Mar. 7, 2015

Since December 2012, Italian team WASP (standing for 'World's Advanced Saving Project') has been working on the development of 3D printers and research about clay printers and materials. Inspired by the sustainable 'potter wasp' project which builds its own home using natural materials such as clay and soil, the WASP Team, led by Massimo Moretti, decided to design a giant, low cost 3D printer capable of printing homes using clay and natural materials.

Yesterday WASP has informed us that they are unveiling a new 3D printer extruder at 3D Print Hub Milan, taking place during March 5-7 in Italy.

"Massimo Moretti and his collaborators haven't forgot their main focus: to built 3D printed houses with a very low cost, expecially in developing counties," WASP wrote to us. "Now we are at the turning point: WASP exhibit for the first time at 3D Print Hub in Milan the new extruder, completely redesigned, a rotating extruder. It is a small revolution."

According to WASP, the new extruder requires very little energy and has the ability to clean itself. It can be assembled and disassembled in a very short amount of time. In addition it has a 'constant speed control', WASP said.

The new extruder can also be scaled up for use on a bigger 3D printer, for example the company's 12-meter tall delta 3D printer which is currently under development.

Alongside their new extruder, WASP is unveiling the Wasp Delta 20 40 Turbo 3D Printer this weekend. More details on the extruder and the development of 3D printed house will be unveiled soon.


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