Mar 25, 2016 | By Andre

Generally speaking, there are two camps when it comes to 3D design software for 3D printing. In one corner you find tools created with prototyping and geometric objects in mind such as the always popular and powerful Solidworks. In the other you find applications designed with a more organic approach as found in the popular Zbrush series. Unfortunately, the marriage of these two philosophies of design is often times a dysfunctional one.

This being said, 3D Systems continues to do what it can to further meld these two camps together with the 2016 edition of the Geomagic Freeform suite. And since the company is first and foremost a 3D Printer manufacturer, many of the tools found in Freeform are geared toward 3D printing. Coming bundled with 3D Systems’ Touch haptic devices, the new edition of the software is packed with a number of new features that will have any 3D artist with a knack for real-world geometries drooling. Additionally, thanks to their intuitive touch based interface, the learning curve has never been shorter.

International artist Scotty Ziegler seems to agree by suggesting that "Geomagic Freeform shifts your horizons regardless of whether you are an artist, industrial designer or engineer. Digital design becomes tangible with these tools, allowing you to achieve that perfect design and immediately bring it to life via 3D printing or traditional manufacturing processes.”

Among the new features to this year’s version of the suite you will find the ability to easily manipulate imported 3D Scan and CAD data towards a the more organic workflow Geomagic freeform excels at.

Also, you now have the ability to easily create custom internal and external lattice structures. This provides you with complete control over the weight and strength of your designs while considering the real-world physics associated with the eventual 3D print phase of your digital creation.

Lastly, improved 3D print analysis tools are built in to make the workflow from design to manufacture all the more easier; especially if you’re already working with the 3D Systems family of 3D printers. Built in model repair tools are in place to save you the headache often associated with guaranteeing the water-tight file necessary to produce a proper 3D print.

I liken the integration found in the Geomagic Freeform suite to what you can find in Adobe’s family of design programs. Seamless compatibility between all the programs in the suite without losing data to conversion is essential when working in a world where detail is Queen.

Calvin Hur, Vice President of 3D Systems Software reiterates this by saying “the 2016 release of these Geomagic Freeform products represents 3D Systems' commitment to delivering the very best tools for design, engineering and manufacturing.”

While it’s often the case that the best 3D software available is the one you’re most familiar with, it might be worth checking out what Geomagic is up to with this new edition of their modelling software. And really, since they do offer a free trial (unfortunately the Touch haptic device is not included), there's not much holding you back, especially if you’re already familiar with the 3D Systems ecosystem of tools.



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