Dec 19, 2016 | By Benedict

3D Systems has launched 3D Sprint 2.0, a new software solution for accelerating additive manufacturing workflows for 3D Systems’ plastic 3D printers. The 3D printing software reduces the need for users to divide projects among multiple software programs, resulting in a simplified printing process.

3D Systems might seem like a faceless industry giant to some, but—to its credit—the company has just released something of an early Christmas gift to users of its plastic 3D printers such as the ProJet 1200 SLA 3D printer and ProJet MJP 2500 3D printer. 3D Sprint 2.0, a productivity-enhancing print management and print optimization software for 3D Systems printers, can purportedly streamline 3D printing workflows by reducing the need for users to divide projects among multiple software programs, resulting in a simplified and more productive printing process that could save users both time and money.

Included with 3D Sprint 2.0 are several 3D printing design tools that enable users to manipulate, edit, and prepare 3D models for printing directly from the software interface. New features include part splitting, cutting, and keying; offsetting, shelling, and thickening; part grouping; triangle reduction; and part quality checks. 3D printer management tools within the platform can be used to trigger firmware updates, system checks, and log retrieval to help users efficiently streamline processes.

“Our goal with 3D Sprint 2.0 is to make 3D printing in plastic easier and faster than ever before,” commented Ilan Erez, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Software at 3D Systems. “Having a single software platform for 3D Systems' plastic printers helps our customers achieve greater productivity and improved results.”

According to 3D System, the management and monitoring tools in 3D Sprint 2.0 allow users to accurately estimate print time and optimize material levels and usage both before and during the 3D printing operation. The software also enables the management of print queues and job priorities, as well as the monitoring of 3D printers when a technical issue is causing a problem across a local network. Additionally, one of the main draws for 3D Sprint 2.0 is its promise to condense multiple 3D printing software processes into a single interface.

Customers who have been able to use the 3D printing software in its beta stage have, according to 3D Systems, responded positively. “3D Sprint 2.0 is the fastest and most reliable user interface we’ve ever used,” said Ian Sayers, an employee of Hawk Ridge Systems, a 3D Systems partner. “Having a single piece of intelligent software that can create estimates on numerous virtual machines makes our operations more nimble, and the level of interoperability sets a new standard for what people will expect from 3D printing interfaces in the future.”

3D Sprint 2.0 accommodates .stl, .obj and .ply file inputs, as well as a variety of polygon and neutral CAD formats, and will ship with all ProJet 1200 and ProJet MJP 2500 3D printers. 3D Systems will announce compatibility options with other 3D Systems 3D printers at a later date.

3D Sprint 2.0 features:


  • Scalable and flexible system
  • File I/O to support industry-standard 3D file formats
  • Support for native CAD and polygonal formats (premium version only)

Analysis and repair

  • Automated part geometry analysis
  • Error correction
  • Manual polygon editing tools
  • Intelligently fills holes and gaps

Design automation

  • Easy-to-use modeling wizards
  • Design automation tools

Print preparation

  • Requirement-driven automatic/manual orientation tool
  • Automatic 3D nesting to effectively pack build platform
  • Automatic determination of fastest print time, best surface finish, best support settings
  • Automated quality check

Management and monitoring

  • Submit print jobs from Print Workspace or load directly to printer from external source
  • Accurate build time and material estimation
  • Queue management tools



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