May 26, 2016 | By Tess

Danish 3D printing company Create it REAL has just announced the launch of their new product, REALview, a feature which integrates augmented reality into the company’s 3D printing platform. The innovative slicer program was unveiled earlier today in Paris at the Inside 3D Printing exhibition and is receiving a lot of buzz.

REALview, which is part of the company’s REALvision slicing software, functions through your computer’s webcam to essentially let you virtually visualize the object you will be 3D printing. The live video feed featuring the 3D model gives you a more tactile way of manipulating your 3D design as well as a more efficient way of understanding its size and scale. To use the augmented reality feature, you simply have to print a special marker, which you can then hold up in front of your webcam. The software will then recognize the marker and virtually generate your 3D model on it, making it look as though you are holding it in real life.

Jeremie Pierre Gay, CEO of Create it REAL, explains what led the company to creating such a feature: “We decided to implement this function after several feedbacks from different customers. People wanted to be able to have a better idea of their object size before launching the print, and looking only at the workspace was clearly not enough.”

According to the company this version of REALvision is just the beginning, as they are working on the development of a number of different markers, including for eyewear, necklaces, and bracelets. With those, you’ll be able to visualize your prints on you, to make sure they are the right size, dimensions, and even style. Aside from being quite fun, the REALvision feature could help makers save both time and money by not sending a file to 3D print until it is as fine tuned and as perfectly scaled as possible.

“These kinds of new features, targeting specific needs or issues, are directly supporting our new strategy to address vertical markets and develop 3D printers on-demand,” explains Jeremie Pierre Gay. “We’ve been contacted by different pioneers in their industries and they are not satisfied with current 3D printers because it was always missing something special for them. So if they could not find the right printer, we would then make for them and develop all features they need to become leaders in the own markets.”

Create it REAL is located in Aalborg, Denmark and has been working towards making 3D printing technologies as functional and accessible as possible. To check out their latest product, see the video below:



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Stuart Ting wrote at 10/20/2016 2:41:00 PM:

There is no doubt that augmented reality & 3D printing are both next big things. It is exciting to see how they both work in combination.

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