Apr 18, 2016 | By Benedict

Today was a busy day in the 3D printing world, with new 3D printers unveiled, design contests opened, and updates provided about one of the most exciting 3D printing gadgets of the year.

That 3D printing gadget is, of course, the $99 OLO box: the world’s first smartphone 3D printing kit. Earlier today, OLO 3D gave a quick update on its incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, which ends on April 20. The campaign has already raised over $2 million, prompting the company to forge partnerships with Gravity and Sketchfab before it begins production on its hugely anticipated 3D printing kit. "We are proud of the faith and support more than 15,000 backers have given us,” said Filippo Moroni, founder of OLO 3D. “We are ready to pay them back with all our efforts, punctuality, and active participation.”

3D printing newbie OLO 3D may have captured the public’s imagination with its exciting new product, but some established industry names also made headlines today: 3D printing giant Materialise announced an agreement with Canon Lifecare Solutions, a medical equipment trading company, which will see Canon distributing software solutions from the Materialise Mimics Innovation and Care Suites in Japan. Users of Canon-provided 3D printers and workstations will now be able to benefit from specialist Materialise software.

Today was, in fact, a good day for 3D printing partnerships in general: Sigma Labs and Spartacus3D also joined forces, with the latter poised to serve as a demonstration, test, and evaluation site for Sigma Labs' PrintRite3D commercialization and market adoption activities in Europe. “This new agreement strengthens our partnership and, essentially, makes Spartacus3D our showcase site in Europe,” commented Mark Cola, President & CEO of Sigma Labs.

In between all of the busy boardroom activity, there was also good news for consumers, especially within the Polish 3D printing community, as HBOT 3D unveiled its new HBOT 3D F300 3D printer (above), a Polish-made machine with a 300 x 300 x 300 mm build volume, a max print speed of 150 mm/s, and a nozzle positioning accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm. The 3D printer boasts a precise, semi-automatic build platform leveling system, new firmware and software, and a completely redesigned hot-end. The printer costs €5,999.94, with free shipping offered within Poland.

As we all know, the world of 3D printing is far from a closed community—all can get involved, with tiny startups and individual creators as important to the wellbeing of the industry as its major corporations. The inclusiveness of 3D printing is reflected in two very different public competitions announced today. A few hours ago, GrabCAD and Stratasys Education launched the Da Vinci 3D Printing Challenge, encouraging makers everywhere to put the Renaissance man’s machining ideas to work within a 3D printed design. Entrants simply need to submit their design, along with 3D renderings and an explanation of how Da Vinci’s designs inspired the 3D printed creation.

The other 3D printing challenge also came from GrabCAD, this time in collaboration with e-NABLE, the 3D printed prosthetic hand specialist. The Terminal Device Design Challenge encourages makers to design a low-cost, 3D printable terminal device—the portion of an upper extremity prosthesis that acts as a hand—that is compatible with the International Committee for the Red Cross’s (ICRC) transradial prosthetics manufacturing guidelines. $3400 in prizes are on offer for the best designs.

Back in July 2015, we had a look at the first item produced by UAU Project for the Self Made Furniture (SMF) 3D printing collection. That first item took the form of a 3D printed lamp, titled SMF.01. The 3D printed lamp now has a cousin: SMF.02 (below), a simple coffee table made of 3D printed connectors and easily affordable pieces of wood. What better way to relax after a long day of 3D printing news than to sit down at your 3D printed coffee table, flick on your 3D printed lamp, and have a quick read through 3Ders.org?



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