the cured resin a solid place to attach. Combined with the aluminium material of the lift itself, the model shall stay firmly in place during the entire build process.

Stage 2

Along the length of the lift surface, special channels are machined. These channels are filled with pressurized air when the initial layers of the model are being built. In all the tests and experimentation, it has been shown that during the initial build of model layers, the contact surface of the lift with the thin layer of resin within the VAT produces a higher vacuum effect and stresses the lift as well as the model while detaching. When these channels are filled with air, the lift is being pushed from the resin filled VAT, helping dramatically in the initial stage of the build.

Stage 3

When the model is complete, it is firmly attached to the lift surface. Usually a user would need to use a Spatula or a sharp and flat tool to shim between the model and the lift in order to remove the model. This process can become messy and can also damage not only the model but also the surface of the lift. Ilios Ray uses built-in spikes, which protrude from the same openings as the model is being held on to. These spikes expand over a distance of 5 - 6mm, pushing the model and detaching it from the lift. All you need to do is place your hand below the model and catch it when it is being removed.

Using scan-line technology to help cut down unnecessary costs, as well as a fully-integrated mechanical system designed for a wide range of users, Ilios is hoping that those needing an SLA printer solution will be drawn to the affordability of the Ilios Ray.  

“By combining the laser beam scan-line on the X axis and motion of the assembly on the Y axis, the result is a large and clean resolution at the fraction of the cost,” they add. “The operation is quite similar to how a standard scanner operates but in reverse.  The gantry of the laser assembly moves on precision rails and a high pitch belt assembly. All is being moved by a servo motor, providing the ultimate accuracy that is required for best results.  This technique also allows Ilios Ray to be much slimmer and take up only a small portion of the over-all space inside the machine.”

The Ray is currently available for 13,795 € over at Ilios3D.com.


  • Feature Size: 22 microns (0.022mm)
  • Layer Thickness: 6 microns (0.006mm)
  • Build Speed approximately 10 - 15 sec per layer
  • Build Volume: 297mm x 211mm x 300mm (A4 x A4)
  • Machine Dimensions: 892mm (L) x 512mm (W) x 200mm (H)
  • Repeat Accuracy of Less than 0.01mm on 300mm
  • 128 x 64px Monochrome Display
  • 5 x Navigation Buttons
  • SD Memory Card Input
  • 2 x External Relay function outputs
  • 4 x Removable Cartridges with capacity 220ml each
  • 4 x Color Tanks (3 x 100ml & 1 x 160ml)
  • Built-In Post Curing
  • Automated Model Removal
  • Automated Cleaning & Purge


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Demetris Zavorotnitsienko wrote at 10/3/2015 2:20:34 PM:

Visit the site my friend and Facebook. Pictures don't lie.

pizzaslice wrote at 3/3/2015 8:39:21 AM:

The ilios ray does not exist. The pictures shown are renderes. I guess Demetris Zavorotnitsienko switched from engineering to fraud :).

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