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Just over a year ago, Dutch retailer Hema collaborated with Amsterdam based company Scanologics BV to launch the ScanLounge at their store location in Amstelveen. The ScanLounge was set up in order to allow people to create miniature 3D models of themselves or their families and proved to be enormously successful.

Recently, Scanologics has announced the launch of their new ScanLounge: the ScanLounge v2.1. Unlike the original model, the ScanLounge v2.1 is entirely mobile, facilitating its use for events such as conferences, exhibitions etc.

Scanologics debuted its newest version of the ScanLounge in July 2015 at the Volvo Netherlands headquarters in order to provide the winners of a Volvo-run contest with commemorative 3D printed models of themselves. The 3D scanner is now on the market for order on a first come first serve basis.

The mobile 3D scanner is made of up of 8 lightweight aluminium modules that make the ScanLounge's portability and assembly extremely easy. Measuring 2.35 meters height-wise, the ScanLounge v2.1 also is easy to fit into most indoor environments. Like its predecessor the ScanLounge, the newest version is equipped with 200 high definition cameras which in only a fraction of a second capture the 3D image of the figure inside the capsule.

With social and business events in mind, Scanologics has also equipped their ScanLounge v2.1 with software to facilitate and see the 3D scanning process through from beginning to end. From customer registration, to the photography, to the payment, everything can be done easily on the ScanLounge v2.1's screen, eliminating the need for a specially trained operator and making the lounge's operations accessible to all.

Once the ScanLounge has registered the photos, the images and information can be sent to be 3D printed at the Scanologics labs. Known for their high quality scans, adept at capturing difficult colors such as black and white, Scanologics also offers full color and impressive detail 3D prints of the 3D scans at hard to beat prices.

The ScanLounge v2.1 is an exciting next step in Scanologics BV 3D printing ventures, as they have made the ability to create realistic and personalized miniature models more accessible through mobility and easy operation.


  • outer size: ca. 2.80 x 2.80 x 2.35 m (w x d x h)
  • max power consumption:2x 2000w @ 220v
  • max throughput: ca. 25 people per hour
  • scandata volume:ca. 1.5GB per scan
  • scan resolution: a. 2,000 Megapixel per scan
  • scanning technique: based on photogrammetry
  • offline scan capability: ca. 600 scans
  • availability of the ScanLounge: ca. 8 weeks from order date
  • 2.1: net sales price exw: starting from € 90,000



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John wrote at 9/29/2015 7:58:04 AM:

This looks massive in comparison to the 3d body scanner (Twinstant) from Twindom at

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