Nov 8, 2017 | By Tess

Shanghai-based design studio Xuberance never ceases to impress us with its stunning 3D printed fashion pieces and accessories. Now, in its continued effort to push the boundaries of 3D printed design objects, the studio has partnered with Chinese 3D printing company Farsoon to realize two collections of 3D printed handbags.

The 3D printed purses fall into two categories: the Dream Butterfly collection and the Byzantine collection. And though each purse features a distinct shape and style, both collections were made using the same technology: Farsoon’s industrial grade 403P 3D printing technology.

The collaboration between Farsoon and Xuberance came together out of the mutual interest in exploring the manufacturing potentials of TPU, a hybrid material that combines hard and flexible polymers. The former’s 403P 3D printer series is specifically developed to sinter materials such as TPU and PA6, which have melting points below 220℃.

As was proven through the partnership, 3D printed TPU has suitable properties for manufacturing fashion handbags, as the material offers high wear resistance, a high level of elasticity, and easy processing.

Now, let’s take a look at the 3D printed purses designed by Xuberance and 3D printed by Farsoon…

The first series, Dream Butterfly, was reportedly inspired by the work of famous Chinese poet Xin Qiji, specifically his poem “The Lantern Festival,” which goes:

Up and down the main streets, I must have run—

A thousand times or more in quest of one,

Who I have concluded, cannot be found;

For, everywhere, no trace of her can be seen,

When, all of a sudden, I turned about,

That's her, where lanterns are few and far between.

Dream Butterfly handbags, 3D printed from X92A-2 TPU powder on Farsoon's FS403P

The collection features at least two handbag designs, one circular and one rectangular, and both version are notable for the abstract, butterfly-esque 3D pattern that adorns them. The purses were 3D printed in both a white and black TPU material.

The second collection, Byzantium, is inspired by Byzantine design, itself influenced by the meeting and fusion of Eastern and Western artistic styles. The purses feature the Byzantine era’s distinctive ornamental flare through an intricate geometric pattern.

Byzantium collection 3D printed from SLA and X92A-2 TPU powder on Farsoon's FS403P

The Byzantium handbags were 3D printed using two types of material: the base of the purse was 3D printed using SLA material while the patterned surface was printed from the same TPU material as the Dream Butterfly series. Again, the handbags were 3D printed using the FS403P SLS 3D printer.

The 3D printed TPU handbags are the latest project by design studio Xuberance, which has already shown us some pretty amazing 3D prints in the past, including 3D printed wedding dresses, 3D printed PEBA shoes, 3D printed jewelry, and 3D printed furniture. Last year, the design firm also announced its plans to open Shanghai’s first ever 3D printing-themed café.



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