Feb. 10, 2015

Magicfirm Europe AB, a 3D printer manufacturer and owner of the brand ZYYX 3D Printers, released a new and upgraded ZYYX 3D Printer on Monday.

The unique feature of ZYYX 3D printer is its enclosed build chamber with an active carbon filter system. The enclosure not only maintains temperature stability and helps improving final print quality, it also creates a slight pressure difference with the help of a low speed fan. The filter system removes gases emission from ABS and polyamide (nylon) processing.

The new ZYYX 3D Printer comes with a Filament Monitor, an add on that detects problems while printing. When the printer is out of filament, or the filament is stuck, it pauses machine, allowing you to re-load material or fix the problem in time.

The upgraded printer also features Failed Print Detection. When the printer detects missing supports or any loose piece in the print area, or your model is deformed, it pauses the print job automatically so that you can fix the print immediately.

"This is another feature you would expect just as you expect your 2D printer to warn you if there is a paper jam, but this feature is not to be found on any of the commercially available 3d printers. We realised that we had the tool to let the printer monitor itself, so you can relax and enjoy life while your printer works." says Mats Moosberg, CEO Magicfirm Europe.

The team also highlights their "patchwork print", allowing users to have some fun when they run out of one color. "If you need to have a print done and realise you don´t have enough filament of one color, no problem – just continue with another one… And it looks quite nice!" notes the team. You can also stop and change colors manually by selecting "Pause at ZPos" in the menu.

The ZYYX Filament Monitor is a module that attached to the back of the printer. It can be retrofit to any ZYYX 3D Printer and is now available on ZYYX 3D printer's webshop.

The new features are made possible by an updated Sailfish Firmware. Their latest updates also enable improvement in surface quality at higher speed 'due to an optimised acceleration implementation'.

The ZYYX 3D Printer is available for purchase at the same price as the first version, 1,550 euro. Existing users can get the new features via an upgrade.


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