Jul 11, 2016 | By Tess

Avante Technology, LLC., a Cheyenne, Wyoming based company dedicated to developing 3D printing solutions for engineers, has just announced the release of its latest product: Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software 1.1. The latest version of the company’s automated repair software not only offers makers a both rapid and accurate way of fixing their STL files before printing, but is also now equipped to support Windows 10 and Mac OS.

According to Avante Technology, LLC., their Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software 1.1 is capable of repairing 3D printable files ten times faster than its previous version, and if you were wondering, does so without impeding its accuracy and precision. The software, which is retailing for the single end user list price of $79.95, is also reportedly designed specifically to repair STL files that are made up of a mashup of a number of other files, even those not generated from CAD applications.

When using the latest version of Emendo, users will have the option of two types of operations for the repair of their STL files. First, and for CAD made STL files, will be the default option for “Surface Reconstruction” mode. “Surface Reconstruction” mode automatically targets and repairs the seven main types of errors that can manifest in a 3D printable file through a precise algorithm. According to the company, this repair mode is similar to what is offered by most standard repair softwares, though it does not use floating point calculations, which can lead to a number of other errors.

The second operation mode is called the “Lattice Reconstruction” mode, which has been designed specifically for the repair of mashup files. As mentioned, this means that the software is capable of repairing STL files made up of a number of different components from a range of different source applications, as well as any STL file not properly repaired using the standard “Surface Reconstruction” mode. In using the new mode, users will have the option of selecting either low, medium, or high precision calculations—of course, high precision repairs will take longer and result in a larger file size.

Additionally, the software interface has been designed with user-friendliness in mind and can be operated using a simple one-button process. To repair one of your 3D printable files, you’ll simply have to open the software application, select the file you want repaired and Emendo will automatically analyze the STL file in question. Once the analysis and validation are complete, the errors within the file will be clearly marked in various colors on a manipulatable 3D model of the object. Then, by simply clicking the “Repair” button in the software, Emendo will fix all the errors identified.

Emendo Automated STL File Repair and Validation Software 1.1 is compatible with MS Windows 7, 8, and 10. Single end user list price is $79.95 (USD). A Mac OS version of the software is also available, as well as an SDK version which can be licensed for integration within 3rd party party applications.

Aside from their repairing software, Avante Technology, LLC. has also released a number of 3D printing filaments, including FilaOne GREEN, a non-toxic 3D printing material, and FilaOne GRAY, a Carbon Nanotube filled filament designed for high-performance desktop 3D printing and end-parts.



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