Feb 9, 2018 | By Tess

Polish 3D printing company OMNI3D has released its latest 3D printing filament for FDM/FFF printers. Called CF-PA-12, the new material is a polyamide 12 composite plastic reinforced with carbon fibers. The company says the filament demonstrates good strength and stiffness as well as low shrinkage rates when 3D printed.

Within the additive world, carbon fibers are being heralded as the future of 3D printing materials. Made up of carbon atoms, carbon fibers can be added to polymers to make them stronger and tougher. In certain cases, the reinforcing fibers can elevate a plastic component to near metal-like strength (without the weight of metal, I should add.)

It is no wonder then that companies across the 3D printing industry are flocking to the material, trying to leverage its potential for their own materials and printing technologies.

In OMNI3D’s case, its carbon fiber-reinforced filament is a polyamide 12 (PA) composite. “It has exceptional durability as well as high stiffness and breaking strengths,” says Krzysztof Kardach, the Principal 3D Printing Technologist at OMNI3D. For comparison, Kardach adds that CF-PA-12 is 2.5 times stronger than ABS-42, a popular 3D printing material.

In addition to the filament’s strength, OMNI3D says it also boasts low material shrinkage and high thermal resistance. So high, in fact, that parts printed from the carbon fiber filament can reportedly withstand temperatures of up to 160°C (or nearly twice as high as standard ABS’ thermal resistance of about 87°C).

“Carbon fiber also has high chemical resistance,” explained Kardach, who goes on to say that “CF-PA-12 retains the structural stiffness of the carbon fiber regardless of the ambient humidity.”

Krzysztof Kardach, OMNI3D's Principal 3D Printing Technologist

The filament, recognizable for its semi-matte finish, has a range of application in a variety of industrial sectors. The material can be used to 3D print tooling parts, as well as components for cars or drones. Not only suitable for functional prototyping (to physically test designs), OMNI3D says the material can also be used for end-use parts that would benefit from both strength and a light weight.

CF-PA-12 is available to order from OMNI3D and comes in 1 kg spools, with prices available upon request. And though the material is optimized for use on the company’s Factory 2.0 3D printer, it is compatible with most FDM/FFF 3D printers, provided they are equipped with an enclosed build chamber and a hardened steel nozzle.

The Poznan-based company adds that it will soon be releasing other 3D printing materials geared towards “specialist applications.” CF-PA-12 and its upcoming materials will all be compatible with OMNI3D’s flagship Factory 2.0 3D printer.



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