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It seems like we used to see a new 3D printer once a month, then once a week and now, it appears that we’re seeing some sort of new approach to additive manufacturing seemingly every day now.  Of course, one of the hottest spots for launching a new 3D printer these days is Kickstarter and this latest offering is no exception.

Called Limitless, this new CNC and 3D printer combo aims to live up to its name and provide users with multi-tool capabilities for tackling a wide variety of jobs.  

The idea for Limitless came to inventor Jered Adams of Caldwell, Idaho when he and his team needed a high quality CNC that was small in size but didn’t sacrifice any features seen in high-end professional-grade CNC machines.  Additionally, Adams saw how quickly 3D printing technology was growing and becoming a new standard for the engineering process.  Ultimately, Adams and his team thought “why don’t we put the two together?”  Soon after, the Limitless was born.  

Aside from its unique ability to cross over to different tools quickly and easily, perhaps what makes the Limitless truly stand out is its robust controller that is similar to the ones found in larger industrial-sized machines.  Similar-sized tools tend to use all-in-one controllers for their automation, however this can ultimately come at the cost of the performance of the machine.  For the Limitless, each of its stepper motors has its own motor driver with separate power supply.

“We didn’t like that all small CNC machines and small 3D printers used all in one stepper drivers/controllers to save money,” said Adams.  “These types of controllers are limited on feature and upgradeability. Limitless uses a high quality state of the art controller that is user configurable. Not all the inputs and outputs are being used on the controller, which allows for a lot of flexibility for the user.”

In addition to the unique controller design and integration, the Limitless also features ample workspace.  In total, the Limitless bed measures in at 23.5 x 33 inches wide with a 14-inch clearance height - which effectively makes it among one of the largest CNC combo tools on the market.    

For users needing any more functionality out of their Limitless, the company is planning on adding a 6-axis controller, a lathe and possibly a laser cutter head in the near future which are all able to be easily installed on the Z axis, which effectively eliminates the need to swap out tool heads.  

As for those looking to use the Limitless as a 3D printer, the Limitless will eventually be configured to have multiple extruders, however it will begin shipping with a single extruder of the company’s own design that will allow materials including HDPE, PVC, PVD and polypropylene to be extruded.  Because the machine is capable of working with tougher materials when the CNC is used, the company is hoping that the use of tougher materials with their 3D printer will help users create more durable prototypes.    

If you’ve been looking for a solution for both 3d printing as well as some CNC work, it’s hard to argue that the Limitless looks like a solid all-in-one contender.  You can find out more by heading over to the Limitless Kickstarter page.  



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Jered Adams wrote at 10/6/2015 2:57:14 PM:

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Michael Hoover wrote at 4/24/2015 7:40:54 PM:

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arsdmthe wrote at 4/23/2015 12:42:10 PM:

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