Apr. 4, 2015

A company called Dream Factory has just announced the release of "Buddyracers", a 3D printable city of toys designed for children between the ages of 4-10. "BuddyRacers can help your child learn creativity, imagination, model making, and improve their fine motor skills. They get to use tools like paint, scissors, glue, and stickers." notes Dream Factory. During this learning process these children can expand the collection by customizing or creating new 3D models.

"Basically, I wanted to engage my own children in age appropriate 3D printing and 3D digital modeling technology, for instance my 8 year old child draws in 3D on Tinkercad and 3D prints her own toy designs," Yanizo, Chief Master 3D Builder at Dream Factory tells 3ders.org. "For instance, my 8 year old child draws in 3D on Tinkercad and 3D prints her own toy designs. With BuddyRacers we have added our four year old to the 3D Builder team."

The complete Buddyracers collection was designed by Dreamfactory Master 3D Builders Fabian Magri and John Revilla, each with many professional years in toy design. "In addition to learning about new world of digital design and printing, our junior Master3D Builders will also develop traditional skills to assemble and finish their models, such as gluing and painting; they can even design and print their own stickers to decorate their creations!" Yanizo tells us. "Each Master Builder will create their own unique story that they can share on Dreamfactory.build."

BuddyRacers are cartoon creatures who love to play in their cars, discovering farms, cities, and racetracks. By exploring BuddyRacers, the company hopes that children will be immersed in the world of 3D CAD, and spread their knowledge and excitement to older family members.

All of the cars have working 3D printed wheels, which have a simple push to lock design for younger Master Builders, or pin fastened for older kids. "We wanted to have dynamic toys to enhance play, be it wheels or articulated models," Yanizo explains. "In addition the collection includes a complete range of buildings, trees, comprehensive collection of street furniture, and road and track sections."

There are six separate car styles, and six different BuddyRacer characters. According to Yanizo, 3D printing takes 1½ hours per car and 20 minutes per character. "The complete collection has more than seventy 3D printable models. The scale and design were crafted to reduce printing time, and require no support structure. Short printing times allow kids to stay engaged, and printing without support means no need for sharp tools to clean-up the finished model."

"I have been professionally involved in CAD design and 3D printing for years, and I wanted to pass on this emerging technology to my own kids," says Yanizo. "This venture has brought my kids and me closer, as we spend time designing and crafting new creations together. I am passionate about introducing the younger generation to a technology that will grow exponentially in the next few years."

The 3D digital models are freely available at Thingiverse or at Dream Factory. Check out Buddyracers' introduction video below:


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