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While the internet is full of free 3D printable designs that are fun to make and display, it can sometimes take a while to find cool and high quality designs that are worth the effort (and good enough to display). That’s why it’s sometimes worth paying a few bucks to get your hands on cool and success-guaranteed designs. And if that’s your cup of tea, then you will have undoubtedly heard of 3DKitbash.com, a website that specialized in affordable and high quality 3D printable toy designs.

As you might know, they specialize in easy to 3D print (support-free) and easy to assemble toys that feature a simple clicking mechanism to complete. Several of their high quality designs have already been successfully funded through Kickstarter, and they have just launched a new campaign for the Boneheads Series 2: a range of three sets of gorgeous high quality skulls that look so cool you’d like to hang them over a fireplace or something. What’s more, their clever design means that these skulls are nearly indistructable.

As the 3DKitbash team explains, this is a follow-up to the first series of skulls, which was also successfully launched to critical acclaim. There was just one problem with those skulls, and that is that they were incomplete. A skull without a jaw bone just isn’t the real thing, and that’s why they’re now back for more. Therefore the new series features 18 skulls in total, some of which have been improved skulls from the first series (complete with jawbones). ‘We really loved how the jaw bones turned out and that's a major direction for us in Boneheads Series 2. - EVERY SKULL In Boneheads Series 2 Will Be Accompanied By An Articulated Jaw Bone!’ they say.

Aside from the jawbones, this project is largely taking the same route as the pervious series. The 18 skulls have been devided into three categories: Redux, New Authentic, and New Fantasy Creatures, each obviously with six skulls per category: ‘Set 1 includes jaw bones and significantly revamped textures for some old favorites from Series 1! Included: Bull, Cat, Deer, Dragon, Owl, & Tyrannosaurus Rex. Set brings more authentic skulls into the fold! Featuring: Bear (Kodiak), Crocodile, Horse, Humpback Whale, Lion, & Velociraptor Skulls,’ they write. And finally, the third set is aimed at all you fantasy geeks out there, including Dog Cyborg, Fairy, Goblin, Human Cyborg, Kaiju Gankra from the To Infinity Universe, & The Creature.

Just beware: 3D printing these dense skulls will take a while to 3D print, but are simply just worth the wait. The dense designs themselves took anywhere between 5 to 15 hours each to design in CAD software, so at least you’re getting your money’s worth. Each set will also come with files for a 3D printable display base that can be used to give these cool skulls a place of honor in your home (check the video below).

Depending on what you pledge to their Kickstarter campaign, one or all sets can be yours. Aiming to raise $5000 in pledges by 16 May (of which they have already gathered $1800!), a pledge of $20 is enough to get a set of your choosing sent to you as stl files. A pledge of $40 is enough for two sets, while $50 will get you all of them. Sadly, there’s no option for getting already 3D printed skulls sent to your home, so you will need to have a desktop 3D printer standing by to produce these awesome skulls. While designing 3D printable files yourself is rewarding, getting your hands on a high quality print is also great! Check out their Kickstarter campaign here



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Natalie3D wrote at 9/3/2015 4:13:08 PM:

Hi Alec, We're excited to announce that the BONEHEADS Series 2 Skulls are now up at www.3DKitbash.com/BONEHEADS! Twenty new and redesigned skulls, each with a moveable jaw bone. :D

Natalie3D wrote at 4/10/2015 3:02:51 PM:

Thanks so much for spreading the word! We're excited to develop the Series 2 skulls! ~Natalie3D, 3DKitbash

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